WhaleTech: Google Glass dissected

Martin Missfeldt has published an informative infographic, detailing the functions of the Google Glass Project. The infographic reveals a revolutionary design which employs a mini-projector to display images on the main prism display that focuses directly on the retina.

Users can adjust the focus by moving the unit closer or further away from the eye. This means that Google Glass will have to be worn outside regular user spectacles.


The revolution that the Google Glass Project has inspired is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It goes without saying that it has generated enough criticism over time but then the opportunities that it promises are eagerly anticipated.


Whatever your opinion on Google Glass, there is no doubt that it is quite a piece of hardware.


Source:  Into Mobile


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  • Mr_V4

    A couple of issues:
    Will this quickly be dubbed Google Pervert, and thus limit the social acceptance?
    How long could the battery possibly last given that it has to run a camera, projector, CPU, GPS, microphone/speaker and presumably a wi-fi/cellular connection to the internet.