Why isn’t Metiria Turei demanding economic relief?

via ODT

via ODT

The drought has hit the farmers hard.  Yields are down, and times are tough.  And I just can’t understand why Metiria Turei isn’t up in arms fighting for the hard working entrepreneurs that are the economic backbone of…

Hang on, let me start at the beginning

The drought has done the Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay regions a favour by considerably reducing the size and quality of the annual cannabis crop, says eastern police district organised crime head, Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Foster.

Police conducted a marijuana swoop from the end of February and into the first two weeks of March, using a fixed-wing aircraft and a helicopter.

“We seized and destroyed 7500 plants across the Hawke’s Bay, Wairoa, Gisborne and East Coast districts, with about 4000 of those plants growing around Gisborne and on the East Coast,” Mr Foster said.

“Across the whole police district that’s down about 4000 plants, spread pretty widely over the district,” he said.

The estimated street value (based on $1000 a plant) is still significant – $7.5 million in total and $4 million in this district.

As I was saying.  This has to be hitting her constituents pretty hard in the pocket.  And if there was any consistency to her policies and approach, you’d be expecting her to call of the government to provide some disaster relief, wouldn’t you?


Source:  NZ Herald


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  • williamabong

    I think hand or oral would be the sum total of her relief package, and i wouldn’t see there being long queues for either.

  • Travis Poulson

    She keeps mentioning this person “Marty”, who the hell is he?

    • williamabong

      Marty is a fictional character dragged up when we need either sympathy or money or both.
      The legend has it that Marty sailed here and everything that has ever happened is because of him, we know the truth to be a lot different, in fact Marty ate the prevoius occupiers, but thats another story,

    • blokeintakapuna

      Marty is related to Alice…

      • Red

        Isn’t it “Murray” ?? I’m totally confused now

  • Colin Cloudesley

    Does she make her own outfits, because most of that material comes from China, she should be using NZ jute?
    And the dyes are all made in China these days.
    The glass frames are Dolly design made in China.

  • Tom


  • Lion_ess

    Could she explain the difference between the entrepreneurial dope grower and the entrepreneurial P cook? Both are trying to feed their families.

    • Kimbo

      Hmm, now let me think how a watermelon would interpret and answer that….

      One grows plants that trap nasty CO2, while the other is an anthropogenic chemical process that creates toxic environmental hazards.

      However, the real answer is that Turei is lying about the Greens supporting “entrepreneurial activity”. Profit aka ‘economic and social exploitation’ is the real ‘toxic waste’ she is determined to stamp out.

  • Concerned Accountant

    Mmm. Collecting the benefit and additional income. I hope they are declaring their entrepreneurial returns for tax and benefit purposes.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Shit another one, what have you been smoking.

  • Pita

    “An income supplement for Maori in rural areas who are just trying to support their Whanau”

    East Cape; 4000 plants yielding 30oz per plant of dried Mary Jane with a street value of $200 per oz equates to $2.4 million (tax free) dollars…That is not a subsidy!

    • Pissedoffyouth

      200 an ounce? Yer dreamin. more like 300 wholesale – even more profit!

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Far too familiar with the green of the smoking variety, not the folding variety.

    The Green Party are the true bludgers, people on the DPB get wayyyy less from the public purse than these leaches do, just so they can represent the fuckwits and feebleminded in our cuontry

  • Ronnie Chow

    And that cardboard Tiki , the significance of which is so obscure that it has just become an identifier , just in case someone thinks you look like a Filipino or other (recent)Immigrant stock .

    In traditions from the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand, the first human is a woman created by Tāne, god of forests and of birds. Usually her name is Hine-ahu-one. In other legends, Tāne makes the first man Tiki, then makes a wife for him. In some West Coast versions, Tiki himself, as a son of Rangi and Papa, creates the first human by mixing his own blood with clay, and Tāne then makes the first woman. Sometimes Tūmatauenga, the war god, creates Tiki.[1] In another story the first woman is Mārikoriko. Tiki marries her and their daughter is Hine-kau-ataata (White 1887-1891, I:151-152). [2] In some traditions, Tiki is the penis of Tāne (Orbell 1998:178, Tregear 1891:510-511). In fact, Tiki is strongly associated with the origin of the procreative act.[3]

    Here is one story of Tiki among the many variants: Tiki was lonely and craved company. One day, seeing his reflection in a pool, he thought he had found a companion, and dived into the pool to seize it. The image shattered and Tiki was disappointed. He fell asleep and when he awoke he saw the reflection again. He covered the pool with earth and it gave birth to a woman. Tiki lived with her in innocence, until one day the woman was excited by an eel. Her excitement passed to Tiki and the first procreative act resulted (Reed 1963:52).

    • Mr_Blobby

      Shit Ronnie what have you been smoking.

      • Ronnie Chow

        Actually , I was highlighting the shortcomings of the great Marty oral traditions , which has as many variants as it does storytellers .

        • Mr_Blobby

          Absolutely correct, but that wasn’t the question.

          • Ronnie Chow

            Absolutely correct , but you were not asking an actual question . You asked a rhetorical question to make a point .

  • Patrick

    Hand releif is the only relief coming her way

  • peterwn

    Government could pay out disaster relief then take it back under Proceeds of Crimes Act.

  • Doug

    Silly me i thought Marty was the secret name given to the new Printing Press in the greens Office.

  • BR

    Turei’s idea of economic relief would be to blame global warming for the drought, and then use that as an excuse to tax every productive entity into bankruptcy.