The Truth behind the Environment Commissioner, Ctd

Recently I exposed some concerns with Environment Commissioner Jan Wright’s claim that she was independent.

One of those concerns was the fact one of her key staff members is Rob Egan, a former Communications Advisor for the EMPU. It is believed that Egan is a blogger on the Standard – aka Irish Bill.

Well, today I can reveal more staffing issues that bring Jan Wright’s “independence” claim even further under the spotlight.

The general manager of Jan Wright’s office is Sarah Clark, who before taking up that role, spent nine years as the Director of the Labour Party’s Communications Unit. Take a look for yourself

According to her Linkedin profile, Clark’s job description for the political position with the Labour Party was:

“Providing Labour MPs with high quality support and information.”

I wonder if she took that job description with her to Jan Wright’s office.

So to sum up, here we have a supposedly “independent” commissioner for the environment who has hired two Labour Party flunkies to help provide a balanced non-political view.

So next time, Jan Wright comes out criticising a Government policy, just remember who works in her office, and where their loyalties are.


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  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Sounds like shoulder tapped appointments for ‘cronies’ to me.

  • williamabong

    This hag was originally appointed to the job as one of the Klark / Simpson flunkies, and then reappointed under the current govt in 2012, what gives?
    If the Nats are serious about running the country going forward the very least they could do is throw these “Sleepers” out at the end of their term, or sooner if they are seen to have too much negative impact on policy.
    The question must remain, does the New York division of the Labour party still have that much control over the current govt, or is this just a blip on the radar, either way it needs putting Wright today, pun intended.

    • Apolonia

      Appointed by red Labour, reappointed by blue Labour. It’s to be expected really.

  • cows4me

    To think they use to worry about commies under the bed here they roam the streets.

    • At least it’s not a commie mist that settles over us then.

  • spollyike

    It is the continued existence of communists like this in these positions of influence within government departments etc that has to be the source of all the recent leaks etc. I cannot understand why National hasn’t cleaned the house yet, the equivalent of a bug bomb is what they need!

  • Dave

    Time for a Spill and Fill, all positions to be reapplied for. Redundancy is looking very cheap!

  • JeffDaRef

    Next time she criticises a policy?
    When did she ever support one???

    • le sphincter

      Go ahead sack her if you dare !

      Wont happen because Joyce is a pantywaist

  • To be honest, Jan Wright gave the Greens a right serve last year, when she came out in favour of fracking. She took the wind right out of Gareth Hughes sails.