A foolish man builds his house upon the sand

Gilmore - Houses Built On Sand

So Aaron Gilmore is issuing threats…big deal…there is plenty more on him should he decide to go nuclear.

Like his sudden re-writing of history or deletion in this case

It was early August and freezing cold as that night we didn’t have enough money to put into the meter for electricity. We had some light from large candles on the table and my grandmother and I were having Weetbix for dinner. The next morning we couldn’t afford breakfast and I went hungry till a teacher bought me lunch.

Why delete it? Is it because it wasn’t true?

It would be very unusual for Aaron to have had a pre-pay meter when he was growing up…  he could explain this too?

NOTE: Prepay electricity meters are uncommon in NZ: In Australia and New Zealand, along with the majority of other countries, penetration has limped along at about 2 or 3% of the installed meter base. Thus far, the barriers to uptake have been significant.

The guy is a serial bullshitter, in fact he is our little dickhead.
Our Little Dickhead



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  • Andy

    So he hasn’t heard of the Wayback machine or Google cache (or Youtube, where he makes these claims in video)?

    This is painful. It’s like watching a really bad road accident happen

    • Sponge

      But in super slow motion.

      • And lots and lots of replays.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive…

  • I thought we have finished with him, it is old news and your starting to sound like a record, move on, he has gone or will be by 2morrow, well I hope so, otherwise we will never hear the end of it.
    Let chase up Goff?

  • Mickrodge

    Love it…NFWAB

  • BJ

    Gilmore didn’t say prepay – could he mean old coin operated technology and is that likely?

    • peterwn

      Pre-pay coin electricity and gas meters would have had some penetration in the earlier days of electricity – a former NZED General Manager as a Power Board electrician installed coin meters in the Whanganui area during the depression where people were in arrears. The former Hutt Valley Energy Board had a handful of coin meters remaining in the 1980’s but they were I think used in communal situations rather than households. Relative increases in pay rates made the meters uneconomic as the cost of attending a jammed meter would just about obliterate its revenue. Similarly for gas. Some landlords may have had private pay meters but probably only for rooming houses or short term accommodation (there was a UK joke – If you put a penny in the meter now, you will just have time to find a shilling before the light goes out). It would have been extremely unlikely for someone the age of Aaron to have been brought in a house with a coin meter.

      • Bunswalla

        Kris Faafoi said he was there and it was definitely a coin-operated meter. He remembers the first one being put in.

    • unsol

      Prepay electricity meters were around in the early 1990s – my mum & I used to help out a neighbour who had one.

      • Sponge

        Yep – I remember having one in flat in Christchurch in the late 90’s. It was a right bastard of a thing as it would always run out at the most inconvenient time possible – like 8pm on a Sunday night. In fairness it did give some warning that it was about to run out.

  • Ian

    Think those that forced his resignation may regret it. See he has been replaced by a stinking dyke. National can get stuffed, and I have been a faithful supporter for many years. Is it becoming a prerequisite for major parties to require their aspirants to be deviants? Goodbye National, welcome young Craig.

    • You really ar an idiot and you show it with your words. I hope Colin enjoys the likes of you.

      • Justsayn

        Not a lost vote at all – still a vote for a National led Government. This is a good example of why pandering too much to your “core” (and I don’t think Ian is a core Nat, he seems an extreme conservative on social issues so should be right at home with Colin) voters is election suicide – their vote doesn’t matter that much.

        Also a good example of why Colin might be a good thing for the Nats. You get Ian’s vote but don’t have to claim him as one of your own.

        • WayneO

          Not true.

          A vote for Colin Craig is a wasted vote. He will NOT get 5% of the vote and will never secure an electorate seat.

          • and half of his votes get gifted to labour like last time

      • unsol

        You missed the e after “ar”.

    • disqus_wMsITO4Q42

      Nothing more deviant than someone who has such a big ego that they think there’s someone “up there” looking after them.

      • unsol

        Is that a dig at WO?

        • disqus_wMsITO4Q42

          No, not particularly, but if he’s got that sort of ego, then go figure.

    • Bad__Cat

      See Ya, bigot.

    • kehua

      That`s rich coming from a stinking biggotted cunt.

      • Ian

        Are you a dyke or a pooftar . . . seems you have a left-wing problem!

  • Justsayn

    An unfortunate headline given that the tosser comes from Christchurch.

  • The guy still has kids and a family, for that I pity him and wish he would stop digging himself into the hole. Like almost any a-hole, he no doubt has some redeeming characteristics.

    • Chad Chambers

      Yep, he’s a Nat through and through.

  • High_Tory

    If his grandparents and parents were too poor to afford more weetbix and electricty back in the 70s …all of about $2..that says a lot about the Gilmore clan.
    Maybe Aaron is just trying to show he is carrying on a long family tradition of being a deadbeat loser

  • Travis Poulson

    I’ve got a funny feeling this is far from over….

  • unsol

    Cameron: if Gilmore is so irrelevant, his threats are empty & the goal has been achieved, why continue adding to his 15 seconds of fame? What has this guy done to bother you so much, so personally? And don’t you think that by writing about his threats you are giving them more credibility & validation than they deserve?

