Time for the Green Taliban to give up their smart phones and iPads

via pcpitstop.ie

via pcpitstop.ie

Think mobile devices are low-power? A study by the Center for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications—a joint effort between AT&T’s Bell Labs and the University of Melbourne in Australia—finds that wireless networking infrastructure worldwide accounts for 10 times more power consumption than data centers worldwide. In total, it is responsible for 90 percent of the power usage by cloud infrastructure. And that consumption is growing fast.

What is the digital equivalent of public transport?

The study was in part a rebuttal to a Greenpeace report that focused on the power consumption of data centers. “The energy consumption of wireless access dominates data center consumption by a significant margin,” the authors of the CEET study wrote. One of the findings of the CEET researchers was that wired networks and data-center based applications could actually reduce overall computing energy consumption by allowing for less powerful client devices.

According to the CEET study, by 2015, wireless “cloud” infrastructure will consume as much as 43 terawatt-hours of electricity worldwide while generating 30 megatons of carbon dioxide. That’s the equivalent of 4.9 million automobiles worth of carbon emissions. This projected power consumption is a 460 percent increase from the 9.2 TWh consumed by wireless infrastructure in 2012.

So, time to walk the talk Green boys and girls.  Ditch those carbon sucking devices now.


Source:  Ars Technica



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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    You will be glad to know that the toxic Greens use only landlines and Morse code for communications. Commie Norman even has a phone made from two empty soup cans.

    • Dion

      Nah soup is canned by poorly paid workers in carbon spewing factories.

      Luckily when Russell wants his flag back no communication devices are necessary – he can be heard all the way across parliament’s grounds.

  • Dave

    “That’s the equivalent of 4.9 million automobiles worth of carbon emissions” Better still, think of how much LESS green house gas would be emitted if the SHUT the F*#k Up!!

  • rockape

    i think maybe your headline should have stopped after “up”.

  • Extensive research has led me to the perfect communications device for the Green party.
    Walk the talk boys, walk the talk.

    • MarcWills

      No no! That would be UNbleached, recycled paper only, and only made from rice or coconut husks. No trees were used in this message.