Cry Baby of the Day – Another whinger bleating

Cry Baby of the Day: Rose Black

Cry baby: Rose Black

Cry baby: Rose Black

The incident: The police now have Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems being deployed in vehicles. Some people think that they will cause a disproportionate victimisation of poor people.

A new, hi-tech licence plate recognition system is copping flack from welfare groups who claim it could have a negative impact on the poor.

Police believe the all-new Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is the key to identifying vehicles that are a potential hazard on the roads, and have been trialling the devices since late last year.

The ANPR – which sits on top of a patrol car – scans and records number plates of passing vehicles, instantly matching them to a police database.

If a vehicle is wanted for any reason – stolen vehicles, disqualified drivers, expired registration and wanted persons – a waiting patrol vehicle gives chase.

ANPR – which is capable of scanning up to 3000 number plates an hour – is an extension of the traditional process in which an officer would have to call a radio dispatcher to access information in the police database. 

The appropriate response: Applaud the police for finding a faster and better way of finding scumbags who speed, fail to register and warrant their vehicles and therefore make our streets safer for the law abiding citizens.

The actual response:

But Poverty Action Waikato researcher Rose Black said people on benefits and minimum wage jobs often struggled to meet the costs of vehicle licensing and maintenance.

“There are people in our community who simply don’t have the money,” she said.

“Something like this, which increases the level of surveillance for everyday people, can mean that people who are in that vulnerable population end up with even more in the way of sanctions, punishments or fines on their lives that they simply can’t afford.”

So she thinks if you can’t afford to licence and maintain your car you should still be allowed to drive death-traps on bald tires with no WOF, and the fact the Police have now found even quicker ways of finding them and getting them off the road is somehow painted as targeting the poor.

The “vulnerable” population are all the other legal drivers at risk of being smacked into by a car with bald tires, dodgy suspension and an inexperienced, unlicenced driver at the wheel. Good luck chasing them for insurance too.

I hope like hell they get all unwarranted, unmaintained, unlicenced vehicles and drivers off the road ASAP, and if you can’t afford to maintain the car, how the hell do you put petrol in it.

Catch the bus for a month and save up to get your car warranted and registered, and you’ll be fine.


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  • Michael

    Being poor is not an excuse to break the law. Suck it up people.

  • richard.b

    Common sense would say that if you can’t register or WOF your car, you probably can’t afford insurance also.
    Get those cars off the road and our insurance premiums should come down. (Or just not increase so much)

  • Dave

    Thanks for highlighting this whale. I think its actually helping the poor. Knowing they are far more likely to get caught driving those unregistered, unwarranted car or driving without a license, should mean they ell those rusting hulks and walk. Just knowing the poor that cant afford cars, now have another reason to get rid of them and alk makes the world a better place. Rose, they have heaps of them here in Aussie, they can scan thousands of plates a day, and yes, they work, many defective vehicles have been taken off the roads. PS these machines don’t discriminate, they don’t recognize poor or rich, male or female, and not even ford or holden, just number plates.

  • expression07

    I’m on minimum wage but have no problem paying for my WOF and rego. Prioritise people, the booze can wait a week.

    • andrew carrot

      But not breakfast for the kids. They shouldn’t have to wait a week.

      • expression07

        Of course, but if you know that your WOF is going to expire in two months time then put away say, $6.50 a week so that you have the $50 for the WOF. Its not rocket science.

        • unsol

          Actually, it is far better to know your costs per annum then divide them by the number of pay cycles you have in each year – weekly for benefits & most waged, bi-weekly for many salaries or if you’re really lucky, monthly to 5 weeks in arrears.

          But it is no wonder people cant afford it. They are failing to do the maths. You get $472.60 net per week as a full-timer on the minimum wage. So if paying house rent (300 p/w?) as opposed to flatting, plus & allowing for things like 150 power p/m, 60 phone (landline & maybe 20 for prepay on cheapy text phone), 100 p/w for foot, 15 p/w aside for clothing, footwear & doctor or dentist, minimum wage gets (so after tax) there would only be about $5 p/w left for WOFs (2x = $100p/a), 1x rego $280.34 p/a & third party insurance – say $300. They would be about $2000 short.

          This is why I get so annoyed when the same people then go & add children to the mix. It is irresponsible.

    • unsol

      Not only prioritise, but know how to differentiate between a want & a need & recognise the limitations of your income in terms of working out whether you can have both. If you can’t. Needs always come first. And this includes doing your bit to ensure your obligations – whether voluntary (like the school ball vs school fees issue yesterday) or not – are fulfilled.

