Caption contest


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  • Jurgs

    And still no one has managed to break a baby with a piece of wood.

  • cows4me

    A young Russell Norman been mentored in Green political theory..

  • Justsayn

    And here we demonstrate our newest product, an axe disguised as a small boy – the ultimate gift for Catholic Priests with open fires.

  • Chad Chambers

    A young John Key receives treatment for recurring brain fades (Treatment obviously didn’t work).

    • spollyike

      Seriously why are you even posting here dude?

      • Chad Chambers

        Surely even you can see the humour in that. Brain fades? John Key? C’marrrrrn, it’s gold!

        • spollyike

          LOL, gotcha!

    • island time

      That depends if the treatment was to increase the brain fades or decrease them. They may have been trying to reduce his intelligence down to that of a green party supporter!! In that case it would classed as a failure

  • spollyike

    Gween-Labour have just launched an inquiry into this photo. No “politically incorrect” activities are allowed in NZ anymore, don’t ya know?

  • Rodger T

    This explains Aarons bizarre behaviour .