Totally Gay Outrage

Apparently this billboard is homophobic:



Sophie Lockwood said she had previously enjoyed the billboards.

”I have always had a good giggle at your billboards as I drive down the Hutt motorway each morning, but I am pretty disgusted by the one I saw yesterday. Homophobia in this day and age? Really??”

Kay Gubbins had a similar view.

”What’s with the anti-gay signs Tui? They’re creepy and uncool. I used to like your beer but I can find other brands that don’t offend me and my gay friends.”?

I bet your gay friends aren’t offended at all, go be outraged over something important.

Their outrage?might?cause maybe 10 poofs might stop buying it…big financial hit for DB…Yeah right.

Instead they got nationwide coverage of a blokes beer and a couple of wowsers and sooks little attempt at outrage delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars in free ad budget to Tui.