TVNZ nicks a story, doesn’t attribute and steals Maori Television’s revenue

The other day I blogged about Meteria Turei and her marijuana ideas, NZ First then issued a press release and I blogged again about it this morning.

TVNZ is now running a story about it. Which is good, it needs more coverage.

Metiria Turei’s claim that Maori growing marijuana are developing entrepreneurial and horticultural skills has been slammed as “mind-blowingly ridiculous” by Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne.

The Green Party co-leader made the comment on Maori TV’s Native Affairs programme this week, but she has been cut down by Dunne, who branded the claim as “ridiculous” and “irresponsible in the extreme”.

In the show, Turei said growing the illegal drug helps develop “real skills” among Maori, particularly in disadvantaged areas.

“There’s some real skills there actually, some real entrepreneurial skills, some real horticulture skills, as much as people might think that’s a bit funny,” she said.

However the way they have gone about this story it is somewhat disturbing.

First of all TVNZ doesn’t credit where the story came from. Now you might say they could have found the story themselves and they could have. Except they have lifted the Youtube edit of the story that I did, exactly, from my Youtube channel. In the screenshot below you can see they credit the source as Youtube. The only place this can be found on Youtube is my channel. 


TVNZ steals content

But is gets worse. They aren’t using the Youtube embed, instead they have ripped it, then plonked their branding in a watermark bottom left and worse they are running pre-roll ads in the front. A couple of times I have by mistake and been contacted by the TV company concerned…one of which was TVNZ…and removed the advertising, I also don;t use a watermark anymore for the same reasons. However perhaps I should put my watermark on edits I have done to prevent TVNZ stealing content.

Whenever I use source footage from other media I NEVER run re-roll ads or even the usual Youtube ads. It isn’t my content and I shouldn’t make money off of it. It hasn’t stopped TVNZ though. Firstly it is Native Affairs/Maori TV footage, secondly it is my edit, exactly.

This is pretty shoddy stuff from TVNZ who like to aggressively protect their own footage.


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  • PlanetOrphan

    Use the english language as it was intended or scab someones words and contexts.
    There seems to be a lot of scabs around NZ for some reason.

    Same cats that forever lie about their IQ, while parroting other peoples’ words verbatim.
    You should add some kind of WhaleOil copyright notice maybe.
    Ultimately your only being honest about it, and they can contact you etc.

  • sheppy

    I’d just pop up a logo half way through and keep it there until almost the end, you can guarantee that the repeaters won’t notice it as they obviously don’t check their work. The most they probably do is check the beginning and the end to see if it needs editing before broadcast.

  • Macca

    Q/ What was the last thing God said to the Maori’s?
    A/ Don’t do a thing until I get back!

    This could also apply for stoners!

  • AnonWgtn

    Leave it the Maoris invented Cannabis hundreds of years ago.
    Now they want the back royalties.

  • Get a grip

    Ahhh so you have never used anything Whale without “attributing it”? :-))
    But agree that a wee hissy fit is allowable in these circumstances.

  • toby_toby

    Respectfully, I think they didn’t attribute you because it’s not your footage, only your edits.

    I think what they are guilty of is laziness, rather than attribution.

    The TVNZ watermark gets slapped over everything except for ads. It’s really just marketing rather than an attempt to stake a claim on the footage. My understanding is that broadcasters have an agreement (whether it’s a gentlemen’s agreement or something more formal/legal – I don’t know) whereby they can use snippets of each others footage for news purposes. They keep the MTS logo there as acknowledgement. Putting ads in front will be the same deal – the ads will be slapped in front of everything regardless of the nature of content and presumably their agreement will cover that.

    The laziness comes from using your edits from your youtube channel and saying the source is ‘youtube’. They could’ve asked MTS for the footage (which takes time) or simply used their own off-air recording of MTS and edited it themselves (which takes time and effort). Both options would’ve meant they’re not riding on the efforts of someone on youtube and they wouldn’t have accusations from that youtube user. Thing is, they’re on a tight deadline and it’s easier to pinch something that is already edited and use that. That’s not an excuse, but that’s the motivation behind it. So it’s lazy and and little bit stupid rather than a dastardly attempt at denying someone attribution.

    If they’ve pursued you over use of their footage, then yeah – that’s pretty fucking rude of them, but you don’t own the MTS footage so there’s not much you can do. There must be some NZ version of fair use that you can use to your advantage

    I suggest putting your watermark on things that you edit. You could even make the watermark say “steals from WhaleOil” and position it next to the TVNZ watermark if you wanted to be extra cheeky. You should also create your own original content and if TVNZ (or any broadcaster for that matter) wants to use it, hit them up for a reciprocal deal.