    Yes we all know you can dig dirt up on people who cross you, but what is the pay-off? Sure you get a few readers who are more than happy to spur you on, but is it worth it? Does it add to your character? Make you a better political commentator, a better husband, father & man?

    The way you have presented this whole saga seems unnecessarily vindictive & OTT; the crime does not appear fit the punishment.

    You have be part of the frothers that have backed this guy into a corner so now he is humiliated, embarrassed & trying to fight back. He will most probably fail but will that be enough? At which point will you – any of you – stop? Does he have to commit suicide? Or would that give you more cause to pick on him?

    I remind you of the post you wrote a while back about suicide & mental health – http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2012/12/why-the-outrage-2/

    Posts like these are what drew me to this blog. You seem to possess extraordinary insight to many of our darkest issues & your bring them to the fore to encourage dialogue.

    This guy clearly seems to be off his rocker – something you & many of your readers can no doubt relate to.

    So question is, if this were you in your darkest hour would you benefit from this kind relentless attack?

    And just in case anyone asks, I wrote this as a comment as opposed to a private email as it pertains to the very public topic at hand.

    • Cam says regularly that he likes a political bloodbath. This is the pinnacle of politics for Cameron Slater. The fact he is directly involved puts the icing on the cake.

      Gilmore is the one perpetuating. All he has to do is stop. And then it all goes away.

      If you can’t stand the sight of (political) blood, then perhaps this particular story is one you need to pass by.

      Connoisseurs are dining out on it.

      • unsol

        No it is more than that – you know it, he knows, I know it & many others suspect it.

        He is also more than capable of responding himself.

        This isn’t about liking or disliking the game of politics, this is about someone failing to subscribe & adhere to the very things they preach.

      • BJ

        “political bloodbath?”

        No. This is beyond politics.

        • I agree. It is now. When Gilmore threatened Cam, it became personal. There will not be an end to it for some time. As I said to unsol, if you don’t have the stomach for it – look away.

          • BJ

            Who’s the narcissist again?

          • unsol

            Hmmm I have been thinking the same – there seems to be an awful amount of similarities between the two. The problem for Gilmore though is that Cameron gets to ride high on the wave of a big audience & like a good pitbull, tends to fight to the death.

            Cameron has also said to me that if I knew what Aaron had been up to I wouldn’t be so quick to defend him.

            But it isn’t his actions I am defending, it is his right to be free from ridicule & persecution over a minor offence. What he has done prior – unless criminal – is irrelevant.

            Further I know plenty about what Mr Far From Perfect Cameron Slater has been up to & I don’t judge him.

            Very easy to jump on the bandwagon of condemnation & refusal to give grace…until you are the one needing it.

          • Chad Chambers

            They are identical if you ask me.

          • They all are. But one of them isn’t smart enough to shut up. Seriously – who is stupid enough to give Slater an EXCUSE to go for broke? He does enough without an excuse. But with one, you have an unstoppable force meeting an unmovable object. It’s going to be messy.

          • unsol

            No, it started earlier than that & don’t put this back on me & my so-called sensibilities; political bloodbaths are silly, irrelevant & minuscule compared to the curve balls that real life can throw at people; politics is just that. It’s not personal & it isn’t emotional.

            But this topic seems to be both those things on here & for Riches. Cameron, for whatever reason, has been keen to goad Gilmore so he can hint about the dirt he apparently has on him. As Cameron has said he knows Riches I wonder whether they have they gone into battle together? Riches is limited in his ability to go after Gilmore as he would not want to put himself at risk of being disbarred, but Cameron has no such limitations

            The thing is, who Gilmore has been etc is irrelevant. He has gone now & is no longer being paid out of the taxpayer’s purse. He is on his own & time & money. Unless he has proven to have stolen money from the taxpayer and/or committed some criminal act I personally don’t care about his skeletons & neither should anyone else.

            So what does Cameron hope to gain from this? What does he hope to gain from continuing to ridicule & goad a now ex MP that is clearly on the brink of a nervous breakdown? Why is he so keen to push him so he has the opportunity to expose all of Gilmore’s little secrets?

          • “So what does Cameron hope to gain from this?”

            A scalp.

          • unsol

            No the scalp belongs to Riches followed by MSM – parading around after the kill is not the same as making the lethal strike. Like I said – hyenas vs lioness. Big difference :-)

    • Jester

      You obviously didn’t read Sun Tzu Unsol.

      “All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.”

      • unsol

        Equating these things to the Art of War is awfully generous Jester – the two have nothing in common.

        None of this is strategic or clever. It is just petty & silly.

        • Rubbish they have everything in common…politics is a messy, vicious, nasty game to play…and you play hard or go home.

          It is not all motherhood and apple pie that you and Pete George seem to want to think it is, it never will be.

          People like you and Pete get eaten for breakfast because there are people like me out there.

          • unsol

            Motherhood – you have clearly never been to a Plunket mum coffee group or been part of the Home & School Committee.

        • Jester

          Cam is providing a political coup de grace as is required. As a political blogger I would expect no less. Sadly Gilmore continues to sharpen the knife.

          Queensbury Rules do not apply in the real world.

