Woodhouse gives Matt McCarten his beans

Michael Woodhouse has given Matt McCarten a good kick in the slats on Facebook.



He could have also asked Matt McCarten if he has paid his tax yet? Stealing the PAYE of his employees.

One thing is becoming crystal clear. Those lining up to try and govern with Labour and the Greens, including Winston Peters was willing to commit economic sabotage and terrorism, steal your savings and march down the road that Hugo Chavez took with Venezuela.


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  • Phar Lap

    The tax dodger also says the commie electrical model being pushed by the dance of the desperate parties,is in California.What the tax cheat also forgot to say was, California is bankrupt.Also he suffers from omission of the facts.Most power systems in USA are nuclear driven.

    • Steve R

      The left are currently drunk on the use of half truths and down right lies . And I fear that not only is this going to get worse in the lead up to the next election , but that too many dumb arse citizens will believe that what they say is true

      • LabTested

        The shit state of the economy in Venezuela happened only 1 step at a time. Each little thing can be sold in nice sounds bites. However you can ignore the laws of economics – but they will not ignore you. Eventually this sort of stuff will bite the country in the arse

        • Morrissey

          Venezuela’s economy is in a far better state than the United States’ or Great Britain’s. This is partly explained by the fact that it has refused to join in any acts aggression against other countries. Which means it has billions of dollars it would otherwise have blasted into oblivion, like the U.S. and U.K. have done.

          • LabTested

            I know that you are being a Troll, but I will bite. So this is Venezuela socialist Utopia.

            inflation 31.6% (US 1.5% UK 2.8%)
            Murder rate (per 100,000) 45.1 (US 2.75)
            Unemployment 7.6% (US 7.7% UK 7.8%)

            The country has 3 exchange rate. One for essential goods, one for non essential goods & another for the black market which the ordinary person must pay.

            So which part of this economy do you think is in a great shape?

          • But it is where Sean Penn takes his holidays – so it must be great! HAHAHAHA!!

          • Bunswalla

            Two ways to deal with trolls – ignore them, or call them on their bullshit. Well done for a perfect execution of the latter technique. Shame it wasn’t more of a challenge really.

            Perhaps a fantail appeared above Morrissey’s head and flew around him three times before telling him to make up complete gobshite in the hope nobody would call him on it.

          • Morrissey

            There’s a clever way of dealing with something you have no understanding of: make light of the situation.

            Have you been taking lessons from John Key’s media trainer?

          • Morrissey

            I’m not “being a troll”, you fool, I’m absolutely serious. I refuted your ignorant repetition of black propaganda against a democratic government. Those statistics are terrible, of course; do you think they might have something to do with the fact that Venezuela suffered under brutal, anti-democratic dictatorships for the whole of the twentieth century? Supported and armed, of course, by the United States.

          • LabTested

            Ok so let me understand this.

            You said:Venezuela’s economy is in a far better state than the United States’ or Great Britain’s

            I said : So which part of this economy do you think is in a great shape?

            You said:Those statistics are terrible, of course; do you think they might have something to do with the fact that Venezuela suffered under brutal, anti-democratic dictatorships

            and I agree. Hugo Chavez was a brutal anti democratic dictator. Here is a link to his 2002 Military Coup attempt.


            Thanks for playing. Now go back under your bridge

          • Morrissey

            Telling lies about Hugo Chavez, who was and is a hero of democracy like Nelson Mandela, does nothing for your credibility.

            Your childish use of dismissive language—“Now go back under your bridge”—shows only that you lack the wherewithal to engage in honest debate.

          • LabTested

            You are right Amnesty International is a horrible organisation for telling lies about Hugo Chavez. Shame on them for saying:

            Attacks, harassment and intimidation of those critical of government policies, including journalists and human rights defenders, were widespread. Unfounded charges were brought against those who opposed government policies


            Now go back under your bridge Troll

          • Lopsy

            Perhaps we should have had a “Maggie” style street party when good ol Hugo popped his clogs. He was no hero, he was a thief and a thug and democracy was his toilet.

          • LabTested

            Infant Mortality per 1000 live births.

            Venezuela 13.6. US 6.05 UK 4,1

            The list goes on and on

          • GeorgeRomero

            Yeah , and there would be no war if the world was run by homosexuals ay?

  • Michael

    On Q+A he was comparing it to Fonterra (NZ Power) as an example of a working model. No one mentioned $15kg cheese or $6 milk.

    • cows4me

      How the hell could he compare NZ power to Fonterra? Fonterra sales to the open market by way of an auction system, NZ power will have no such luck. Hard to sale to only one buyer and expect to survive. The commies are losing their marbles.

      • Michael

        and that my friend, was the missed opportunity by all on the show to show this idea for what it is.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Lets not forget also that Pharmac actually limits access to the full array of available medicines (we end up with predominately cheap generics, many of which have very different characteristics in efficacy, presentation and side effect than the genuine).
    They also operate outside of the commerce act so it really is a poor comparison.

  • Troy

    Poor ole Matt. Been a failure most of his life and continues as such whenever he provides a commentary about things of which he knows little. In an effort to fly the socialist flag he ends up promoting left wing loonie policy… sad man.

  • Grizz30

    Pharmac is ultimately a consumer for government subsidised clients. If you want drugs Pharmac does not buy, you can pay full price for them. You do not get that opportunity for electricity with NZ Power or whatever it is.

