Another failed Labour party stunt

After their manufactured manufacturing crisis, it comes as no surprise that yet another of Labour’s media stunts is backfiring.

In the same way you don’t hear Labour banging on about ‘the manufacturing crisis’ any more, you don’t hear David Shearer banging on about the number of Kiwis going to Australia anymore

And why is that?

In the year to the end of April New Zealand has seen a net migration gain of almost 4800 people, a two-year high, as more people arrive to live here long term than leave the country permanently. 

A year ago, New Zealand suffered an annual net loss of 4000 people. The turnaround has been much faster than some economists expected, as the numbers arriving from Australia raced up compared with a year ago, while numbers crossing the other way fell sharply.

The number of people leaving for Australia in April was down 23 per cent on the same month last year.

The single biggest threat to this trend would be the election of a Green/Labour Government.

If that happens, there’ll be long lines at the airline ticket counters.


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  • Excellent.

    Now. What can we do to kill this awful child poverty push?

    • Harry B’Stard

      esay, bring in the industry to fund their parents, mining and oil

      • Hazards001

        The people with the starving kids will never find a place in the mining and oil industries as the only industry they are interested in is hospitality and gaming…and then only as customers!

    • SJ00

      Get the Gweens and Labour to bring forward kids that they think are living in poverty. Take that family, put them on the news and highlight have bad they are. Show how much money they receive from the state. Show how they waste their money. Show them the basics like budgeting. Make a mockery of the people in ‘poverty’ and show how they shouldn’t be if they had half a brain.
      Either that, or start throwing the parents in jail for child abuse for not feeding their kids. If I don’t feed the cat or dog I get the SPCA ontop of me. Why can’t the parents be done for it as well.

    • Justsayn

      Welcome back Pete. Hope you’re on the mend.

      Did they check to see if you have a heart while they were inside? There are two separate issues on the feeding kids topic… The parents, fuck em the no good bastards, and then there is the kids, we should make sure they are okay.

      How to do both make the parent address their choices and at the same time make sure the kids are okay is really hard, and I don’t know anyone has a good answer to that.

      If the reality is that you can only do one, and have to put up with a slightly adverse impact on the other, then I know which I think is more important.

      • Ooooh, burn. :)

        I put a sizeable comment up about this elsewhere. In short, most hungry kids don’t eat in spite of food being available because games and friends are more attractive than sitting down and eating.

        The majority of the remainder of the problem is poor parenting.

        I have nothing against helping these families.

        I do have a problem with the whole concept of “Child Poverty” in New Zealand. Nobody in this country has to go to school hungry. It’s a fabricated political myth that we have hungry children at school because the family doesn’t have enough money.

        • Harry B’Stard

          the nail on the head

        • Justsayn

          Agree (mostly)… There is a definitional problem around the issue that I have never really understood and always seems to be fudged – how do I tell if someone lives in poverty?

          Are the basics just food, clothing, shelter, schooling, and access to medical help? If not what more is needed? Mobility (car or public transport?), TV, telephone, internet access, cell phone, sky, KFC, smokes, booze…

          If it is a just a percentage of the average household income (as I think it is) then that is both circular and stupid. On that basis if we were all twice as rich as we are now the same people would live in poverty (albeit comfortably so).

          • Oh, but the Green Taliban has helped you out here Justsayn. They define poverty to be those that live on an income x% below the average wage (I don’t have actual figured at my disposal – others feel free to insert).

            See the problem there? You pay them more money, then the same x% will still remain that will earn less than the average wage. No mater how much you adjust the wages, x% will always be, by definition, below the average.

            It is a cunning political trap. It needs to be neutralised. Not many people think through the facts – they just run with the emotional reaction that hungry, helpless, dependent children provide.

          • Patrick

            Definition in most countries is under 50% of average wage isn’t it?
            Definition used in NZ is under 60% of average wage.
            Using this sort of logic means we will never eradicate poverty until we become a socialist paradise with everyone “earning” the same amount of money.
            I would suggest the definition should be based on whether the income can purchase a bag of spuds, bag of rice, Kg of mince, frozen vegetables, half a dozen loaves of bread, milk & weetbix. Pay the rent & power etc.

  • In Vino Veritas

    This is really bad. Labour constantly bleated about our “best and brightest” going to Australia. It was in fact our “worst and dumbest” (Labours voters), and this turnaround proves it. Since things are not as rosey over there as they thought, and they cannot get any welfare, its back home to NZ they come. Sheesh.

  • GregM

    Next year, when kiwis are coming home in droves because the Aussie economy is going downhill, what will Labours excuse for that be? Probably John Keys fault again.
    Everything they say ends up coming back and biting them on the arse.

