Why aren’t the press mocking the Asset Sale “protests”?


Once again, the media reports “hundreds” protested, and yet their own photo can’t back it up.

The article that goes with the photo reads like it is written by one of the protesters, with only people sympathetic to the protest being quoted and no balancing comment from anyone else.

Any sane newspaper would report that 6 people turned up indicating the Stop Asset Sales protest had run out of steam and lost the support from the public to come out and protest.  But no, “hundreds” protested, always away from the cameras it seems.

Would the paper come out to an event I organise with 6 people attending, and then report it as “hundreds” of people had a rally to support [insert your cause here]?   Of course not.

So why are they doing it?


Source:  Nelson Mail


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  • Batton charge the rioters!!! They are blocking the pavement and looking in shop windows at things they can’t afford!!!

  • Justsayn

    Because anti-government “stories” are easy to right and sell papers. If it were the other way around you can rest assured they would do what is in their own best interests.

    There is no conspiracy, just simple self-interest.

    • Vlad

      Actually justsayn, I disagree: yes, they are easy to write. But the demographic buying newspapers is older, more prosperous and more conservative. So the newspapers are spitting in the face of their dwindling number of supporters with their shallow & callow reporting.

  • jedmo

    I cycled past them at Miller’s Acre, maybe a dozen max, on parade

  • Perhaps it is the wrong photo? maybe the picture was from the “Plain Jane And Understandably Celibate Convention” and got mixed up.

  • The young protester was probably just caught up in it all, seems quite disinterested

    • Justsayn

      Yeh, she has that look straight ahead and smile look you get when the urine soaked homeless guy looks set to accost you.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Taking the Cow menace seriously ?

  • The local rag here published a photograph showing all of 10 protestors. It was shot with such tight focus that you couldn’t see how many there were in total. At least the accompanying caption made no claim as to numbers.

  • Andy

    When an anti-ETS parade occurs with 10 times as many people, and a similar demographic, the press reports a “small group of mostly elderly people”

  • tarkwin

    “Hundreds of protesters turned out” was the opening line of RNZ news on Saturday afternoon. They were probably on the way to somewhere else and got offered cheap coffee at the Razza if they stood around for a few minutes and got their photo taken.

  • Time For Accountability

    These look very much like the same folk the Greens paid to collect signatures.
    Are they paying them again?
    Or – Was it a condition of their previous payment to conduct a protest?

  • OT Richter

    The woman on the left looks more worried about her ice cream melting.

    • Looks like she was carrying an umbrella while passing by and they photoshopped the sign in.

  • Dave

    By their appearance and clothing, not one of them appears to be poor or suffering from a lack of food, perhaps a nice bowl of pumpkin soup with a crusty loaf would remove these ladies from the streets. A non protest if ever I have seen one.

  • Doug

    What no men at the protest, maybe the women are trying to lower the share price while the husbands purchase the shares. Cunning plan or what?

  • Patrick

    Tazer them they are clearly militant anarchists.

  • chrisbaby

    just the perfect way to guarantee overseas ownership scare the locale peoples shit less so that all the shares go to overseas bidders good one greens and labour