The Lamington Files

There’s hardly a day goes by without another stuff up by the Herald. They don’t seem to care about things like being “decent journalists, trained and skilled”.

Each weekend the Herald dedicates a page highlighting all that’s wrong with life. Take for example the column rant by their leftie media shill Wendyl Nissen.  Sitting in her Grey Lynn villa, Wendyl has taken it upon herself to further destroy the reporting standards at the Herald.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving so I’m starting a new series called The Lamington Files.


The Lamington Files starts with a look at her rant about Raspberry Lamingtons which makes Sue Kedgley look like a well researched, academic expert. Kedgley’s now a has-been, so was quickly replaced by the self proclaimed The Green Goddess.

In what is a blatant self plug for her own hippy food recipies, the Herald’s ranter hacks into a competitor’s ingredients saying some haven’t been approved, some are carcinogens and others need health warnings.

FFS people. A toxicologist mate said someone would have to chew through 9,000 packs of Ernest Adams Raspberry Lamington a day or the equivalent of 90,000 slices to get anywhere near the average daily intake of those ingredients to have bad shit happen to you.

Like that’s going to happen. It is nothing but shameless scaremongering and appears deliberate, one wonders if she is trying to destroy food businesses on purpose.


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  • DavidW

    Hmmmm I wonder whatever happened to the Prius. It certainly no-longer rates a mention so if they have stopped paying her, she seems to have stopped putting out for them.

    There is a term for women who do it for the money and while it might be legal, it is still considered with distaste among the thinkers of society.

  • TomTom

    Everything is poison if you have too little or too much. Like oxygen. Or water. FFS.

    • parorchestia

      Quite correct, but we have only known that for 400 years – not long enough for Nissen the Hutt?

  • LionKing

    This woman has no shame. She uses these columns to promote all her recipes at the expense of other products and the Herald’s editor thinks this is all right! WTF.

    It’s clear from the comments also that Wendyl Nissen’s work is pretty substandard as her facts are usually completely wrong.

    On the bright side, at least she is adding to the demise of the Herald.

  • John1234

    Nissen is dumber than a box of rocks. She has that tragic combination of being really dumb, not knowing it, and opinionated. Listening to her on Hosking is just one belly laugh after another.

  • Hillary Green

    My goodness, I once tried this woman’s recipe and it was horrible. It’s a bit rich of her to criticize other companies products under the guise of looking at their labels, when she is overtly pushing her own barrow and business. One would have thought this would be called an advertorial not a actual news piece. Shame on the Herald. Shame on her too.

  • DLM

    Typical leftie media using their mates to attack Kiwi businesses under the guide of “being helpful”. The Herald is becoming more arrogant as each day goes on. It’s no wonder they’re losing readership and influence as each month goes on. Wendyl clearly has no shame. They need to ditch her articles. Misleading figures, misreading “facts”, misleading consumers, misleading readers. Thank God my Herald subscription has ended.

  • In the weekend paper she noted that all recent studies had shown the banned chemicals weren’t carcinogens. But then went on to encourage people not to consume them, just in case. It’s nut cases like her that encourage people not to have their kids inoculated, just in case.

  • bobby

    Being a living human being is the number one cause of health issues. Everyone who’s ever gotten ill has been a human. Let’s ban them.

    • Bunswalla

      And they’ll all die too. Every last one of em!

  • There is nothing wrong with Ernest Adams products – I have been eating them for several decades. If I were the company I would sue.

    • Ronnie Chow

      And it hasn’t affected your personality one little bit .Heh heh . Have you grown any mould ?

  • Gazzaw

    The whole lamington thing is a new high in irrelevance at the Herald. Who FFS is remotely interested in knowing how long it takes an Ernest Adams lamington to grow some mould? What the hell is this editor on? A paint drying or grass growing comp next?

  • Dave

    Hmmmmmm Now I know of someone who could consume that many a day. Great sponsorship deal for Ernest Adams, DotCon eats 9000 packs of Lamingtons a day and lived for 2 weeks after.

  • Sandysure

    She is Mutton dressed as Lamington after all ;-)