Twyford joins the Nasty Party

Via the Tipline:

Does Phil Twyford REALLY think that John Key is a thief? It’s a rather odd thing for a Labour MP to be accusing, don’t you think?

Twyford FB


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  • Anonymous4001

    Three more years! Until Labour learns how to talk to voters, Key will remain PM.

    • They’ve learned nothing since 2008 Anon4001, so the chances of them learning to tone down their we-hate-Key-and-so-should-you rhetoric any time soon are slim too none. Attacking Key is all the have, given that David Shearer can’t decide on policies.

  • Michael

    Once again, antisemitism from the socialists – the IMF/Banks is code for the “International Jewish Banking conspiracy” aiming to steal all our money by any means.

  • maninblack

    the people voted for this asset selling policy- whats the issue?

    • Macca

      True but sadly the left don’t have the intelligence to comprehend that! They are so bereft of both policy and leadership, this type of gutter sniping is the only thing they can turn to!

    • Don’t you realise maninblack that ‘mandates’ only apply to LABOUR governments? 39% of the votes is a ‘mandate’ when it is for Labour, but 49% of the votes for National is no mandate haha.
      You should also note that at 9 general elections in the last 40 years National has received a higher percentage of the vote than Helen Clark ever managed (and do not forget that National had a ‘lost decade’ in terms of votes prior to Brash’s Orewa speech) and on only a single occasion in 40 years has Labour gotten more votes than Helen.

    • BJ

      Selling out on marriage without the people voting is the only theft that the National Government is party to.

      • Honcho

        Actually a private members bill from Louisa Wall, a labour mp. The National party allowed their members to conscience vote, no official party line, If the member thinks its a mistake to reclassify marriage they can choose to vote against it.
        Comes back to labour and the greens stuffing the box full of daft private members bills parliament has to go through, when there are more pressing economic issues this country faces rather then a pro-left-anti-right-lobbying bill or marriage ammendments etc.

        • BJ

          Yes agreed but it still amounts to the same thing – in general terms

  • Peterkar

    I’m “disinterested” in buyIng Mighty River shares, but I might still buy them. Twyford should check out disinterested v uninterested.

    • Bunswalla

      Only net tax-payers are financially interested in the share sale. All bludgers including labour supporters most likely are disinterested in the true meaning of the word. Twyford and the other bludgers got it right, albeit completely unintentionally.

  • The Labour party is the most anti semitic party in history; for 80 years they never mentioned Palestinians until John Key was PM and suddenly Phil Goff was the pro-est of pro Palestinians.
    ‘Pro Palestinian’ is code for “remember the choice is between me and the Jewboy – oh and don’t forget the other Jewboys in Epsom and elsewhere”, rather like in America “states rights” is code for racial segregation.
    What is even more pathetic from Labour is the opposition to Might River Power is all about “oh share ownership is just what gubby greedy Jews do; you are not a greedy jewboy are you?”
    The sooner we disenfranchise beneficiaries and factory workers to keep National permanently in government – the better!

    • Quite so MK – and remember Cunliffe’s “greasy little fulla in the blue suit” taunt when he addressed a small crowd at Avondale markets in 2011; strong anti-semitic undertones…

  • Rodger T

    Can`t let facts get in the way of party dogma now,can we?

  • Phar Lap

    Seems people like Twyford are not interested in improving the infra structure of NZ,by way of share ownership.The same infra structure that was run down by Lie-bours Gang of social engineers in the nine years reign of terror by Clark,and people of Twyfords ilk.Seems the Lie-bour bullying is continuing. Instead of investors getting something to hang onto by way of shares.ratface Twyfords bloodsucking Lie-bour Party will once more gouge taxpayers with huge tax increases to pay for the run down infra structure,

    • Travis Poulson

      Wonder if Twyhard is still pushing for a ferry service from Te Atatu to the city.

  • rockape

    Quote the PM should hang on his wall from Maggie Thatcher.”I always cheer up immensly when an attack is particularly wounding because I think it means they have not a single political arguement left” Kind off fits ,dont it!

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Gee Twyford is a dickhead. Is the person in the cartoon who is asleep David Shearer dreaming about his busted overseas stash and all the interest he gets on his money.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Can you smell the law suit for deformation of character?