WhaleTech: NZ Herald Android App to take photos and videos without your permission?

Oh dear.  Oh dear oh dear.

The backlash is starting after a recent NZ Herald Android App update.

The app can now take photos and videos whenever it likes.  It can essentially listen in on you.  It can take photos of you or your surroundings, and send them back to the NZ Herald (or anyone else they want).

In spite of the lessons learned from News Of The World phone hacking scandal, the NZ Herald is now trying to cut out the middleman and take information from you directly?

Politicians, Spin Doctors, Industry Leaders and anyone else  using this NZ Herald Android App should think long and hard about letting the NZ Herald have the ability to record anything at any time via your smartphone or tablet.

This is a potential invasion of privacy and unauthorised use of a data plan that the NZ Herald isn’t paying for.

This is the sort of thing that the NZ Herald would like to deny the GCSB, yet they are fine with the concept themselves?

I’ve uninstalled it.






Source:  Tipline


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  • Anonymous4001

    This from the fucken losers who thought it was ok to record John Key and John Banks without permission. Well, they’ve got form, haven’t they….

  • boristhefrog

    And that’s why I have an iPhone… BTW NZ Herald blows…. the only good thing in the Herald is the Code Cracker….

    • Better check the app’s permissions in the Apple Store after the next upgrade. This isn’t an Apple / Android thing. This is a NZ Herald taking liberties thing.

    • Bunswalla

      Haha! True dat, a good way to get the ole brain-box working in the morning. Only takes a minute, and I never have to go near the Horrid again after that.

    • Pokerface

      YESSSS!!! Is ‘Boris” over 60 also? LOL.

  • berenddeboer

    In spite of CNN, it’s still: shoot first, ask questions later.

    PS: I’m talking to whaleoil, not the NZ Herald.

    • ok then so set us straight please? What is incorrect?

    • Berend, why do you embarrass yourself like this? It’s there for anyone to see. Did you not look before spouting off?

  • Orange

    I’m pretty sure that “without confirmation” is not the same as “without your knowledge” and is a way of you being able to report news directly from the app using the camera or pull a picture from the card without some kind of pop up notice each time. I’m just trying to work out how to send them pics. I think that would be fun. But might have to log in to get that functionality and I don’t really want to do that.

  • Uninstalled the app. Fools.

  • Orange

    Funny comment from James Milne – the stuff app has the same camera permission.
    The BBC news app is one of the best and does not have the camera permission, but does have the phone state permission. I think it might send via an email? and can still have video/photo attachments.

    • berenddeboer

      Did you check any other app? Basically every app has this permission. Wake me up when whaleoil starts complaining about the stuff app. And every other newspaper app.

  • cows4me

    I’m surprised there is any outrage at all, surely if one takes the story as face value then most in NZ would have no issue with such a thing. I few days ago WO ran a post concerning the increasing powers of the GCSB. Many replying to this post said the would be happy as pigs in swill with GCSB having new powers to spy on it’s citizens, after all they had nothing to hide. So if they are happy to have their government looking over the shoulders then why not the press. If you ask me it’s fucking bullshit and why you would want to run such an app is beyond me but I really doubt they need an app to get into your phone. The hackers are always a step ahead.

    • Honcho

      Because the press plan to use your intellectual property to line their pockets, much different to the GCSB snooping on internet pedo rings and people returning from week long holidays to Pakistan, relaxing in the sun, enjoying the local spices and brushing up on the latest bomb making techniques.

  • Travis Poulson

    maybe a little paranoia by some feedback submitters and commenters here? camera is used for scanning QR codes.



    Allows the app to take pictures and videos with the camera. This permission allows the app to use the camera at any time without your confirmation .

    Oh no look at that, a QR code scanning app “QR BARCODE SCANNER” has the exact same permissions…..

  • manuka416

    The ‘Stuff’ app has the same camera permissions. Backing Travis here – you may be surprised what permissions your apps actually have, not a plot by the Horrid.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    I’d say the major problem here is smartphones.

    I prefer my phones to be stupid.