“And I would like to thank my readers…” Open Parachute blog stats and more

First of the month.  It’s the day we look at our stats again.  And we get a chance to celebrate our successes and learn from any mistakes.  If you’re not into navel gazing blog posts that look at the numbers behind the blog, then this is the executive summary:  Still number One and most stats are about 10% up over last month.  Thanks, see you June 1st.

When you are at the top of your game, and nobody else is performing close enough to you to give you a run for your money, it is essential you are self-driven.  Last month I outlined the difference between the Open Parachute rankings, and our Google Analytics numbers, and for those keeping track, our numbers for the Open Parachute leader board came out at about 1.25 million pageviews for April 2013 – about 124,000 pageviews more than last  month.

But our Google Analytics numbers put us just shy of 2.5 million, and as discussed, those are the real numbers as far as we’re concerned.  But pageviews are only part of the picture.  To get genuine growth, you need more people to visit the blog.

Last month we had 89,102 unique visitors, and I said we would like to drive that up to 100,000.  That would require about 12% growth, and nobody was expecting that to happen in one month.  And it didn’t.  But we got close.  Google Analytics reports we had 98,896 unique visitors – a spectacular 11% growth in just one month.

Here are our Google Analytics stats for April 2013.  This should be specifically exciting to anyone thinking of using WOBH for their advertising, promotions or sponsored products.  Yes, it costs real money to run the largest blog in the country, and you can show your support as well as gain benefit for your product or service from our substantial audience.  You may have missed the latest research showing that Blogs outrank Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook when it comes to purchasing decisions.  (source)



The stats above report April vs March 2013, and the percentage change between those months.  As you can see, it reads like a dream.  Not only do our readers visit the blog frequently, they spend a considerable amount of time reading its content.

If we can sustain the 2.08% growth in new visits we recorded this month, then it tracks to about a 25% growth for the year.  That will make us really happy if we can achieve that.

The “Bounce Rate” is a bit of magic too.  It shows that of 100 people that visit the blog, 99 read more than one page.  It means that most people that visit Whale Oil Beef Hooked genuinely intended to visit it. They weren’t tricked. They didn’t just arrive at the page they were looking for and left again.  Once they arrive, they read the blog.

Our “Pages per visit” went up modestly too, with the average visitor reading about 6 pages before they leave.

The community that makes up this blog is also getting more enthusiastic and dedicated.  We’ve seen a steady increase in participation from more and more people jumping in and sharing their knowledge or opinion on several topics.  And the Tipline just keeps on keeping on with feedback, ideas, bad parking and those ever important ‘secrets’.

People who don’t believe that well-run and hard working blogs aren’t setting the standards for media growth should ask TV, radio, newspapers and magazines if they are enjoying growth like this:


These are our stats for the last six months



We delivered 10 million pages to almost half a million people over the last six months.

Cam, Travis and I, continue to be grateful for your patronage.  We are really happy that you like what we do here.  And you can be assured that instead of resting on our laurels, we’re continuously looking at improving even more.

So thank you.  It’s getting a little repetitive to say it, but it doesn’t make it any less true:  We are genuinely grateful that you choose to spend your time with us.

Oh, and here are the Open Parachute blog rankings, for those that like to see where the other blogs ended up.

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