      The bottom line is low income people – well actually, almost 90% of NZers – are being subsidised in part or in full by a very small minority earning in excess of $120k – 150k or more p/a in taxable income. The fact that anyone feels that they are entitled to get a car, let alone get one & not pay the fees to make it legal (which means those who do pay are subsidising the cost of those they don’t re ACC vs crashes etc), have x amount of kids, go on holidays, put kids into recreational lessons (more middle income earners, buy lotto, cigarettes, alcohol, concerts, smart phones, latest trends etc or pay a pricey ticket for a school ball, is just mind boggling.

      People need to learn that if they want something they earn the money required to get it or do it. And taking these irresponsible people out of the equation is a good start.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      You are a good little pleb, filling the state coffers so diligently. I’m sure the policy analysts at the ministry of womens’ affairs are eternally grateful that they don’t have to wait an entire month to have the produce in their vending machine changed over.

  • rangitoto

    Road safety requirements only apply to rich pricks. It’s ok if the poor cause mayhem on the roads.

  • Donovan Jackson

    Amazing how these tye-dyed, beat-fart, man-women manage to find persecution in almost anything.

  • GregM

    I think it’s a great idea. Well done Police.

  • Drhill

    There is a show in the states called Parking Wars which uses these camera cars, they look like fun!

  • BJ

    At least this complainer isn’t wearing a gold necklace

    • Justsayn

      No, she is, appropriately, wearing fruit-loops

      • Bunswalla


        • unsol

          Pun intended :-)

    • MrAuz1989

      I thought a bone carving was standard in her line of work

    • andrew carrot

      That haircut is clear evidence that she was a primary school teacher some time ago.

    • unsol

      Nope, but she has letters after her name (registered psychologist & perhaps even got her Phd in the field) which are far worse accessories as she has failed to understand psyche 101 re the human condition:”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

      She of all people should know that enabling the behaviour via failing to hold such people to account when they made very bad choices – such as failing to warrant or register their card or failing to feed their children or pay their school fees – sets them & their child/ren up for a lifetime of failure.

      Boundaries & an adherence to such novel concepts as personal responsibility allow us to grow & become emotionally mature, self-managing contributing members of society. Conversely giving people everything with no accountability stagnates their growth into adulthood.

      But we know this, Rose knows this so why is she encouraging the opposite?

      • spollyike

        Fucking Marxist that’s why.

      • Justsayn

        Unsol: You missed out the ending… “he will then teach all his mates to fish; before you know it everyone will be fishing; they will export to china, the stock will be depleted and the dolphins killed off; we will have to introduce a quota system; the green movement will finally gather some momentum driven by the decline in Paua; Russell Norman will become Prime Minister and declare fishing to be nationalised.”

        Just give the bastard a fish.

        • unsol

          Laugh out loud JS! But watch it – a green taliban may very well try to bring such a hypothesis to fruition….. :-)

        • Bunswalla

          Nah, isn’t it: teach a man how to fish and he’ll spend all day in the boat with his mates drinking piss. ?

          • Dave

            And you left out, after getting pissed, drive the boat home, crash it, get caught being drunk in charge of a vessel, lose the boat, can’t fish no more and off to Rose so she can complain to a a compliant media how harsh the law is and how the government stops the poor feeding their families.

    • spollyike

      “At least this complainer isn’t wearing a gold necklace”

      Or a big fuckoff lefty greenstone medallion.

      • Amy

        Or filled her statement with badly pronounced attempts at words that aren’t English.

  • spollyike

    Another Marxist bleating, the sooner the PC generation dies off the better!

    It would take all day to list the harm they’ve done since the “Greatest Generation” handed them the world on a plate…

  • tarkwin

    I see a new policy coming up from Labour / Greens here. As an extension of their 3 restaurant cooked meals a day in schools programme they will be introducing their new cars for the poor and oppressed legislation straight after the next election. The rich pricks will have to pay a load more tax, but what the heck they can afford it.

  • Spoonfed

    Let’s say it’s a genuine concern.

    Is the solution:

    a) look at ways to make safe motoring cheaper i.e. look at warrant periods, look at import controls, look at flexible finance plans and assistance


    b) advocate letting people drive dangerous cars *because* they’re poor

    FFS. The woman needs her head read.

  • ratesarerevolting

    Barking mad, tie a bomb to her and drop her on Len Brown.

  • Patrick

    Can we just make it official – that there are groupings of Kiwis that shall be deemed to be above the law, because of their financial situation & or other reasons? It would make it a whole lot easier to understand how people like Rose Black believe things should work in NZ. I find it all a bit confusing – working on the premise that there is one set of laws for all…..

