As gay as fossy’s gay ute? [POLL]

This could quite easily be a serious challenger for Fossy’s Gay Ute:


Volkswagen has uncovered what could be the first hint at a hot new performance-focused Amarok ute.

The sporty new Amarok Concept Worthersee 2013 was revealed at the weekend’s Volkswagen fan show in Austria, boasting a punchy 3.0-litre turbo diesel V6 engine producing 200kW of power and 600Nm of torque. 

The engine is teamed to an eight-speed automatic, with power sent to all four wheels. VW claims the concept can sprint from 0-100kmh in 7.9 seconds – about a second slower than the current Golf GTI.

VW Commercial Vehicles CEO Dr Eckhard Scholz has confirmed he wants to see a performance-focused Amarok become a reality.

Is the concept Amarok gayer than Fossy's gay ute?

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  • boristhefrog

    ‘Fossy’ is an unmitigated twat.

  • Be a real man and get a manly Triton.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    As these vehicles are assembled in Argentina will they be of any use to their conquistadors when they invade Las Malvinas?

  • Pissedoffyouth

    If you need a ute for work purposes why the fuck would you go with a VW?

    Yeah an 8 speed auto is gonna be real cheap to fix when cows4me can’t be fucked servicing it

    I do wish the japs would hurry up and engineer a better diesel though, not much has changed since the 80’s in the land of the rising sun when it comes to diesel motors

    • cows4me

      You right of course POY, every time I service the tractor it is another $1500 out of the piggy bank. Diesels have to be looked after that’s why we have had a little Suzuki 660 carry. You buy the base vehicle in New Zealand and customise them to your own needs. Had one for 11 years now, looking a bit rough has a bit of cancer but has never failed us once. Built full roll gage , knobby tiers, 4 wheel drive. The bastard will go anywhere and can stick to the side of a hill like a mountain goat and it’s cheap to run. Probably only spent a couple of grand on it over the years, tyres, oil , filters, plugs, etc. The original price was only a $11000 so it’s more then paid it’s way. A lot of these new utes are poofer machines and would struggle to pull a clucky chook off her nest.

      • dumbshit

        my nephew repowered his one with a datsun 1200 motor and it was a quiet workhorse on the farm out the back of Te Kuiti

      • Pissedoffyouth

        You have a quad truck? Those things are great! My parents used to always have Jimny’s instead, swear by them.

        At school a mate had a road legal one with the tray removed, and the 850cc Carry van engine dropped into it. Tokyo drift much

        • cows4me

          Now that’s fun. If I dared to do a donut in the V8 the missus would smack me over the head. I’ve been informed that at my age I should know better and I set a bad example for the kids, they don’t seem to mind.

  • GregM

    Why do they make these things? What would buy that?

    I agree with Cows4me and POY, can’t beat a suzuki farmworker, about $15k + GST brand new. Depreciate the bastard over 5 years and you get it for free.