The lonely echo of a list MP’s Twitter feed

Asenati Lole Taylor  Nasty Lonely Taylor seems to be a bit lonely lately and doesn’t appear to have a #heyclint to talk to, so has taken up talking to herself when she’s not occupied with calling John Key petty names like “ShongKey”.

Queue the chirping crickets:

But what’s this, “NO ASSETS SALE”? she either means “no asset sales” or has Winston First reversed their policy on asset sales?


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  • /facepalm. She’s actually talking to herself? That’s just sad.

  • ContheNeo

    Is she the only MP to have a protected twitter account?

    • Helps, doesn’t it?

      • ContheNeo

        I have been blocked by her for asking her to provide the “evidence” she was talking about.

  • maninblack

    Watch out she will called you a rat with a gold tooth again..

  • johnbronkhorst

    Long may she continue…to talk to herself!!!

    • Dave

      the only problem with talking to herself, is she still doesn’t get an intelligent answer.

  • Troy

    Anyone that has watched this bitch in the debating chamber will know that there is little substance to what she has to say, but in any case, she sounds like a well worn out slag standing under a red light on K-Road… seriously, it’s that bad. She wants to exude confidence by the use of her voice but it all goes wrong due to her choice of words. I usually mute the sound and eventually move onto the next debaters clip – is she really the best Winstoned could have dredged up to be a list MP? Big fail on that one.

  • williamabong

    Just another dipshit filling the job for two criteria once again- brown skin and a vagina.

    • Travis Poulson

      #3 party list

  • Patrick

    I think she is suggesting that Key & National are considering privatisation of the weather.

  • Yet another NZ First temporary MP joining the other historical footnotes (Ann Batten, Tu Wylie, Jenny Bloxham, Deborah Morris, Neil Kirton, Craig Mcnair, Edwin Perry, Bill Gudeon, Brent Catchpole etc etc)

  • rockape

    What a nasty bunch you all are, the least we could do is send her a message or two, or three or a couple of dozen, each that is! How about list Mps as a subject.

    • Travis Poulson

      Pity she doesn’t allow you to send her messages…

  • cows4me

    Who is she…? Does she deliver the tea in parliament?

    • Dave

      unfortunately C4M, you need some skills far that, so alas she cant do that.