Timaru Herald has a clanger


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via Stuff

The Timaru Herald sends Rosa Studholme out to check if local dairies are selling legal highs and how this is affecting the local schools, and she comes up with nothing.

Not wanting to waste the time and effort spent, she creates a non-story.

The impact of synthetic cannabis sold in South Canterbury communities has not yet been felt at schools.

Not yet!

It should have stopped there.

A sting operation by The Timaru Herald last week revealed three Timaru dairies continued to sell the products, despite Timaru Mayor Janie Annear appealing to retailers to stop selling them.

A sting operation?

She walked into a number of dairies and looked for the product on display, or perhaps asked for some?

How is this a sting operation?

Ok, so they have nothing so far.

Principals say although they are keenly aware of its presence in the community it was not present at school.

Timaru Boys’ High School rector Kevin O’Sullivan said he was not aware of any issues at the school.

“At this stage there is nothing we can put our finger on.”

Still not a story then.

Is there any way this can be rescued at all?

Timaru Girls’ High School’s Sarah Davis said she felt “in the dark” about what signs of its use to look out for.

“We wouldn’t know necessarily if we had a student in the school that had had some on the way to school.

“[But] we’re not picking up anything.”


Still not a story.

Another try.

Opihi College principal Mike Wright said the school had not encountered any student under the influence of the substances.

“We are aware of their availability but are not able to comment upon what the effects of them on students due to a lack of cases that we are aware of.”


Legal highs not a problem in schools.

Perhaps a Hail Mary last ditch try?

Craighead Diocesan School acting principal Wayne Pahl said he was not aware of the products being present at the school.

Quite the result for a “Sting Operation” by the Timaru Herald.

And newspapers can’t understand why they are losing subscribers.


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  • LionKing

    What a complete fuck-knuckle of a reporter. The editor should have stopped her in her tracks before she went off an annoyed school principals. But then again it is the Timaru Herald where young repeaters go to learn their so-called trade in making shit up..

  • hazardsareonitsok

    Lots of people smoke pot and never get caught at school

    • RightNow

      They’re called teachers.

  • Justsayn

    She had a story in there, just couldn’t see the forest…

    Mayor Annear’s fear appears unclear (great headline eh!)
    Our investigations into the potential impact of so-call “legal highs” has found there is absolutely no evidence that they are impacting on behavior at high schools. Why it is that Mayor Annear wants to stop people from selling these products, while her Council continues to grant liquor licences is unclear when alchol is known to cause harm. Could it be that the Mayor uses one drug but not the other? Well last night in a sting operation we took the Mayor out for a drink and she consumed four Woddies and a “quick fuck”…

  • WayneO

    If there is no news just manufacture some.

  • XM16E1

    That reporter will be getting a job offer from the NZ Herald in 3,2,1…