Today’s Trivia

via Imgur

via Imgur

There is a one-hole “golf course” just meters south of the Korean DMZ which is surrounded on three sides by minefields, and there are reports that at least one shot exploded a land mine. (source)


“Gropecunt Lane” was once a common street name in England – indicating probable historical centres of prostitution. (source)


In the earlier versions of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf has Little Red undress and get in bed with him, but she tricks the wolf into sparing her by saying she has to poop, thus needing to get out of bed. (source)


A Japanese hacker sent authorities clues leading them to a small island where he had released a cat with an SD card of evidence around it’s collar (source)


In Muslim countries, hotel rooms often have an arrow on the ceiling to indicate the direction of Mecca (source)


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