Aaron Gilmore’s maiden speech takes on a whole different slant now

How many of these stories are true, and how many are pure fabrication?


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  • Colin Price

    Being schitzophrenic, probably all can be taken with a grain of salt!
    If his story was true, he wouldnt need to look at his notes anywhere near as much as he does!

  • Rodger T

    I can`t watch that, please tell me he did not have to drill holes in the floor to let the flood waters out,like another twat once claimed.

    • You’ll miss the bit where he was hangin’ with Sir Edmund Hillary!

      • Bigmal

        Follow, or

  • cows4me

    Oh well he’s in the right place.

    • Hazards001

      FFS…I nearly spat beer all over the monitor…stop that!

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Err, we have never had electricity meters you “put money into”, lying cunt.

    • manuka416

      “Sorry your wrong. I’ll send you something that proves it” ;)

      We have had these coin-fed meters in New Zealand (believe it or not, they still exist in some premises). I’ve used them in at least two different premises in different parts of the country.

    • trisha

      friends in Petone have a card operated electricity meter, they buy the card from a local shop and can put coins in when caught short for a higher price. they brought the house with meter.
      the meters are still made in the UK and NZ are still clients.

      Yes you are absolutely correct when you say he is a lying ‘see you next tuesday’ kind of guy.

  • Troy

    Unlikely to be true for the most part. Here’s the deal….. we all make mistakes, we all fuck up somewhere somehow along the line but the lesson for Gilmore is this… despite any foibles or shortcomings in behaviour if at the very minimum you tell the truth, you’ll be forgiven for all those foibles and shortcomings.

  • Nick K

    One part was true – when he said he was the luckiest MP there after being elected by just 40 votes.