Another big fat German MEGA lie

via 3 News

via 3 News

Lies just drip out of Kim Dotcom’s mouth. Like his new found concerns over gun safety.

Remember all the hoopla surrounding the launch of Mega? How because it was encrypted no one could know what is there, not even MEGA.

The new Mega is designed around a “see no evil” principle. All your uploads are encrypted on their way up to the server, and downloads are encrypted on the way down, only to be opened afterward. While they’re out there floating around in the cloud, they’re encrypted using the private seed you and only you have: your password.

Don’t lose your Mega password, because you won’t be getting it back; Mega doesn’t have it. The service’s carefully calculated ignorance hinges on this point. Your password is—indirectly and complicatedly—used to generate your login credentials and to encrypt all your files on their way to the cloud. Mega won’t know so much as the file names, and neither will anyone else ever again if you lose that password.

They tout it on their website:


Forbes reported at the time:

Dotcom is clever and MEGA is designed both to compete with cloud storage giants like Dropbox, Google Drive, and RapidShare—and also to insulate itself from future charges. The difference that makes a difference is that all files are encrypted using a 2048-bit RSA key. (See a detailed writeup on Ars Technica for more details.) What this means effectively is that Dotcom cannot be accused of knowingly storing copyrighted materials because he cannot technically know the content of the files stored on MEGA—only the user who uploaded the files and/or possesses the key can.

Kim Dotcom even made claims as well:

Dotcom’s pitch for the new service is its use of “on-the-fly encryption,” to ensure that any data that users upload remains private. “Without having to install any kind of application — it happens in your browser in the background — it encrypts, giving you privacy,” Dotcom told The Wall Street Journal. “This means when you transfer data, anyone sitting on that line will get nothing as it is all scrambled and impossible to decrypt without your key. This is going to take encryption to the mainstream.”

And then along comes this news…which is going to rip the undies of any MEGA user…almost immediately. TechCrunch reports that all the links and statements above are bullshit.

3D printed guns are reportedly even too scary for the infamous free-information hacker, Kim Dotcom. After the U.S. State Department demanded that the designer of the world’s first fully printable gun remove the files from his network, New Zealand-based Dotcom committed to keeping them safely online in his offshore legal safehaven.

“I think it’s a serious threat to the security of the community. I think it’s scary that people can print 3D guns that can’t even be detected by metal detectors. This should concern everybody,” said Dotcom, according to a statement emailed to us by a spokesman.

According to New Zealand’s Newstalk ZB website, “The plans were available on Dotcom’s Mega website, but the New Zealand-based entrepreneur asked his staff to delete the public files. Dotcom says he thinks they are a serious threat to security of the community.”

Nice one Kim Dotcon…you have just told everyone that you can in fact read and understand just precisely what is contained on your servers…otherwise how can you take down any public copies of the blueprints…eh?

When are the world’s media going to wake up to the fact that this big German tells MEGA lies?

On the fly encryption eh? Yeah right as the Tui beer ad would say.

It isn’t encryption when someone as dishonest as Kim Dotcom can read the files.


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  • Mediaan

    Insufficient data for your conclusion. For example, he might have asked the file-owner …

    • Agent BallSack

      KDC: Ve haf resson to belief you haf –
      User: Just delete my files and stop fucking talking to me

  • OT Richter

    They are public files, available for all to see on Mega and not subject to the fancy encription.

    • Hamish Cook

      Technically the public files are still subject to the encryption. The security of the encryption is dependant on the secrecy of the key. When the key is made public, anyone who acquires it can decrypt the file. This of course includes Mega staff, who could use the public link + key to locate and delete the encrypted file on their servers.

  • PlanetOrphan

    He obviously downloaded them himself , which makes him a Hypocrite bare minimum.

    Or who ever did download them used a null key and then told everyone … Yeah Right M8!

  • Jax

    I think your logic is flawed. The key phrase is the “public files”. If I posted a link in this comment box to the file on Mega (or anywhere else) saying here are the gun blueprint files , I have just told you what was in the files, presuming he finds this post, he then knows what to delete and could actively search for public links and delete them as they are found. He never said he couldnt delete a file if he wanted to. He is also not saying he scan his servers looking for content , thats a big difference and the key one. PS not a dotcom fan, just dont follow the logic here.

    • Josiah Spackman

      Yeah Jax is right.

      You’ll find places and posts that say “Hey here’s the link to it, I’ve uploaded it to my MEGA, its the blueprints”.

      They can find them, that way, and remove them… But they can’t sit back, on a server, look at the filesystem and go “Oh, I know that 7522ccf7f37a01561c04b2310f32368d is *actually* the blueprints”. No, that’s not how it works.

      FUD and scaremongering…

      • If you believe that then you are as deluded as the Fat German.

        • Bohica

          And if you make allegations without evidence then you are just as bad as he is.

          In fact you seem to blog as much negative crap about him as he brags about himself.

        • Jax

          The thing is, you missed the bigger angle, the more important one. I do actually believe he probably cant look inside the files as that gives him a legal argument for the future “i cant see in the files” , last thing he would do is out himself over something so trivial. The better element is that he is willing to act as censor, basically delete files that are basically legal (i would think) because he doesn’t agree with them. Thats much more troubling.

  • Ian

    I get sick of seeing this obese bastard bombarding every publication in the country. All I, and most taxpayers want, is to see the slug on a plane out here.

  • Hamish Cook

    For goodness sake, the answer is right there in your article: “asked his staff to delete the public files”, its even in bold. Of course Mega can see the contents of files when the keys have been made available to to public by the uploader. They have said repeatedly that they will take down publicly available files when they deem it appropriate. You can still upload your gun privately and they can’t know what it is. Mega encryption keys are controlled by the user, the person uploading the file decides whether to keep the key to themselves, or release it to the world. All Dotcom has done is to ask his staff to keep an eye out for people offering Mega keys for the gun schematic on the public internet. Something everyone who isn’t a complete moron has known from the start that they would be able to do.

    Non technical people should at least do a bit of research before writing about technical topics.

    • OT Richter

      Exactly. Nothing to see here but WO’s morbid fascination with a fellow doughboy.

  • BrownBear

    Wow, you really are thick as pig shit Cameron.