  • peterwn

    The same comments could have applied when the requirements for driving licences and the need to produce them were toughened up in the 1990’s. People had to get new licences round the time of their birthdates over a one year period and contractors such as AA resourced accordingly. However there was a large number of people with lost, expired, etc licences who got the ‘hots’ and rushed to renew their licences, overwhelming the system. Arguably many of them were poor and should not have been targeted by the new licence system.

    Perhaps by the same token, since bank, dairy, etc holdups allegedly result from poverty, the police should give their investigation a low priority, or at least the law could allow those in poverty 5 strikes instead of 3 (the first two being wet bus ticket treatment).

  • Get a Grip

    Have to laugh at most of the commenters so far. The cold weather must have made them wake up grump and ready to agree with whatever drivel the Whale spouts.

    1. Guess nobody on here is worried about the extension of big brother tactics

    2. Nobody on here has ever had a computer error.

    3. How daft to extend an out of date WOF, to being a death trap vehicle.

    4. So you want cops chasing little old blokes like me who have forgotten to renew their WOF/registration on the due date. Thought it might be better if they were employed on stopping real crims.

    Come on Whale Army. Get a grip and lets get Cam on to subjects that are worthy of comment.

    • spollyike

      get a grip, get a grip.

      • onelaw4all

        He did get a grip.
        Most readers can work out what it is he is gripping.

    • Auto_Immune

      “Thought it might be better if they were employed on stopping real crims.”

      Well, the system will also pick up on “stolen vehicles, disqualified drivers… and wanted persons”. It may indeed result in Police pinging a lot of people with out of date WOFs and Regos, but hopefully discretion can be applied in those situations (if a little out of date), and the technology can be use to catch the bigger fish, so to speak.

    • johnbronkhorst

      1. re big brother…I suppose you want all new technology rolled back and we should stop DNA testing and finger print matching?

      2. Really? That’s an argument…no I mean it…really?

      3.WOF is only a test to show your vehicle is WOF standard at the time of the test. The rest of the relevant law says…..YOU must NOT drive a vehicle that is NOT of WOF standard, regardless of whether you have a current sticker on your window!!!

      4.”…….who have forgotten to renew their WOF/registration on the due date.’
      it is YOUR responsibility to remember!!! Breaking ANY law makes YOU a criminal, there are no definitions of the word law that make it OK to break them!!!

    • rockape

      Not only that but this means they will spend less time chasing dodgey cars and have more time to chase criminals . See GAG every cloud has a silver lining now be a good boy and wof your car like the rest of us.

      • peterwn

        Will not work like this. Police receive a specific budget for road traffic policing from Parliament and need to show it is used for just that, and not chasing crooks. It seems likely that their deployment would be limited to traffic patrol vehicles only, since they would unduly interfere with ordinary police work if fitted to general police vehicles.

    • Bunswalla

      1. What big brother tactics would they be? Anyway, you’ll be fine as long as you keep wearing your tinfoil hat.

      2. Are you saying that unless all databases are 100% accurate, they should never be used? If the information is wrong and your car is licensed and warranted, you’ll be able to prove that very easily and will hardly be inconvenienced.

      3. How daft to assume that because a car doesn’t have a WOF, it’s because the driver forgot and it’s just ‘out-of-date’. What about the vehicles that fail WOF examinations and are still driven around? How do you know there’s not a major fault with a vehicle that the WOF inspection would find?

      4. A someone else sensibly pointed out, the camera doesn’t discriminate against little, big, old, young, rich prick or poor people – it only looks at number plates. It’s not a face recognition camera, it’s for frickin number plates. It’s the exact opposite of discrimination.

      What’s your definition of a real crim, in any case? Let me guess – someone other than you, to whom the laws don’t apply. Get a grip mate.

    • Get a Grip

      Ah I feel much better now.

      All the heat and vitriol generated by my thoughts has taken the edge off the frost we had this morning :-) Also a small contribution in helping Whale get the hits he needs to keep on the top of the blog steaks…….

      and the side benefit of giving me a good laugh as you all spit said vitriol from your keyboards. I am sure you feel so much better now:-)

      Win win all-round I say!!!!

      • Bunswalla

        Hey genius, you just replied to your own post. #gripslipping

      • onelaw4all

        Bad troll is bad.

      • Mediaan

        Need the recipe for those Blog Steaks.

        • Mediaan

          Suggest this one:
          Catch swordfish. Use upper part of back meat to cut best section into steaks. Spread olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and leave an hour. Sear on high grill, 5 mins one side, 3 mins other. Remove skin to serve.

