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The tip line is always a good source of information, and the tips coming through since the recent The Lamington Files post is no exception.

Looks like there’s some very disgruntled Herald readers pissed at the continued falsehoods that Grey Lynn resident Wendyl Nissen spews forth each week. If it was accurate commentary that’s one thing, but when it’s full of lies and half-truths the Herald Bombs disease will carry on.

Witchy Wendyl continues to undermine the Herald with her latest Saturday column rant.

Determined to dumb down its readership even further, Witchy Wendyl takes great delight in saying how Campbell Live asked her for her scientific and academic views on a range of drinks.  Clearly an expert.

Witchy Wendyl

Witchy Wendyl said “…I saw the number “952” which stands for cyclamic acid – a sweetener so horrible they haven’t been allowed to use it in the United States for 44 years”.  Mmm really, more like witchy spin and fear mongering.

Let’s look at that claim. The US decision, was made more than 40 years ago and the cancer results were for rats not humans. Authorities and scientific expert panels have since dismissed the study and conclude there are no cancer concerns.

Cyclamate was banned in 1969 after findings in two controversial rat and mice studies where the animals were injected with massive amounts of the additive. The FDA concluded that it wasn’t possible to draw major conclusions for human impact because the exposure was not the same i.e. injected versus ingested. The dosage levels of the animals were extreme. To consume the amount of cyclamate in a human diet a person would have had to consume 350 cans of soda on a daily basis to reach an equivalent dosage – a physical impossibility.

Witchy Wendyl would be wise to read FACTS Versus FEARS – A Review of the Greatest Unfounded Health Scares of Recent Times.


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  • LionKing

    Seriously, how can a paper continually allow a column that contains misleading and inaccurate facts. The only conclusion is that the Ed is nobbing the author, because why the fuck else would an editor allow such rot to be published in his paper.

    • Patrick

      Based on the content in this fishwrapper & your theory it is quite clear that the Editor is nobbing the entire journalistic roster, must be going at it like a rabbit.

  • GregM

    The day I heard this stupid woman on the radio saying ” NZ doesn’t have welfare anymore” is the day I realized she is not wired up right.
    Typical lefty, spin bullshit as fact and try to scare people into submission.

    • Patrick

      She is totally correct, NZ does not have welfare as per the original intentions by Savage – we now have “entitlements”, something we can all dip into when we feel like it.

  • cows4me

    Hay look that chook has a Wendyl Nissen on it’s arse, poor thing.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Oh dear, even if it can be removed… may never lay another egg!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Someone has to take Sue Pledgley’s place of notifying us of chemicals like dihydrogen monoxide

  • Mediaan

    It seems to me a competitor that had a new sweetening product it wanted to introduce deliberately sunk cyclamate in the USA. It’s still approved in the UK and around the world.

    It seems cyclamate, which was owned by Abbott Labs, was fine in the USA before 1969. Fully approved, no problem. Common trade name was Sucaryl. This used a huge amount of cyclamate and small amounts of other things.

    Then, two things happened. One, competitor GD Searle got busy preparing to seek approval for its hot new proposed sweetener Aspartame. Two, worrying rat studies such as those quoted by WO started being released, where a small proportion of rats fed concentrated cyclamate got bladder cancer. As WO says, you need to drink 350 cans of soda with cyclamate a day to get a dose like that received by the rats.

    The activities of Searle are very shady indeed. The USA set up a big enquiry on all the propaganda hitting Abbott’s cyclamate and telling the US public it was dangerous. But the enquiry never reported, because … Wait for it …

    The Chairman got offered a wonderful new job by one of GD Searle’s law firms.

  • Mediaan

    U.S. Attorney Samuel Skinner was requested to “open a grand jury investigation into whether two of Searle’s aspartame studies had been falsified or were incomplete”.[16] Skinner withdrew from the case when he was considering a job offer from the law firm Sidley & Austin, Searle’s Chicago-based law firm, a job he later took.[1] The investigation was delayed and eventually the statute of limitations on the charges against Searle expired[1] and a grand jury was never convened.[16]