This man doesn’t want to hide the salami


Jeff Ryan is a national hero in my mind:  He produces salami, and he’s part of the engine room that keeps New Zealand bludgers in the comforts they have come to expect.

Identifying a gap in the market for a high-quality, low-fat salami, LASCo managing director Jeff Ryan developed a range of products 90 per cent fat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free.

Unlike many salami-makers who ferment the meat, LASCo uses a state-of-the-art smoking oven to cook the meat and kill bacteria.

Mr Ryan and partner Trudi Peet launched LASCo (Lean Artisan Smokehouse Co) late last year and have been doing the hard work necessary to get their products known and stocked in supermarkets and boutique grocers.

Individual supermarkets have enthusiastically taken the products on board but the real boost to sales will come from a supermarket chain stocking LASCo salamis (national grocery co-operative Foodstuffs is considering the products for it’s New World and Pak ‘n Save supermarkets).

Jeff and Trudi are true entrepreneurs, taking new ideas and making them commercial reality.

For a little more than $60,000, the company could buy another high-tech smoking oven and begin commercial production of Mr Ryan’s innovative new product – a meat and vegetable sausage.

“The world’s never done it,” Mr Ryan said. “How do you put meat and veges together? They don’t want to be together because they both lose moisture when you cook them, so they want to push each other apart.

“The only time it’s been done is when they’ve done it for dehydrated veges, and when you dehydrate you lose all the quality.”

Using age-old food preserving techniques, Mr Ryan said he had solved the puzzle and now had a cooked meat-and-vegetable sausage with a 12-week shelf life.

“It’s a cooked, cured product, so we’re using the technology we got from the salami with the veges to make something that lasts.”

Calling the product his “billion-dollar baby”, Mr Ryan said the sausage had huge potential with groups who need pre-cooked, easy-to-carry, nutritious meals, such as hunters, yachties, truck drivers and the military.

This man is speaking my language.


Source:  Bay of Plenty Times


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  • RightOfGenghis

    and I bet he’s hung like a butcher’s shop window ;)

    • Jeff Ryan

      Lets just say I am Happy with what Ive got.

  • This is what NZ needs more of – blokes like him!
    He should now start thinking about exporting (he may find Coles and Woolies in Aussie easier to deal with than Progressive in NZ) and a trip to Aussie with some samples may surprise him with the orders he gets from the big boys.

    • Jeff Ryan

      Aussies can take this over the ditch already as it is pork free, so many take it on the plane. As for Coles and Woolworths and Progressive well we are open to suggestions but in New Zealand we hope to sign up with Foodstuffs so we will be exclusive with them here. Thanks for the good advice though. Cheers

  • Tom

    I’ll take two. Where do I get it? Guessing the likes of Farro or Nosh?

    • Jeff Ryan

      Farros Fresh in Grey Lynn, Lunn Ave and Mirangi Bay.

      • blokeintakapuna

        Brilliant! Off to Farros tomorrow to get some. Congrats and well done Jeff on your success so far… And for what will come. Enjoy the ride! Wishing you all the very best for the future

  • Jeff Ryan

    Farros in Auckland, Foodstuffs are moving us along nicely into many New Worlds. We will get to one near you soon. Thanks for the positive feed back. I want to help out all kiwis, use the excess veges we have at times. But produce healthy food. Low in fat and low in sodium with out all the additives. Create jobs and better our economy.

    • Colin Cloudesley

      Hi Jeff, can I get it down here in Christchurch, as I can use it for our pizza for those people who require the GF etc.
      [email protected]

      • Jeff Ryan

        Yes you can get it at Raewards Fresh at Harewood or e-mail me at [email protected] and I will send you some 65 gram packs which are ideal for doing a pizza. We can do these individually, so you just open what you use. These are sliced and that way its always fresh. Our sodium is also low and so is our saturated fat. Cheers Jeff

    • dumbshit

      watch the bottom line,commy norman will nationlise you . all the best for the future

    • Sponge

      Good on you – go well. I had not heard of your brand but it will be my preference now (subject to a taste test of course but that does not sound like it will be an issue).

  • Betty Swallocks

    Tried it and bought some at the Easter Show – bloody nice!! Did anyone from the Deli in Tamahere get in touch yet Jeff? I dropped your card in but I’m afraid I didn’t have any left for them to sample. They sounded sort of interested.

    • jeff ryan

      will pas it on to Trud’s and get in touch. Many Thanks