The truth behind the Environment Commissioner

Jan Wright - A sweet old nana?

Jan Wright – A sweet old nana?

Jan Wright looks like a sweet old Nana who should be at home baking the Whale Army some cookies.

The little old lady plays on this image to try and convince people she is fair and impartial in her role as Environment Commissioner, but unlike the lazy repeaters, the Whale Army can see right through her performance. Nana Wright is as dirty as the Manawatu River.

Nana Wright’s website describes her role as an independent Officer of Parliament, and her main role is to review policy. From reading that, I would expect her to be provide a balanced, non-political view.

Let’s take a look at a most recent release and see how independent she really is.

Does the use of “rejects” and “radical” in the headline sound like someone who is balanced and non-political?

They’re very emotive terms. 

If we read the actual release, it could be mistaken for something written by the Green Taliban or Labour scum. And if you think it’s hard to believe that this little old Nana could in fact be a part of the Labour/Green alliance, let me explain.

First, let’s look at the details surrounding how the press released was distributed. It was given to repeaters under a 9am embargo on Wednesday. And as part of Nana Wright’s propraganda tour, she also appeared on RNZ’s Nine to Noon just after 9am. That’s right, the press release was embargoed till 9am and Nana Wright was on Radio Red just after 9am. Coincidence? I bet a batch of Nana Wright’s scones that she had this planned down to every last detail.

So, here we have a supposedly independent environment commissioner cuddling up to Radio Red so she could get a free crack at the Government. Dear oh dear.

But it gets worse. If we look at the bottom of her press release, there is this key information:

For more information please contact:

Rob Egan

Communications Advisor

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

What has that got to do with it? Well, a shit load actually. It is believed that Rob Egan is a blogger on the Standard – aka Irish Bill. He’s also a former Communications Advisor for the EPMU.

I wonder what Egan, who remember works for the ‘independent’ Nana Wright, thinks about the Government’s environment ministers. We don’t have to go far to find out.

Egan has this to say about each Minister:

David Carter:
“I’m drawing a blank here. A little help?”

Tim Groser:
“2012 was the year Tim Groser made us look like dicks at DOHA.”

Phil Heatley:
“In energy, Heatley has basically just done what Joyce and Gerry have told him to. Which is probably why all that oil and gas that was going to make us all as rich as teachers never eventuated.”

Kate Wilkinson:
“In conservation she’s overseen “cost savings” in DoC that are already having negative environmental effects.”

Amy Adams:
“Oversaw the demolition of the emissions trading scheme which means we’re going to see vast amounts of wealth transferred from the taxpayer to polluters over the next few years.”

Nana Wright has hired Egan to be part of her ‘independent’ office to help provide a balanced, non-political view. We now have Egan, a nasty piece of work that hides behind an alias on the Standard to chuck vile abuse at people, using his tax-payer funded salary to do the dirty work for Labour and the Greens.

I think it’s time for some repeaters to get off their arses and start asking some serious questions of Nana Wright.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Bringing your employers reputation into ill repute is grounds for dismissal.

    I wonder what her other “politically neutral” roles have been under Labour?

  • LionKing

    Time for the chopping block. As for that communist Egan using nan’s office to pursue his agenda…send in Amy Adams for a bit of arse kicking. Boom

  • Macca

    It would be interesting for these ‘repeaters’ to actually find out who and when she was employed by and what her political leanings are!? I’m pretty sure I have a fair idea what the answer would be but doubt it would be given a mention – unlike the latest attack on JK!

  • BJ

    And I thought my Nana was scary.

  • kohibruce

    Time to tap someone, who has actually had practical experience in the real world. Hopefully Susan Devoy’s recent appointment is a sign that ability is not only measured by degrees.

  • JC

    I liked this bit..

    ““Since its inception, the function of the RMA has been to provide an environmental balance to the economic imperatives of the marketplace, but these changes tilt the Act toward promoting economic development.”

    God forbid we try and cut administrative bullshit to improve our tepid economic performance. What she’s really saying is proposed changes cut the opportunity for graft and blackmail.


    • Polish Pride

      there’s plenty we can do to improve our economic performance without destroying the environment. You just have to have the right people in the corridors of power….and we don’t.

      • onelaw4all

        I love how you take Wright’s strawman and adoringly apply some cologne to it.

      • onelaw4all

        We need the “people in the corridors of power” to stay as far away from economic matters as possible, ie, to minimise the inevitable damage that they always do.

        • Polish Pride

          Not everything should be an economic matter.

          • onelaw4all

            Agreed, except of course when you’re making references to “improving our economic performance”, which obviously is “an economic matter”

  • Why do we have a Commissioner for the Environment? If Nana Wright wants to spout anti development propaganda, let her do it in her own time with her own dime.

    • Polish Pride

      Cause to many F-tards are hell bent on destroying it so that they can make a buck, that’s why!

