Today’s Trivia

QueenBohemianRhapsody600Gb241011Since few Apollo astronauts were willing to admit they were a size “small”, the condom fittings for their space suits’ urine collection assemblies were sized “large”, “gigantic” and “humongous”. (source)


Freddie Mercury played the same piano that Paul McCartney used for ‘Hey Jude’ in the song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (source)


If you plant an apple seed, the resulting tree will not produce the same kinds of apples. In fact, they will taste significantly different and may be unsuitable for human consumption. (source)


As a PhD student, American mathematician George Bernard Dantzig showed up late to a statistics class and mistook two famous unsolved statistics problems as homework. He solved them and turned them in a week later, believing his assignment was overdue. (source)


Wine drinkers will pay more for wines with hard to pronounce names. “particularly interesting is that participants who knew more about wine were more likely to report that difficult-to-pronounce wines were worth more money.” (source)


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