Trevor Mallard: “Look at me, look at me, look at meeee”

Before we start, a quick lesson

On Facebook, promoted posts appear in News Feed and show up higher so the audience for the post has more chance to see them. Promoted posts are labeled Sponsored. Promoted posts don’t appear in the right column of Facebook.


Well, that ain’t fighting fair.  Trevor’s comments will probably be tax payer funded to appear higher and more prominent than  comments left by everyone else.  I mean, really, who pays to have their Facebook comments pushed into people’s faces?

The only way to level the field is for every other MP to pay for Facebook comments to be promoted over anyone elses.  And they’d all be using our money to do it.

Much more sensible if we didn’t start an comment arms race.  It would only benefit Facebook’s bottom line.


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  • Travis Poulson

    Because wiping hundreds of millions off the value of the assets were a good idea eh Trev?

  • How sad it must be to be a Labour MP; you spend your political career saying absurd things you don’t believe in to dreary people who have an IQ of about 2 and a half, living in ever drearier suburbs in order to get them to vote for you.
    There is not a single Labour MP who is not privately embarrassed by their average supporter and they all look whistfully to the suburbs which are middle class or wealthy wishing they represented them.
    Mallard is a case in point – he represents 3 slums full of halfwitted people; how envious he is of, say, Peter Dunne; how Mallard must wish he had rich, intelligent, educated, law abiding, employed constituents.

    • Mallard is representing persons like himself, thick and self-seeking.

    • Timboh

      This post by M_k is the reason I have been reading WIBF for a few years. Bit more YouTube lately between the nuggets but this, especially the second paragraph is pure gold.

  • Dion

    I don’t know – maybe they’re not paid for by the taxpayer – maybe it’s the proceeds from his ticket scalping?

  • Q. What do you call a lifelong Labour voter punching Mallard in the mouth?
    A. The fan hitting the shit

    • williamabong

      Pure gold, gets my vote for comment of the day.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Well done Minarchist_kiwi

  • cows4me

    Good to see the wanker got 93 likes, I take 3 of them were at the concert at Hamilton.

  • johnbronkhorst

    because you are wrong….trev!!!
    Selling down state assets has positive effect of
    1…reducing borrowing for the purchase of assets.
    2. Due to 1. above up grades NZ’s credit rating.
    3. Budget balances faster.
    4. ….Means should the labour green fuckwits ever get into power they won’t be able to do what Clarke did!!!

  • Mr_V4

    If Labour didn’t run up the spending the way they did in 9 years in govt, then (partial) asset sales wouldn’t have been required in the first place.

  • toby_toby

    How utterly narcissistic and how completely unsurprising. What a massive twat Mallard is. It seems his ego knows no bounds. What next, he gets his tweets put on a billboard for all to see?

  • kris130

    Shouldn’t a promotion like this need a promoter/authorisation statement, like election hoardings and flyers do?

    • Interesting question!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    “About 20 members also protested outside the conference venue in Hanmer Springs” – OMG, opposition to Key and his government is growing so strong

    • Dave

      20 members in Hamner springs, I am very surprised the Horrid and red radio haven’t reported it as 40% of an entire towns population turned out in opposition…………

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        So now we can conclude Labour’s support level has grown to 40%….

        • Dave

          It was probably a few % points higher at the Putararu WINZ office the other day SCS, be one of the places they get some support, and another good place for the Horrid and John Campbell (“Soupie”) to run their polls.