Al Nisbet’s other cartoon, apparently this one is racist too

The left wing is up in arms over a couple of cartoons, it smacks of the Danish cartoon saga all over again….how dare a cartoonist draw pictures of brown people! It appears that we can’t have cartoons of Mohammed and maori…both start with M, both have extremist adherents… maybe a pattern is developing here.

Here is the other cartoon they are carping on about. According to Martyn Bradbury if I don’t screech for the cartoonist to be sacked then I support casual racism.


Al Nisbet: The Press 30/5/13

Here is the original cartoon that caused all the fuss.


Al Nisbet: Marlborough Express 29/4/13


Do we really want to go down the path of banning things that some, a tiny minority find offensive?


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  • David Broome

    Barry Soper put it best on Twitter “So the moral minority are now dictating what cartoonists are allowed to
    say, what a sorry state this country’s come to when humour is so PC!”

  • BJ

    it is but a cartoon – intended for satire, caricature and humour – no more and no less.

  • RightOfGenghis

    Dame Susan must be tortured by this. After no doubt having a quiet laugh, she’s had to trot out the old tuttie tuts. Sorry Suzy, you didn’t sound convinced or convincing. Tip: get a new job ;)

    • Agent BallSack

      I thought she politely worded Fuck You to the nambies. Keep her on!

  • LesleyNZ

    Martyn Bradley’s reaction is foul-mouthed and disgusting. And some politicians have shared his shameful and disgusting response on their Facebook pages.

  • Agent BallSack

    It seems that someone is taking themselves too seriously. How about getting serious about the actual issues rather than a satirical cartoon which is simply holding a mirror up to society.

    • DavidKNZ

      True indeed. If Billy T James reincarnated, the very same wowsers would have him banned

  • Harvey Wilson

    I think the cartoonist has crossed the line here. The cartoon clearly shows children with ginger hair. SHAME. And the big guy’s got a tatt on his leg, he’s gonna have to cover that up or he aint gettin nuthin.

    • DLNZ

      Somewhere in Remuera – a ginger child waits…

  • Agent BallSack

    According to Failed TV Presenter Martyn Bradbury if you dont shriek in a condescending high pitched tone, no one can understand you.

  • DLNZ

    I’m not sure how it can be called completely racist towards Maori. The one on the bottom right with a cigarette is most definitely asian looking :P

    • or even Polynesian, possibly Tongan.

    • Honki

      yeah but we all know that Willy Jackson, John Hatfield and etc are all colour-blind on demand. They didnt notice the thin white dude at the back or the ginga kid at the front now did they. How convenient for their ridiculous argument.

  • Cadwallader

    This cartoonist guy is good…damn good! He ought be paid by Labour to paint their campaign notices, he has a picture perfect take on their constituents.

  • m sacha

    i dont find this racist

  • dyannt

    The only possible ‘brown’ person I can see here is the woman in the original cartoon.
    And how many ‘brown’ people have freckles?

  • Dani

    It’s a fail for the cartoonist…where’s the Sky remote?

    • Amy

      All to true. Drive through some of Aucklands “poverty stricken” districts and you find more Sky Satellite dishes than in Herne Bay… explain how they can’t afford breakfast and shoes but can afford $99.00 a month :P

  • Honki

    another carriage full of whingers gets hitched to the old gravy train. Those poor scheming bludgers – cant have the truth presented now can we?

    • Amy

      We are now reassuring the parents that they can continue their gambling and drinking because we taxpayers will flip the bill for feeding their kids…

      • Agent BallSack

        Hammer meet nail squarely on the head. It’s like attracting sharks with berley.

  • Amy

    I’m more offended my Campbell Lives “Rich white kids at private school who have never know poverty” cartoon… But this is New Zealand and nobody ever finds it racist when it’s against someone white? Either way, take a trip through Glen Innes in the morning. Its shameful seeing kids walk to school shoe-less on cold winter mornings while their parents wave goodbye with a fag in one hand and their sky tv remote in the other. Sure some people are truly trying their hardest but finding it tough, but more often than not people don’t have their priorities straight.

  • Honki

    Can anyone tell me why the $2/day it would cost to give these kids breakfast is not automatically deducted from us taxpayers’ next donation to these wastes of space? But no, our left leaning National government is now making it all of our faults.

    • Amy

      Exactly the same reason why taxpayer money can’t be granted to them in food vouchers. “Takes away their right to drink and gamble!”.

  • Timboh

    Love the obese,pitbull,fags,booze,electronic gear, lotto image. But most of all the look of compete ignorance. Powerful drawing

    • Mediaan

      Thanks for drawing attention to the fat bellies, all present. This cartoon is more fat-deriding than racist.

  • Andy

    Al Nisbet seems to be aiming for the James Delingpole position in NZ. Ie speak the truth and piss as many people off in the process as you can.

    • Ahem…that is my job…Al can draw the pictures

      • Andy

        I look forward to the illustrated rantings of Whale and Nisbet. Could catch on

  • niggly

    Well yesterday the angry critics were saying the people in the cartoons were Polynesian and how bad it was to portray them like that!

    As someone myself who is half-caste (polynesian), quite a number of my wider family (relations) are “big”. In fact being “big” is something that Polynesian’s are fond of! There is no stigma in being big!

    So if anything, Al Nisbet is being somewhat accurate in his cartoon portrayals and is reflecting Polynesian society as it actually is!

    Yo, I love being of mixed parentage – I have free range to both praise my white and brown “brothers and sisters” but more importantly, give the white and brown PC brigade utter shit when required!!

  • Meg

    So, old Hone finds these racist…. yet considers his past comments on white people to be totally in order.

    Yeaaaaaaaaaa, sorry Hone but, piss off.

    • Agent BallSack

      And we don’t want your home invading relatives marrying our white women either.

      • what’s his birth name again?

        • Mark

          John Hadfield.

  • Troy

    Truth hurts. The left have always been devoid of reality which is no surprise given that they rely on bludgers voting for them… of course they are going to complain.. pack of cocksuckers.

  • Greg

    Even the bro’s would be laughing. But seriously why are we doing the parents job? The state should be after them not our tax money.

  • Campbell Live viewers delivered a big middle fingered “Fuck you!” to the lefty manufactured beat up that was run on this last night…78% in the poll said the cartoons weren’t racist….I bet the purse lipped professionally offended liberals are all crying into their lattes this morning…What really disturbed me was the less than veiled inferences that the state should be dictating to private media organizations about the content of their cartoons…with regulatory force. That should be an issue we not let slide…

  • LesleyNZ

    On NewstalkZB this morning Tom Scott said he doesn’t like the cartoons at all. He said they were not drawn well.

    • Nellie

      Yeah I heard that too. Tom Scott saying another cartoonist can’t draw, irony much!

    • I can stomach that if it was the only complaint he expressed

  • and so soon after “Bro Town” – which no one complained about.

  • CoNZervative

    Is this RACIST, Susan Devoy? Chew on this Cobb (cartoon) from Oz.