    • Bad__Cat


  • johnbronkhorst

    “A new, hi-tech licence plate recognition system is copping flack from welfare groups who claim it could have a negative impact on the poor.” But surely if the “POOR” can’t afford breakfast for their kids, then they can’t afford to own and drive cars!!! So there will be no problem for the poor with this, as there aren’t any of them driving cars because they are too busy feeding their kids???? I am right?….Aren’t I?????

    • Patrick

      Totally incorrect the “poor” now have more time & money on their hands because John Key is feeding their kids.

      • SJ00

        Yeah they should be complaining less with all this extra money they will soon have. Plus whats the bet now kids won’t get dinner as ‘they were bloody well fed this morning, how much food do they need!!’. More money for booze and drugs.
        Soon we will be paying to WOF and register the cars for the inbreds that think their kids are a burden on themselves and their ability to party.

        • Patrick

          Imagine the uproar when the first little “johnnie” is suspended/expelled from school. The State will be accused of depriving the kid of his basic human rights as he is no longer getting fed. Minister of Education will be up on charges, left will be screeching about discriminating against the most vulnerable members of society, yadda yadda yadda

    • Mediaan

      Thanks for stating. Poor, and car ownership. Mutually exclusive conditions.

  • Agent BallSack

    Bicycles are cheap. Walking’s cheaper.

    • rockape

      Surley you dont need a car to claim the benefit, Are they not they devoting their time to their veggie garden, or helping their neighbours and their local comunity projects.

      • Patrick

        Probably stretch as far as cranking up the home brew kit & getting the garage kitted out with a bunch of heat lamps to grow a bit of dope but I doubt they go as far as growing vegetables to feed their kids – why bother the taxpayer will provide after all.

  • rockape

    Another example of a do-gooder looking at only one aspect of a problem. These people have very blinkered views and their not the onle ones to act in self interest. The Law Society opposing changes to legal aid is another. Christchurch teachers and parents opposing closures of their small school when long term they will end up with bigger and better.

  • GazzW

    Rose has the same hairdresser as Peter Dunne.

    • paddles83

      You sure it ain’t Peter Dunne in drag

      • Justsayn

        You mean she leaks? Depends

        • Patrick

          Leaks, or discharges?

  • jcpry

    Do we actually pay a Poverty Action Researcher? What qualifications does one need apart from sheer stupidity?

    • peterwn

      A Waikato University degree and an ability to write bullshit funding applications to hit up the long suffering taxpayer for money.

  • cruiseyman

    What Rose Black fails to realise is that an attitude like hers, that aids and abets the idea that poverty excuses personal and social responsibilty, is one of the biggest set backs poor people in our community face.

    • Mediaan

      Don’t worry. The Rose people understand this very well. It’s part of their strategy.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    If these so called poor poverty stricken people can’t afford to keep their cars up to the legal standard for this country, how the hell can they afford the petrol or diesel to run the car. If it is good enough for me to keep my car up to scratch to drive it on the road then so should everyone else. People wonder why insurance gets more expensive because if an uninsured unwarranted car hits an insured one someone has to pay in the end if the poor person can’t pay.

    • rangitoto

      Obviously the state should supply them with petrol. No doubt it will be Greebore policy but only an approved organic/macrobiotic petrol

  • Lion_ess

    Save up for a new necklace Rose – better still – don’t wear one at all, “less is more” and all that.

  • Harroputza

    Earlier this year, my car was stolen. It was recovered, and some months later I parked it somewhere. This police system found my “stolen” car and I soon had a call saying it had been found and they had pulled photos from nearby CCTV and were looking for a man in a striped T shirt (me). By some quirk of the system, the stolen notice hadn’t been removed.

    Outstanding work. If my car were still stolen, I would have had it returned. As it happened, it was not, and I was inconvenienced all of five minutes and a phone call. I am all for this technology; if you are not, you are either a tinfoil-hat drongo or someone who is upset the police are finding ways to stop people breaking the law, which makes you an idiot.

  • Rangi

    I had to piss myself when I heard Peter Marshall on the radio this morning praising the virtues of the Police roll out of Apple gear – instead of crime reduction, his opening statement praised Ipod/Ipad’s ability to bring up a photo of a “driver” (not a criminal).

    It was so funny…so, so funny. Just gives credence to the groundswell of opinion that police are emphasising traffic because that’s where the money is!

    • Mediaan

      Industrial work origin disorders apparently outnumber road accident deaths 2:1. Often related to poor handling of toxic substances.

      Related to this, the silly macho line of: “Yah! What a wuss. Only wussies wear the protective gear.”

  • Col

    The only bright thing about that photo is that thing round her neck!!!! worry beads?

