Is Jacinda just a wee bit too sensitive?

Last night Patrick Gower did what bloggers the world over do, he asked a question he already knew the answer to…and boy didn’t Jacinda bite hard like the teeth of a gin trap.


I’m all up for a bit biffo and it is absolutely brilliant that politicians and other media do it on Twitter in full view.

Pedro obviously touched a sore point with Jacinda.

The Greens are owning Labour and owning the opposition agenda. Take a look at how the Herald pitched it after today:

The Green Party has launched a campaign it hopes will convince Aucklanders to support the proposed City Rail Link.

The Greens, who have the backing of the Labour Party, want their Reconnect Auckland campaign to bring “tens of thousands” of people together to pressure the Government into helping build the rail link.

The campaign was launched today at the Green Party’s Auckland office, a potential site for the Karangahape Rd station once the link is built.

“The Greens were proud to have played an essential role in forcing the last Government to commit to electrification of the Auckland rail network, which was necessary to build the City Rail Link. Next step is the CRL,” party co-leader Dr Russell Norman said.

Normally it is the other way round. The major party has the backing of the minnow…in this instance it is Labour backing the Greens…I bet Clare Curran will be spitting into her Cornflakes reading that…she probably still thinks the Greens are stealing “their” voters.

It’s always good watching someone take a haircut.


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  • williamabong

    Pedro would be well advised to stay well clear of “Horse Gob”, as one Ms Klarks sleepers, she has been strategically placed by H1,2 & 3 to take Auckland for the party, and we all know if your not with the team your against it.

  • Anonymous4001

    If we think of a train as being a bit like a mechanical cart, then it is clear the cart can not be put before the horse.

  • Pete George

    Ardern was too busy on things other than rail – 3 News reported her complaining that WINZ is cutting benefits to those cheating the system. She says that Government is”certainly putting more emphasis on welfare fraud than tax fraud”.

    She must be ignorant of what IRD do. A quick search on their website showed prosecutions of four people for $1.5m tax fraud.

    IRD and WINZ can both investigate fraud at the same time, even if Ardern can’t grizzle at National and outshine Greens at the same time. Ardern and benefit fraud versus tax fraud

    • Gazzaw

      You stole my thunder Pete. Ardern needs to engage her brain before she starts spouting to the media nationally. Joe Taxpayer hates double dipping benny fraudsters with a passion – does Ardern really think that criticising the government for putting max effort into hunting down these longtime offenders is going to win over support for labour? She’s crazy.

      • Sadly, I think you are missing the point. She’s not trying to make sense to you. She is trying to make sense to the kind of people who think National is the enemy no matter what they do.

        She is appealing to the sorts of people that would have Thatcher Death Parties.

        • Gazzaw

          Not missing the point Petal. Those sorts of people are in the minority, I would venture to say even with labour supporters. That is why her actions were so stupid. She can’t help herself when it comes to attacking Paula Bennett.

          • Dave

            No Gazzaw, these people are not in the minority, unfortunately, NZ is a nation of Bludgers, take the total of all beneficiaries including WFF, Students, pensioners etc you will be shocked. I believe there is a place for welfare, but not the welfare society successive left governments have unfortunately, very successfully established.

            Perhaps we need to understand welfare as a Hand Up, not a handout!

          • rockape

            Remember even pensioners pay tax! They dont want it wasted either.

          • Lay off us pensioners Dave, we’ve done our time and in most cases have paid taxes all our working life and continue to do so.

          • Gazzaw

            Leave the pensioners alone Dave. For fifty fucken years I have paid tax and the only tangible benefit that I have received is three days in hospital. How many dole bludgers have I paid to support? How many kids have I educated cos mine went private? And what’s more Dave the government gets ALL of my pension back and then some by way of tax cos at 68 I’m still working and earning plenty. You and the other prick that was complaining today about the age benefit can get fucked.

          • Yeah Gazzaw. I paid tax for 50 years too and continue to do so even 8 years after retirement age, due to the fact that I have saved some money for my old age. One thing that pisses me off is that the insurance company that I went to, to cover my demise keeps putting up the premium so that the closer that I get to collecting it the more likely that I will have paid them more than my estate will collect. And Dave, I feel the same as Gazzaw, “Get Fucked”!

          • Dave

            Suggest you re-read what I have said above Bob, understanding would be great. There is a great difference between those that have paid into the system to then draw a pension (as they are entitled to), and those that have NOT paid into the system. If you understand my clarification, great, if not, I suggest as Gazaw said – “Get Fucked” yourself!

          • Pissedoffyouth

            At 68 you’re doing a hell of a job being on a blog in the first place!