      • Hazards001

        Give yourself an uppercut greenie. No one denies that protecting the environment is a good thing! I’d happily top some arse wipe pouring chemicals into the stormwater system or a fuckwit cockie sludging out the cowshed into the streams.

        Steve asked “Why do we have a Commissioner for the Environment?”
        A fucking non position that is just one more set of lips sucking on the tit of the gravy train!

        • Polish Pride

          perhaps you should come here and read the comments a little more often when the topic comes round to protecting the environment there are many on here who come across as having the view that protecting the environment shouldn’t come before economic growth. And I can’t be a greenie I hate windfarms and think we should build more hydro dams

          • Hazards001

            I’ve been coming here for a long time (you might not see me as I go to work REALLY early and get home REALLY late) and most if not all of the regular posters here tend to be rational free thinking individuals not the mindless regurgitation of left wing and greenie clap trap especially when it comes to the environment.
            So fucking what if you hate windfarms?The only people that like them are the shitbags with their finger in the pie one way or the other, be it manufacturing or consents or whatever..fucking economic environmental terrorists the lot of them!
            Show me an example of someone on here that clearly stated we should be allowed to pour toxic chemicals into the sea so their factory can be more economic or similar and I’ll grant your point.
            Obviously I missed that one!

          • Polish Pride

            how about we just go with mining of conservation land or deep sea oil drilling in this country that has more shakes than someone with parkensons. “most if not all posters tend to be rational free thinking individuals” give me a break, if they did they would be able to see the system for what it is and not simply spend there life thinking everything will be just A ok provided National is in. News Flash its not and for the record the left don’t have a clue either.

          • Hazards001

            News flash…when the middle class wankers that put their hands out for WFF and interest free student loans accept a reversal come let me know. I’m a fucking bulldozer of the massively overpaid greedy hoards you are referring too. Do you think I got a fucking tax cut you fuckwit? So guess fucking what??? I’m all for mining the conservation lands you fucking knob.

            It will put food on my kids plates. How about you fuck off and join that cunt Peter Garret and tell me what a shit bag I am for wanting to do that?

            Every mining project I’ve ever been involved with anywhere in the world(including NZ) put the environment back better than it was.

          • Polish Pride

            “One of the massively overpaid greedy hoards you are referring too.” first when did I ever refer to massively overpaid greedy hoards!?!.

            You missed the point by a country mile. so here it is again, funding a tax cut by borrowing is dumb as a post. Simple. Here’s another one selling a revenue generating asset that returns more than you could borrow for also stupid as shit.

            Now see if you yourself were a free thinker you would be able to conceptualize a system where peoples needs were met by rights and the goal of society run by the people for the people was to actually free people from having to work. Being able to think outside of the system is free thinking. Only thinking inside the system is just doing what the system expects of you.

            I could give you a myriad of reasons why someone such as you shouldn’t vote National and how what they are doing is more likely to shrink the economy and lead to less jobs not more. But conservation mining is a direct line to job as far as your concerned. So you would be unlikely to listen. Especially given the way the system is currently structured, everyone needs a job in order to satisfy needs and wants and to live some semblance of a normal life.

            Now any chance of you live in the Waikato…..?

            “Every mining project I’ve ever been involved with anywhere in the world(including NZ) put the environment back better than it was.”

            Hmmm not sure about mining, but it is certainly the case with hydro.

          • Hazards001

            “Now see if you yourself were a free thinker you would be able to
            conceptualize a system where peoples needs were met by rights and the
            goal of society run by the people for the people was to actually free
            people from having to work.”

            Which people should be freed from work?
            Typical commie leftist halfwit…how is the food going to grow…who will harvest it..the roads the…ohhhh never’re clearly a bludger on the bludge trail for the rest of eternity. Obviously some people will have to work but the commie elite will decide which ones? Thanks..but no thanks. I have friends from Communist me..I don’t like their stories!

            And no I don’t live in the Waikato…but I have!

          • Polish Pride

            Actually I have a career which pays me a 6 figure salary and has done so for the past 10 years. I also started and oversee the running of a business that in 5 years has a 4.5 million dollar turnover per annum. If you had been on here all the time you would have picked that up by now.

            I have spent my entire career being involved in the development of systems that make people redundant (as in we don’t need them or there roles anymore). but because of the way the system is structured they need to retrain and find another job in order to survive in this system. That in itself is ludicrous. I don’t expect you to be able to see that though as you are clearly unable to think for yourself even though you in your chosen career of bulldozer driver is obviously a role that is not required as much as it used to be. If it was you would still be doing it. So as a result you have had to either rely on the state or retrain and get another job. This is only part of why the system doesn’t meet the requirements of the people that are part of it.

