Another sneaky addition to the Unitary Plan


Earlier I blogged about the sneaky stealth tax that Len Brown is planning for Auckland.

Hidden in the bowels of the draft Unitary Plan is a whole lot of fine print.  Part of that fine print includes two next tools designed to gouge Aucklanders of more (and more and more) of their money to bail out Mayor Len Brown’s 10-year budget.

The Addendum of Len Brown’s blueprint includes discussion of two proposals –

1.            ‘Shared land value uplift

2.            ‘Inclusionary zoning’ 

‘Inclusionary zoning’ is proposed to enable a certain quota of houses in a new development to be set aside for a poor family.  Under this scheme, the developer has to charge 10 homeowners more so that the 11th house will be ‘affordable’ for a lucky family (presumably drawn from a lucky ballot in the Mayor’s office?).



“Generally affordable in perpetuity”…I wonder what that means…rubbish quality, in a street of good value homes…degrading the values of the other houses too because of the tenants or broken arsed owners.

I wonder how they will mark that house as affordable so people know it is cheaper in the future…Is Len Brown planning on having a special marking put on the house so we know they are the affordable houses in perpetuity? Or will the rusting car bodies on blocks identify these affordable homes.

With plans like that it is little wonder that Len Brown has managed to make sure his house is not included in any of the zones where this is proposed.



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  • As an investor, I will looking at buying the cheaper housing from the original owner, revamping it and onselling for a nice profit, or if it is too cheaper construction for the area, then truck it out and build something more in keeping with the value of the street. Go Len, I support this! (not).

  • LesleyNZ

    My goodness……No – this can’t be true. Socialism in action. Almost corrupt? The AKLD Unitary Plan is not what it appears to be on the surface.The AKLD Council must rethink the Unitary Plan and we must rethink the Auckland Council come this October. What else is there hidden in the fine print?

  • maninblack

    isn’t that called communism?

    • igp

      Of course it is – Len Brown is a communist. And like all good communist leaders, he keeps his dacha well away from the great unwashed.

  • ratearerevolting

    LBIAFC !

    • Are you running out of ink?

    • muffinmclay

      Youre in a hurry today aye

    • Refn8tor


    • Whanga_Cynic

      Acronym Junky!!

  • parorchestia

    This is terrible. Why doesn’t Len have big, ugly blokes go round with “donation” boxes “encouraging” donations from rich pricks – ie anyone with their own house or a nice car. The principle is the same, and just as unacceptable.

    • Whanga_Cynic

      You really shouldn’t put ideas like that out there, some of Len’s mates may be able to read.

      • Hazards001

        They aren’t…well not English anyway.

  • philbest

    I don’t bother reading most of the MSM daily rags or watching MSM TV, but am I wrong in assuming they have given Len a free pass thus far on the fact of his own home and section?

    One would have thought that if it is useful to inform voters that a right wing Christian fundamentalist politician uses call girls – because this is hypocrisy and this vice renders one unfit for office, it might be useful to draw attention to the hypocrisy of one L. Brown, mayor of Akl. Not to do so, is, let me see, hypocrisy on the part of the MSM?