    • SJ00

      We have an ‘in’ joke at our place, everytime something bad happens, no matter what it is, its John Keys fault. Labour don’t have a fucken clue but its so easy to blame him for everything including the weather, I see why they do it. Idiots.

  • sheppy

    The election debates are going to be interesting, Let’s consider Labreen’s top moans:

    Number of people moving to Australia….not any more, Liabour screwed up the Aussie economy so everyones coming back
    Rena disaster….nothing to see here
    90 day trial period ….oops, seems to have worked out
    Manufacturing Crisis….nope
    Auckland Housing affordability….being dealt with once you stop the council screwing things up
    Climate change….not happening anymore
    Unemployment… going down
    Balancing the books… on track
    Skycity Casino…. Better deal than Aunty Helen did
    Resource mining… The only way to get a job in Aussie and the reason they avoided recession so far – the greenies want to stop it!
    High NZ Dollar, must print money – depreciated over 5% since 11th April

    It must be pretty shitty to be a leftie right now!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    OK nasties – I give this one to you. Now Sheep is in deep thought. He has already opened up attacks on the following (a) GCSB enquiry is an eye wash (b) Our export meat is rotting in China (c) John Key’s claim of $1B request from Solid Energy has no proof – Boys, John Key is in big trouble. Whatever Sheep touches turns into gold. Also according to my spies, Sheep has found the video of John Key addressing GCSB staff from his laundry basket. So wait for the fireworks now.

  • tarkwin

    The plan is working well. The Aussies have trained our people well. They are now ready to come home and work in our mining and oil industries. Ha ha ha ha and further more, fuck the Greens!

  • Andy C

    “If that happens, there’ll be long lines at the airline ticket counters”

    Nice, a measurable outcome we can test your predictive powers by.

  • AnonWgtn

    Having just parked my Aussie cousin back to Aussie to day he has now found current NZ after 10 days travel around the North Island, to be an eye opener against Australia, where he has live for over 40 years and attained a very high public service position in Canberra.
    It is his view, now retired, so he can express a view, that Australia is pushing very hard uphill but achieving nothing, as the large mining surpluses have all been spent by the Government. He is fearful that 2nd generation plus immigration remains an increasing problem, and like Britain is also coming home to roost, in their previous liberal policies over many years. (52 different ethnic diversities, he tells)
    He suggest that New Zealanders in Australia have just begun to realise that there is no social welfare for them albeit that they pay taxes. The new Disabilities bill has hit home.
    Over a good NZ red we decided that this is curable over a few years by all New Zealand immigrants to Australia should have a visa like any other country – no auto expectation, and a phasing in in conjunction with the New Zealand government supporting some of the current expense to a final phase out whereby New Zealanders who pay taxes should be fully integrated.
    With a net 4800 coming back in April some recognition of the New Zealand economy being more favourable, plus social welfare, is making many rethink.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Perhaps we should make change the welfare rules to something like “no welfare until you’ve been in the country as long as you were out”. This would prevent these fair weather NZ’rs from just heading back here to go on the dole till the situation improves in Australia.

    • Pokerface

      Even if they are hard workers for 40 years and pay all their taxes to the Australian Govt, they will want to return to N.Z. to pick-up a pension, never having contributed a cent towards it. The Aussies want their cake and eat it too.

  • Justsayn

    I hope it is returning Kiwis – we don’t need another Norman!

    • Hazards001

      Bound to be the odd nigger in the woodpile.

      • Sponge

        I remember my poor old dad saying that to a Maori lawyer in a meeting once. It was a phrase from his generation and he genuinely didn’t think there was anything wrong with using it. The look on the lawyers face (and probably mine too) was priceless.

  • If that happens, there’ll be long lines at the airline ticket counters.

    Hurry up then John and Bill and sell more of Air New Zealand so that if Labour and the Greens DO get in, we can at least make some coin on the profits from everyone fleeing!

    • hamsap

      Don’t need to rely on AirNZ sale to make some coin…you could short NZD and sell it a couple of months later for a tidy profit…. Just like what Soros did to the Bank of England…

  • surfisup

    I’ve always believed these migration figures are more an indication of the economy of the day rather than politics.

    Sure, politics affects the economy but has a longer term effect such that todays policies will have an effect 10 years later perhaps.

  • LabTested

    No evidence of people returning today. The Emirates A380 Sydney-Auckland this morning was less than 10% full in the cheap seats.I have never seen a more empty plane. Still I got to have a nice lie down.

    Maybe the huddled masses are all flying Jet Star

  • Hazards001

    Wonder how many are coming back to jump on the benefit train we have here?

    All in all a good result to get productive Kiwi’s back to NZ but can’t say I’m thrilled about the idea of people that fed in the trough of Aussie good times tearing home after 30 odd years to retire on the taxes I’ve been paying when I have for the most part spent my working life in NZ.