Bagram Crash Footage [Video]


Amazing footage of a 747 Cargo plane looks to have climbed too fast and lost lift crashing and killing all 7 Americans onboard at Bagram, Afghanistan.

In the video, the plane ascends before veering off course. Eventually the fuselage becomes nearly perpendicular to the ground and quickly plummets into the airfield. The crash claimed the lives of seven crew members, according to a spokesperson for the plane’s carrier, National Air Cargo. It remains unclear how, exactly, the plane crashed. According to an updated press release on the carrier’s website, the plane was transporting several vehicles to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 


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  • cows4me

    Stuff that, didn’t even have time to roll the drinks trolley out.

  • Evan

    That’s a classic high angle climb out (common in places like Bagram to avoid hostile fire from the ground) that ends in an obvious wing stall with no chance of recovery at that altitude. I’m betting some of the cargo shifted causing a change in the centre of gravity that would make the aircraft uncontrollable.

    • It was carrying vehicles, might have rolled back if not secured properly

      • Changeiscoming

        That’s my first thoughts too Whale. The cargo came loose and the aeroplane became unbalanced.

      • WayneO

        My initial reaction was that the aircraft was tail heavy – a fatal problem that cannot be simply trimmed out or levelled off. Classic symptom is an uncontrollable aircraft, loss of airflow over the control surfaces and a tendency to try to “climb”. Nose heavy is ok (to a point), tail heavy is completely and utterly fatal.

        Dollars to donuts the load either moved or was loaded incorrectly.

    • Marc Williams

      Or it was loaded incorrectly before takeoff.

  • Sure that’s in Bagram? The lack of emotion at seeing something which is totally fucked up (and the dashcam) suggests Russia ;-).

  • Mr_Blobby

    Will we see this on the news here, no likely.

  • PlanetOrphan

    This is happening alot these days , I wonder if it isn’t a High Powered microwave attack.

    You could build a microwave “gun” from a microwave oven and a satellite dish.

    A 2.5kw beam through the cockpit controls could cause this type of thing as well.

    • I reckon the Illuminati are responsible.

      • PlanetOrphan

        Conspired in 1850 to crash planes in 2013, built a breeding program and tortutred children for 163 years M8! :-)

  • Phil

    Women pilots for ya!