          • unsol

            Maybe, we will see how this plays out over the next wee while.

    • Bigmal

      From a newspaper article with the name rhyming with jerald
      “Many of those spoken to took some satisfaction in Gilmore’s current plight. The word “karma” was used often. One party member rang back the next day to say they had thought they would feel bad afterwards about criticising him, “but you know what? I don’t. I don’t think I should, because he’s made a lot of people’s lives a misery”.”

    • Still harping on sticking up for the fool I see. Petal explained the situation quite well, but I would add that this is a Nat and I am knifing him just as hard as I do with any other party member…an equal opportunity political assassin…I know far more about what has gone on than I have blogged…Aaron Gilmore has decided to try and extract utu, and I am the one showing him that might not be a good idea….then again he seems blessed with a special kind of stupid

    • Chad Chambers

      Ouch. You are a veteran at this.

  • Norm

    You should be really ashamed of yourself for including that photo with the “Our Little Dickhead” caption. It was probably taken by his mother or father, and is no doubt cherished by them. What have they ever done to you? Have a go at him by all means, but leave his parents and their memory of him as a baby out of it.

    • Travis Poulson

      Well what he did was send Cam a threat (albeit a weak one, just like the one he used at Hamner) in effect ruling it a no holds barred personal matter.

      I’d strongly urge Gilmore to google ‘NFWAB’. As they say, never wrestle a pig in mud, you will both get dirty, and the pig will like it.

      • unsol

        Holding onto the curtails of a so-called tough guy doesn’t make you any tougher. Being tough is something you have to be in your own right.

        Shouting from the stands going “yea yeah” when Cameron gets oneupmanship on Gilmore doesn’t mean you get oneupmanship on him.

        And I have seen your twitter photo – you’re a teddy bear.

        • Travis Poulson

          Nice. Sidetracked completely. Doesn’t do your argument any favours. Glad you like my wedding photo.

          Edit: Oh, and don’t perceive that you know me by looking at a photo, looks can be deceiving……

          • I think they’re great apart from the fat dude that keeps obscuring the babe.

      • Norm

        Don’t get me wrong, I have no time for Gilmore either. But it’s still wrong to trample on his parents and their memories. I’m sure that Mr Slater wouldn’t want his children (and his photos of them) used against him in any way.

        • Travis Poulson

          I don;t think trampling on his parents or their memories was the intention. And do you know the irony of the whole thing? he resigns from parliament because of the effect it is having on him and his loved ones…………but he is still going.

          • Norm

            Perhaps you’re right. Nice analogy by the way. The idea of wrestling a pig always makes me smile, even though I’ve heard it so many times!

          • Travis Poulson

            Give it a go one day, maybe even in a pool of jelly. Now there’s a mental image.

          • BJ

            Well at the very least it is unintentional consequences And if there is so much mud that will stick why resort to such tactics that will only distress innocent family members

          • Travis Poulson

            Ask Aaron, he has the power to make it stop. But he doesn’t, he escalates it, despite quitting parliament supposedly in consideration for his family, go figure.

    • unsol

      I assume you are being sincere so well said Norm.

      I agree – stealing family photos so you can use them to mock & ridicule is low & uncalled for.

  • Chad Chambers

    Speaking of building on sand…

    “Budget `built on sand’ Greens say

    Newswire – 6 hours ago

    Thursday’s budget will be “built on sand” because the government has failed to rebalance the economy, the Greens say.

    Co-leader Russel Norman says that while the government will deliver economic good news, underlying trends are negative.

    “The government has failed to rebalance our economy as it promised,” he said on Monday when he released an independent report commissioned from Business and Economic Research (BERL).

    “Things are worse than when National took over, we’re living beyond our means and we’re heading for a big hangover.”

    Dr Norman says banks are still lending far more money to home buyers than they are to businesses and consumer spending outstrips productivity.

    He says the budget will show the government is heading for a surplus but the current account – the difference between what New Zealand earns and what it spends – is going deeper into the red.

    “That’s the real measure of the country’s accounts,” he said.

    “The budget will focus on a surplus but it’s a house built on sand if the economy can’t be rebalanced.”

    BERL economist Ganesh Nana says rebalancing the economy – shifting it from consumption to investment – hasn’t happened.

    “We really haven’t changed anything in the way we do things,” he said.

    “There is too much lending for property and not enough investment in productive enterprises… there is just about zero growth in the tradable sector.”

    The BERL report measures the economy on five indicators and concludes four of them are negative.”


  • Cant believe the fools at the standard are supporting Gilmore, and if they’re not doing that, they’re making fun of David Farrar’s speech impediment.


    • Travis Poulson

      um..er….um..er…..um….er…um…errr…uummmm….er…um… because their leader has perfected the art of public speaking.

  • Got my popcorn ready for 5.45pm (it is then isn’t it?)
    Is it called a Valedictory speech or a Vale-dickhead speech. Just wondering….?

  • Troy

    Well if he slings shit in his valedictory speech, the Nats should just get up and walk out – leaving all the losers behind (vis-a-vis Liabour/Greens/Mana/NZF) to listen to a loser. What a fucknuckle.