Whale Army parking enforcement strikes again

Via the Tipline

On Friday night I went to the New World in Devonport and there was a car parked taking up both Handicapped Zones with a driver and 2 passengers in it. Just as I was telling them that they needed to remove their vehicle (in the politest of manners!) the 4th occupant of the car came out of the supermarket with his large box of Lion Red, got in the car which immediately reversed out with one of the passengers telling me to “tell someone who gives a fuck” – so I am!

Their registration is EMM237 if it can’t be read off the photo (taken as they were leaving).

Devo front bums


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  • LesleyNZ

    EMM237 – will keep an eye out for them.

  • hazardsareonitsok

    Hazards aren’t on, not ok

  • cows4me

    A cartoon of Lion Red. About says it all. No class what so ever.

    • It would have been an entirely different cartoon if Speights were involved!

      • Dave

        Better still Monteiths or Steinlager

        • (sotto voce) I’d even punish the Lion. After all, beer is good for you. All beer. It’s like a vegetable shake, all the goodness of barley, malt, hops and pure water….

  • tarkwin

    I’ve carefully analysed the facts and worked out who it is. An abusive person who drinks Lion Red and can’t park is either Martyn Bradbury or a bogan from West Auckland.

  • SJ00


  • surfisup

    Please someone publish these losers names. I bet they’d assault disabled people who complain too.

  • LesleyNZ

    You have to understand that they are a very different lot down in Devonport. Go to the local supermarket. They park their trundlers in the middle of the aisle while they catch up with the latest village gossip. So if they can’t park trundlers properly how can they possibly park a car?

  • TeOranga Hiku

    If your going to judge people make sure you know all the facts first.
    That was not me who was in the car, I haven’t had that car for over 10 weeks thank you very much and as for my circle of friends I was born and raised in devonport and just because they saw a photo of someone on my friends list with a picture of a gang patch they automatically they’re a bad person.

    • Well now you’ve learned why the pesky government insists on such annoying paperwork as changing ownership details. It’s not OUR fault for ‘judging you’, it’s YOUR fault for not doing what is required of you on selling/giving away a vehicle. And yes, most of us automatically look down our noses at ‘gangsta’ losers and those they hang with. Sorry about that.

    • LesleyNZ

      I have been told that you are a lovely person TeOranga Hiku. Good on you for coming on this blog.

  • LesleyNZ

    I have to back up what TeOranga Hiku says – I was told by someone very close to me who went to school with her that she is a very nice person.

  • Whaleoil, may I point out that we here in NZ (and you speak of places in NZ so I guess you are a NZ Citizen?) do not use the word “Handicapped”, we use “disabled” or in this case “Disability parking spaces”

    • That which we call a cripple by any other name is as disabled. PC bullshit, mate, means the same thing and ‘handicapped’ is only derogatory if you decide it is.