Announcing: Blubbergeddon


Truth be told, I’ve been sitting behind this keyboard way too much for the last year or so, and to compound that problem, I’ve been stuffing my face with whatever was going.   I’ve knocked some of it off over the last 3 months, but I still have another 20 kgs or so to go.

Earlier this week, I was looking at Cam on Firstline thinking: “You could lose some weight Cam”.

And like a fly into a spider’s web, Travis says to me on Skype yesterday that he’s locked in a substantial running regime into his  MapMyFitness app: 100 km in the next 30 days, with the aim to shed that baby fat.

That got me to thinking:  Perhaps we should have a bit of a weight loss race:  BLUBBERGEDDON

Next Sunday, we’re all going to weigh in for our starting weights.  Proof is a photo of bare feet on a scale with the weight clearly visible.  Then every Sunday Saturday we each do the same to see how we’re all going, and the results will be posted to the blog for all of you to enjoy.

Sound like a bit of fun?  Wish you could join the race?  Well, you can.  Just drop a note to the Tipline, and we’ll put your handle on the board.   No need for real names, no need for any photos that will identify you.  So if you like to give it a go, you’re more than welcome.

The BLUBBERGEDDON race will run for 12 weeks.  During this time, we’ll see who has lost the most in real terms, and who has lost the largest percentage of weight.  And  of course, we’ll keep an eye on progress every Sunday.

One word of caution:  Yes, it’s a race, and yes, it’s a bit of fun.  This isn’t meant to be won by starving yourself.  Please take in at least 1500-2000 calories a day as appropriate, and drink plenty of water.

BLUBBERGEDDON:  Even if you lose, you still win!


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  • Travis Poulson

    12 weeks…..that’s a long time without any Tui or Jack Daniels, don’t suppose Bunswalla could drink my share could ya mate?

    • Already making excuses?

      • Travis Poulson

        No, just trying to organize a relief drinker…

    • Bunswalla

      You know I’ve got your back Trav!

      • Travis Poulson

        You’re a champ, knew I could count on you!

        • Bunswalla

          Just asking….when will the JDs and Tui arrive? I’ve been waiting by my mailbox for several hours, and it’s getting cold.

  • Mr_Blobby

    What can I say. I myself am overweight, not as much as Mr Blubber, and doing something about it. I have chosen to opt for a slower more consistent weight loss over a longer period of time, simply because I think it is healthier do to so. No excuses it did not go on overnight and it is unrealistic to expect it to come off overnight.

    • It’s not a race race. It’s a way to get us motivated. Making a good blog doesn’t really get you out much enough. It’s meant to be a bit of fun. As long as we all lost something, we’ve all won. One of the rare times when you get right wingers say “and everyone is a winner” :)

  • Patrick

    Make sure you cut those toe nails before you take the picture & if you are taking a “selfie” of the scales be careful we don’t want to see any “baby’s arms” – camera below the groin please.

    • Gazzaw

      You are making your comments on the basis that they can actually see their feet from a vertical aspect Patrick. Maybe there should be a prize for the owner of the first pair of feet that become visible on the scales.

  • Good luck Big Guys.

  • One word “Hoodia”. I lost 15 kg without even thinking about it on that stuff. The word hunger will disappear form your vocabulary.

  • Bunswalla

    Love to join you boys, the last time i got on the talking scales it said “Only one person at a time please”

  • spollyike

    I’m a registered personal trainer so i may be able to offer some advice to those in need:)