  • Anonymouse Coward

    If this system has the capacity to recognize vehicle reg, match vehicle owner, and then flag the owners record as a repeat drink driver I am all for it.

    The real reason the poor drive old unregistered cars is environmentalists and their mates in new car sales lobbying that used imports meet standards set too high.

    Result, the flow of used imports dries up and people are forced to hang on to their old unregistered unsafe polluting old bangers.

    Next time an environmentalist is preaching about vehicle pollution ask him why NZ has one of the oldest vehicle fleets in the developed world.

    PS Land Transport has been making offers, to those with the old style black with aluminium lettering number plates, to replace them with the current reflective style. I speculate this is because the automated recognition system can not read the old style plates.

  • Kim Arnold

    Been watching this technology on Sky discovery – Police Interceptors, and thinking why don’t we have that here and take cars like the 4 I saw the other weekend with expired reg (one 2 years old) off the road. Yes, i am a working person who can afford Sky, and pay for my WOF and REGO….i work, i pay for my kids, i pay my bills and I have never asked the state for anything. My view is if you can’t afford to run a car 9ie pay for rego, wof , insurance) , don’t have one. I do not appreciate while intellectual doo-gooders saying because people are poor let them break the law…

    PS I am a maori , fulltime employed and paying my way and that of my kids…..

    • Mediaan

      Great comment. We need to hear more about people like you who are just getting on with it.

  • BJ

    And when we bend all rules that should be rigid – just to allow for the non grownup adults amongst us – they’ll all end up broken and what a fine mess that will be.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    I couldn’t afford to run a car in NZ, so I left. That’s all you have to do when the state gets Orwellian. I never bitched. I got a ticket and got the fuck out.

    • Justsayn

      Good point MiniMallard: With that in mind they should make third party car insurance compulsory.

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        And lower the cost of warrants and registration. Why does it cost so much? Everything in NZ costs a lot because of all the government departments and stupid rules which follow after bullshit moral outrage stories on shows like Close Up

        • Agent BallSack

          Close up is no more – Patrick lee-Lo wanted his moustache back

        • Justsayn

          No, but maybe subsidise flights to Hong Kong… if you cannot afford to pay for a rego and warrant there is no need for you to be a drain on our social welfare system – and if you can afford it but don’t want to meet your obligations then have a nice flight.

          • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

            The reason why it’s hard for an educated and able to person to find a job in NZ now as opposed to the idiotic rugged types from Gisborne and such like is because the state is so large and the remaining private enterprise has to cater to the state sector. Employers in New Zealand only like sycophantic dweebs. When I lived in the land of the thick white bogan I had to do the most mundane and mindless jobs even with all of my skills and qualifications – which incidentally are not out of the brainwashed arts and humanities faculties.
            You don’t have to give me anything. Shove your patronising subsidy up your arse and get back behind the wheel of that bathtub you steer around the street all day. I’ll bet you draw way more than I did out of the welfare system with your working for families bullshit and other middle trash welfare bribes.

        • Patrick

          Because prices of WOF & Registration do not reflect the actual cost to administer – they are a tax & in recent years have been treated as a tax on Cullen’s “rich pricks.” If you are rich enough to own a car then you will pay for the privilege. In much the same way that Labour treated electricity prices, they owned the Electricity Generators & demanded larger & larger returns. It meant that they could hide the fact that they were taking increased revenues from the taxpayers. That is the real beauty about Key selling off the Electricity Generators – Labour can not use them as a piggy bank & will have to be more honest with the taxpayer next time they want more money.

          • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

            Exactly. Thanks for helping me put that cornflake conservative who lectured me about “meeting my obligations” in his place. What a miserable old clod he must be. Bet he listens to Newtalk ZB.

    • Agent BallSack

      Hows Papua New Guinea?

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        Shit, but Hong Kong’s nice.

  • Steve R

    I love the way the poms treat unregestered , uninsured , illegal car. They are towed on the spot.

    • Harvey Wilson

      Are you allowed to say “poms” ? You better watch it mate, Dame Sue’s gonna squash you. (get it ? Dame Sue, squash, oh never mind)

  • Harvey Wilson

    If you poor people dress up in ill-fitting school uniforms you can get free food therefore have more money for WOF & Rego. You poor people need to THINK. Geez.

  • Amy

    So what’s her excuse for the large percentage that are driving without a license or while they are disqualified? That has nothing to do with being poor, it is called snubbing the law because you think you’re above it, or knowing you will get away with not paying the fines. Not because you can’t afford them, but because you can’t be f**ked (Put them on the tax payers’ tab!)