The Lamington Files, Ctd

Some may ask why the Lamington Files. Quite simple really, Witchy Wendyl’s attack on the South Island “Joy Boys” (Southerners’ name for pink lamingtons) is the tip of the iceberg in terms of failure of the NZ Herald to live up to its own standards of being “decent journalists, trained and skilled”.

The Herald’s editor Shayne Currie must be very close to Witchy Wendyl to allow, each week, a column rant to be published containing mistakes and half-truths. But then again he is known for allowing his repeaters to write what Janet Wilson called “Currie-ising” stories. 

This is typical of the culture now embedded at the Herald.


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  • LionKing

    Nice “I’m not in the business of fair reporting” is appropriate for the Herald these days. The paper is not worth buying anymore as its so full of shit reporting. This Wendyl Nissen column is tip of the iceberg.

    Keep exposing them WO