Today’s Trivia



There is a micro nation in Nevada, USA named Molossia that consists only of a house and garden. It declared war on East Germany. (source) (what is a micronation)


Singapore (with a fertility rate of 0.79) held a “National Night” in 2012 designed to encourage couples to “create a population spurt” by “letting their patriotism explode!” (source)


There are two actors who have been killed by a Predator, an Alien and a Terminator : Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton. (source)


Wallabies can have substance abuse problems. In fact, certain stoned, opiate loving wallabies are a big problem for parts of Australia. (source)


There are more overweight people than starving people in the world. (source)



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  • Hazards001

    “There are more overweight people than starving people in the world”

    LOL Bob Geldof you bastard..feeding the world on Maccers and Coke…who would’ve thought it?