A traffic jam of parking photos

Goodness, the Tipline is backing up so here we go:


On my way to work this morning at 6.30am driving toward the intersection with Diana Drive and Wairau Road (Wairau Valley) two buses decided to continue the conversation they must have started at the nearby depot.

The left had bus mounts the footpath and parks (albeit in stationary traffic awaiting a green light) to pull alongside and the right hand bus opens his door.

Good to see that road rules relating to staying on the road and not mounting the footpath don’t apply to bus drivers.



Taken on The Terrace in the Dying Dump of Wellington, yeah right. Even the parking warden who didn’t want to get in the shot said it was so bad she was going to ticket it even though it was perfectly in the middle of two parks.


2013-05-07 10.44.36

All of these (5) within 50m outside the Dental School on Great King St in Dunedin.







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  • Mediaan

    Tipline should have a minimum Submitter Mind-Width, IMO. Some parking-alert people clearly need, not clearer parking spaces, but to shop a bit harder at the Supermarket of Life so their brains are fuller.

    As for the bus-snapper, be more tolerant.

    Those buses do such a good job getting cars off the
    road, and bus-drivers are so heroically patient in the face of frustrating delays
    and difficult people, I think we need to consider the possibility that bus driver had a very important reason for the unusual manoeuvre.

    I do hope that BS would not also be the sort of person who comes across a road emergency causing sudden braking or delay and … toots angrily?

    And I do hope BS was a passenger, or completely stopped if driving in traffic, before the picture-taking.

    • Jonny

      Trolling much? They are the worst, least considerate, drivers on the road. They spend all days driving around huge, subsidized and empty vehicles, polluting the air … but only when they are not on strike.

      WO, you should do a series of blogs on unionist scum bus drivers.

      • Travis Poulson

        And it’s great how they pull out in front of you when you go to drive around them like they are entitled to have right of way even though they were stationary.

    • Michael

      Yesterday quite a few buses were ordered off the road in Wellington for being in an unsafe mechanical state. I still maintain that the most unsafe bit of a bus in the drivers seat…

      • Tom

        I wonder how many were dobbed in via the 0800 SMOKEY tipline. They still blow a fuck-ton of smoke

    • Mr_V4

      There is a supplementary roadcode for buses, all perfectly legitimate. No doubt there will be some single occupancy vehicle trying to turn right in heavy traffic up ahead causing the jam-up in the first place.

  • cows4me

    You town people have way to much time on you hands.

    • Orange

      The worst tv show I’ve ever seen was one about parking wardens in the UK. Little horrible nazis they are.

    • Tom

      You have way too many teats on your hands bahaha

      • cows4me

        Only the missus teats this time of year thanks Tom

        • Tom


  • Mr_V4

    Do Dunedin/Wellington really need additional parking Nazis?