            Good shit

          • Dave

            Gazzaw, Bob M and others. Geez that ruffled a few feathers!! I have no problems with pensioners drawing a pension from the government, most have paid in to it for years, (providing of course they have been a Tax Payer). Would much prefer to see a tiered system of pensioner payments, a BASE amount (Bugger all) and say…. 1 or 2% of the LIFETIME taxtake being paid back over say, 20 years from retirement. Too many people seem to think (like the Greens) the governments money comes fresh to you from their own printing press.

            PS: Gazzaw. I’m not too far behind you in age, and like you i have not ever drawn any kind of benefit except just over a week in hospital!

      • AnonWgtn

        What brain ?

  • Jacinda this morning on TV1, “yes there are fewer people on benefits, but what I am concerned about is, are they now sleeping under bridges?”
    More great journalism by TV1 this time, – surely the next obvious question is, “Have you got evidence of that happening?” but no; silence; the statement is allowed to stand. No integrity from a bolting horse or a hack news repeater.

    • It is an insult to anyone who is on a benefit that doesn’t rort the system to have a political party saying that it’s OK to fuck over the benefit system.

  • BigDes

    She should have just said, neigh, I wasn’t there.

    • WO did mention TEETH, synomym with Jacinda!

  • tarkwin

    A horse, a hobbit and Red Russel having a battle. Sounds good to me. I reckon we throw some oil on them, stand back and watch the mutual left leaning self destruction.

  • LionKing

    I quite like this policy because it means all the green and labour voting fuckwits will feel compelled to take the train, which leaves the city roads open for people that actually like to drive their own vehicles and not be forced by fuckwit communists to catch some smelly public transport.

    • Anonymouse Coward

      Excellent idea Lion King.

      If you were to honestly answer the question, what is the cheapest way to reduce road congestion? The answer you would give is rather than building more roads it is cheaper to reduce road congestion by building public transport such as commuter rail or bus expressways and allowing commuters to the choice to use them.

      • Dave

        Perhaps AC, it is firstly to look at the NEED, why do people need to travel, then look for solutions. 1) Move the work environments closer to the people, or, 2) Move the people closer to the work, or 3 ) find better transport systems, or perhaps 4) Find alternatives, like FLEXIBLE HOURS, start some people at say…….. 4.00 am, and others at 10.00 am, thus SPREADING the traffic over 6 hours instead of 2 hours. Could work for non Retail!! Even better if you combine a bit of all of the above, proving Loopy Lens trains are NOT NEEDED.

    • AnonWgtn

      Perhaps they will fight as to who is going to be the engine driver.

  • johnbronkhorst

    russel, russel, russel…at $650million per Km……..we could GOLD PLATE the motorways and still be cheaper than a ridiculous 3.5 Km CRL.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Go on call me anul.
      I calculated (please check).
      Bulk Density of gold: 19 300 000g/cum
      Price of gold: $1400/oz
      Difference between CRL and motorway cost: $600 million/Km
      $600 mill = 428 000 oz of gold = 3.3 mill g
      Thickness of plate : .5 microns.
      so…3.3/19.3 = 0.17 cum of gold
      ie 342 000 sq. m of gold plate
      motorway 50m wide?
      6840m of motorway gold plated?
      ie 6.8 Km of gold plated motorway?
      Please check my numbers, I think I am correct.

      • You have too much time on your hands :)

        • BW_Lord

          It would be a great soundbite though. Unless its actually a gold plated rail line, in which case that’s clearly the more feasible option.

        • johnbronkhorst

          Maybe , but it took 15 minutes searching and use of a pocket calculator.

  • hazardsareonitsok

    Easy way to cut the costs of the rail loop massively, just get everyone on the benefit the do it…

    • johnbronkhorst

      Still would cost too much…even if labour cost was NILL!!

  • I think Jacinda can sense it all slipping away; can sense 12 months of hysterical ranting about non issues is not connecting with anyone.
    It is also interesting to note that Labour will not say “we own the Greens they are our poodle” whereas Russel openly talks about Labour in that way.

  • Patrick

    Great to see we have impartial journo’s – far be it from Gower to openly advise the Lefties on their election strategies, & isn’t it great to see Pollies following two bit journo’s, hanging off their every word & reacting. It bodes well for the country doesn’t it!

  • Dave

    Perhaps a bit of this used several times a day all over those incisors might calm her down a bit!!

    • In Vino Veritas

      Nah Dave, she just needs to be lobbed into a creek with lots of little trees alongside it. There’d be a dam up in no time……

  • Mr_Blobby

    Have no problem with public works. Trains, Buses, ferries, convention centers, sports arenas. What I have a problem with is that they all require massive, ongoing and ever increasing subsidies.

  • Justsayn

    She is a bit like the cute girl you meet at a club where the music is too load to have a conversation. Then next day you wake up with her head resting on your arm. You look her up and down, impressed with your drunken effort. She wakes. She starts to talk. You pretend to fall asleep. She nods off again. You chew your own arm off to get away without waking her.

  • J.M

    Horsey Ardern needs a big cock up her. That is the crux of her problem.