May 2013

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In the book “Pasta Bible,” the author wrote the typo “Freshly Ground Black People” instead of “Freshly Ground Black Pepper” leading to the author having to reprint about 7,000 books costing about $20,000. (source)

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BMW Intelligent Headlight Technology


Kings of camouflage


Why is everyone else pulling their cords?


What kind of Asian are you?


Proof that spending more money on welfare doesn’t work

The left-wing thinks that the only the application of more and more money will solve problems.

Well they are wrong and here is a case study to prove it.

Child, Youth and Family spent nearly half a million dollars to try to turn a troubled teen into a functioning member of society, but it wasn’t enough to stop her committing murder.

Tonya Bennett was given her own house, a caregiver 16 hours a day and endless attempts were made to counteract her unstable behaviour.

But when she was just 16-years-old she doused a sweatshirt in highly-potent alcohol and set fire to her ex-boyfriend’s home, aware that his mother, Lynette Chapman, was asleep upstairs.  Read more »

Applies as much to the media as to shooters

In 1918 Towsend Whelan authored a book about shooting and marksmanship called ‘The American Rifle‘. He was considered one of THE authorities on shooting in his day, Whelen’s advice on shooting and rifles should not be taken lightly even today.

I often use hunting/shooting analogies when talking about politics and his comments on marksmanship made me think about the state of media today, particularly when they all blindly head off after a story fed to them by a fool who really should stop dirty texting women.

In my work in the Army I often come across men of a rather low order of intelligence whom no amount of practice will teach to shoot, chiefly because they have never learned how to use their brains. Any man of ordinary intelligence, who is not physically handicapped, can become a good shot. To become an expert shot requires both a good body and a good brain. Most persons have the idea that eyesight is the important factor. Fair eyesight is of course essential, and may be obtained either naturally or by the aid of well-fitted glasses.

There are five essentials which must be attained in order that one may be able to shoot accurately. All instruction in rifle shooting is aimed at perfecting one’s knowledge and execution of these five essentials. These are as follows:

1. Aiming. One must be able to aim consistently, aiming each shot exactly the same. This requires the training of the eye in the correct alignment of the sights and target until the view or picture that they form becomes so indelibly impressed upon the retina of the eye that whenever the aim is the least bit incorrect it will be noticed at once.  Read more »

Williamson quits, Nats bottle the challenge

Maurice Williamson has announced he won’t contest the mayoralty and National has bottled the chance to tip out Len Brown.

Unfortunately for Maurice Williamson the beltway politicians lacked the courage to commit their brand to the battle. If they had bothered to lift their heads from focus groups results for just a moment they should have realised that the anger building in Auckland against Len Brown and his unitary plan needed a person to coalesce behind.

Now there is no one. C&R as a brand is stuffed, and quality candidates that may have been found to stand under the National banner will now go back into hiding. Several I know of will be unlikely to want to have to deal with the muppets in C&R  Read more »