            And as for me being Left and Communist neither are correct. Being a free thinker enables me to step back from the system and see it for what it is. There is no difference between left and right, both are in the business of taking money from people via taxation and redistributing it in the form of welfare. For the Left it is people welfare, for the Right it is corporate welfare. The right keep you focused on how welfare is bad and people are bludgers and you like most other sheep buy it hook line and sinker. Meanwhile they are giving handouts to corporates (your corporate welfare). They tell you (if you bother to ask) that this will create jobs and again you buy that hook line and sinker. It doesn’t what it does do is give businesses money to streamline and automate or to send part or all of their business offshore where labour is cheaper. It gives them more money to pay their CEO and their directors so that they can ensure all of this happens and put more money in the pockets of their shareholders. Why? because this is the goal of any company, to maximise the return to shareholders. But you like most are either to stupid or busy to see this. In most cases it is the latter. And that is the way the system is designed. That is how those at the very top want it to be. Their is far more I could go into, much of it simple common sense but your still too invested that one half of the system is the right way in my view so would miss the message completely despite the fact that the system could be changed to work far better for you, your children, and everyone else for that matter.
            As for how will the food grow, who will harvest it, roads etc. – There are multiple answers to this one, The most likely one initially is exactly the same way they are today…..but it doesn’t have to remain that way and there are better solutions. There’s a little insight to the mind of a free thinker for you.

          • Hazards001

            What a load of self righteous crap! Free thinker my arse. Waffle. You didn’t answer the question because you can’t.

          • onelaw4all

            “For the Left it is people welfare, for the Right it is corporate welfare.”

            For the classical Statist, it is “people welfare” and for the neo-Statist, employing so-called “crony capitalism” it is about corporate welfare.
            You may note, there is a large intersection of those two groups who are quite comfortable with both.
            Both result in growth/dependance on an every increasing State, which according to your recent rhetoric, you seem to denounce, fair to say?

  • cows4me

    Just another old commie hag that has seen her better years pissed away living in a free country, it’s just not right. People like dear old Jan would love to have the power and resources that organisations like the EPA has in the USA. Jan like all good little commies would love to subjugate the people in the name of protecting mother earth. These people really don’t give a fat rat’s arse about the environment it’s about an elitist ideology where they get to make the peasants dance to their tune.

    • Polish Pride

      Wow a farmer who appears not to give a shit about the environment. Must be from up near Auckland the city without a soul.

      • cows4me

        Wrong PP I give a shit about the environment I just don’t give a shit for these commie power mongers who use the environment to implement rules to crush freedoms, introducing Jan & Egan.

        • Polish Pride

          Rules to crush freedoms!?! she is there to protect the environment in the face of things like economic growth and development. She is there to provide the balance that would otherwise be non existent. Jesus H Christ So let me get this straight you are FOR protecting the environment but not when it is being protected by a commie power monger…. Oh and what freedoms is she crushing exactly!?! The freedom to destroy the environment perhaps! Not everything comes down to Left and Right.

          • onelaw4all

            “Oh and what freedoms is she crushing exactly!?!”

            Let’s start with a simple one, shall we?
            Property rights.

          • Polish Pride

            oh so your libertarian and would divvy up the whole country to the highest bidder – I doubt you have any idea what true freedom entails. The system we currently have is far from it. Just in case you are libertarian in your views that is also just as far from true freedom as what we have now.

          • onelaw4all

            Are you in the Strawman construction business or just a gifted amateur?

            Perhaps you can paste where I said anything about “divvying up the country to the highest bidder”?

            “Just in case you are libertarian in your views that is also just as far from true freedom as what we have now.”

            My apologies, I didn’t realise that English was your second language, nontheless, could you have another try?

          • onelaw4all

            “The system we currently have is far from it”

            That is something we CAN agree on.

          • onelaw4all

            “Not everything comes down to Left and Right.”

            Everything comes down to freedom vs tyranny.

    • Hazards001

      And pocket the takings in the process.

  • williamabong

    Another Helen and Heather appointed groupie, five years into office and the Nats still haven’t cleaned house of these flunkies.
    Come on JK grow some and clean up instead of playing Labour Lite.

    • Gazzaw

      Who was the fuckwit who renewed her five year contract last year? Another wacko department that could be closed down and the millions saved put into extra nurses or cops.

    • Patrick

      There are plenty asking that question – we had high hopes that Key would gut the useless layabout commie Labour appointments but he has done stuff all. He can cuddle up to them all he likes, given half a chance they will still bite him.

  • Patrick

    Jan Wright looks like a sweet old Nana?? Suggest you need a visit to the opticians – check out that mouth, like a gin trap. She could cut you at 30 paces.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Ouch Bill – sunlight is good

  • williamabong

    All that needs to happen is to keep the sunlight shining ever brightly up Nanas back passage, nothing disinfects like sunlight.
    The other thing that needs to see daylight shining brightly onto, is the process that renewed this Clark plants contact, also we would all gain from finding out how many other sleepers are still installed in roles where sabotage is the prime goal.