    • LabTested

      You missed the bit about the Greens wanting us to set up (green) micro power generators where the demand is, so if you want power you will have to build your own wind turbine on the top of your Auckland apartment

  • Michael Woodhouse is a good man and has done more for the National party in Dunedin than anyone since Jim Barnes.

    • Peej

      I wouldn’t argue with that. Woodhouse is a list MP though. On here that means he automatically has joined the ranks of “filthy lazy scum!” That’s just the way it is in these blogs regardless of his personal qualities, effort and achievements!

      • Well he put an end to the Katherine Rich days in Dunedin North (1999,2002,2005) when Labour’s Pete Hodgson found himself the extreme right wing candidate HAHAHAHA!!

  • WayneO

    A major point to note is the drug companies have an international market and are able to sell worldwide. Pharmac and NZ are but a drop in the worldwide ocean of the medication market. Our power companies have no ability to export their product to the highest bidder so there is no incentive to invest in the sector. This will drive power prices up (in real terms as well as in Russell’s funny money terms) or result in rationing/brown outs, mark my words.

  • Kebq

    Sounds like the public loves the ideal and so do a few intellects.

    • The public also likes the idea of a free house, free car, free 5 star round the world holiday all provided with other people’s money – so of course stupid, ignorant poor people think it is wonderful haha! (would be surprised if they thought differently)

      However like a free house, free car, free 5 star round the world holiday – it has to be paid for by someone and this idea of Labour’s is economically damaging and absurd.
      If it was not damaging, if it was the right thing to do we would still have a Soviet Union wouldn’t we?

      • Kebq

        That is really extreme to the point of been meaningless. Such straw hat arguments really do miss the point. That is like saying that every capitalist prefers black slaves over and exploited workforce

        • It is not extreme at all – you say to people “do you want cheaper electricity bills?” the response is “too bloody right mate!”

          The issue is whether that is feasible (it isn’t), whether the proposal, if implemented would damage the economy (it would) and lead to blackouts (it would) and make NZ worse off (it would).

          Further you can substitute “do you want cheaper electricity?” for anything else (cars, houses, bread, milk, foreign holidays) and get a similar response. Of course everyone wants that – for themselves.

          No strawman arguments from me sunshine.

          • Kebq

            The straw mat lay in the fact that you want everything free too, but this makes you feel dirty or u wish to sell your goods at an over priced rate. Gee, you could almost say that everyone would want someone to help them. But I assume u don’t want this? Any company group that is made 4B profit in a country like this is robbing the people, I mean, the market. Call this ‘market adjustment’. But hey, only a capitalist would see free as something evil. You must really hate air.

            The govt should always the voice and protecter of people from greedy capitalists. But what is ur solution? More competition? Less govt? Yeah, that has never worked either.

          • I am intrigued at the figure of $4 billion; where does it come from? and over what time period? and what is the actual profit margin?

            If Labour really wanted to help people they would simply cut taxes by $350 per year – so cut the bottom tax from 10.5% down to around 7%.
            Or keep the tax rate and give everyone a $350 electricity voucher.

            To start fiddling around with a free market, scaring investors, scaring off foreign investment is the surest way to harm the very people Labour claims to represent as they lose their jobs first.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sheep has asked me to explain folks:

    1. NZ Power is the end purchaser, not the consumer

    2. NZ Power will also set a fair price, it won’t try to get power at cheap price from the generators. It will be fair price in discussions with the generators

    3. Sheep and Commie Norman will stick the power cables where the sun doesn’t shine and personally deliver electricity to households. So there is no distribution cost.

    Stuff you all Tories.

    • Dave

      I didn’t think there is any room to stick that cable where the sun don’t shine now Shearer and Norman are besties! Was wondering why they smiled so much.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        I am really getting tired of John Key now. He is too gentle and docile. He just keeps quiet when Sheep and Commie are creating havoc in our economy with their useless policies. He should start to expose their bloody ignorance.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I think I have a health issue. Whenever I read Matt McCarten’s column, I vomit non-stop….Please help.

    • Dave

      SCS your illness is known as McCartenitis, it’s a severe condition caused every-time granny Herald publishes the tripe McCarten writes. This is made worse knowing McCarten is left of left and still owes taxpayers a great sum of money that perhaps his mate Shearers overseas bank account could clear. Your only hope of a cure is for McCarten to stop writing anything political / financial ever again and going to become a Tibetan Monk (small possibility), the Herald stops publishing (which is a possibility the way they are going) or if you simply stop reading anything he writes, we all know its utter bullshit! I suppose Matt could have a change of Career given his immense imagination and become a Fairy Tale / Mythology writer for Disney!

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Dave – ROFLOL!! We as a country are blessed with characters like Matt McCarten.

  • David Broome

    And as Feds has noted by its energy spokesperson Anders Crofoot:

    “to us, the idea of a Pharmac styled single power purchaser does not add up.

    “Pharmac purchases medical products from the global market whereas the proposed buying agency is limited to local power generators. Unlike with pharmaceuticals,
    there is no such thing as ‘generics’ when it comes to electricity. Nor can we do what happens overseas and ‘import’ power from other countries.

    “The fact for low volume electricity users is this; the line charge now makes up a
    significant percentage of the final bill and there are no alternatives being proposed for that….”