Chinese hackers back at work

The Chinese government sponsored hackers are back in business:

Three months after hackers working for a cyberunit of China’s People’s Liberation Army went silent amid evidence that they had stolen data from scores of American companies and government agencies, they appear to have resumed their attacks  using different techniques, according to computer industry security experts and American officials.

The Obama administration had bet that “naming and shaming” the groups, first in industry reports and then in the Pentagon’s own detailed survey of Chinese military capabilities, might prompt China’s new leadership to crack down on the military’s highly organized team of hackers — or at least urge them to become more subtle. 

Yeah, how did that work out for them?

But Unit 61398, whose well-guarded 12-story white headquarters on the edges of Shanghai became the symbol of Chinese cyberpower, is back in business, according to American officials and security companies.

It is not clear precisely who has been affected by the latest attacks. Mandiant, a private security company that helps companies and government agencies defend themselves from hackers, said the attacks had resumed but would not identify the targets, citing agreements with its clients. But it did say the victims were many of the same ones the unit had attacked before.

The hackers were behind scores of thefts of intellectual property and government documents over the past five years, according to a report by Mandiant in February that was confirmed by American officials. They have stolen product blueprints, manufacturing plans, clinical trial results, pricing documents, negotiation strategies and other proprietary information from more than 100 of Mandiant’s clients, predominantly in the United States.


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  • Chad Chambers

    Can they hack their way into the lamb containers at the wharf? Primary industries ministry here seem to be clueless.

  • blokeintakapuna

    …and this is why plenty around the World are weary of Huawei…
    The Chinese say one thing, whilst doing the complete opposite at the same time.. and lie about it too…

    • Simo

      Their economic tentacles pervade most countries now, their MO is renown and is visible by the same mentality of driving over their own kids.

    • Patrick

      & wary as well as weary! Big uproar when the Aussies denied Huawei rights to tender to supply kit for the National Porn Network. USA have done similar. Cisco are very concerned about counterfeit Cisco equipment in the market which has been filled full of buggy code allowing back door access. The USA have discovered some of this kit in Government networks, there is a scandal being buried over how the kit got there in the first place.

    • Mr_V4

      More Huawei fearmongering? Until I see some evidence as to what the specific issues were then this can be discounted as the usual politiking.

      Were routers/switches with backdoors found installed in foreign countries, it’s hard to beleive such a large competitor would do such a thing given it would destroy their reputation overnight.

      Cisco is hardly Mr Innocent either, look at the list of countries it has provided routers with sophisticated deep packet inspection capabilities to, and then there is the political influence it has as a company in the US

      Go into any Telecom/Vodaphone store, you will find 3G/4G usb modems with Huawei internals. Should we be worried, maybe, but you have to keep in mind that anything that has software code or code in hardware will have the potential for vulnerabilities.

  • PlanetOrphan

    The timing of the release of those reports is extremely coincedental.
    And of course they have recently tried to drag the UK into it as well.
    I smell an obfuscating rat covering it’s tracks/ justifying their existence ….

    • Hazards001

      Yes…but then again you’re not famous for your anti American bias are you witch boy?

      • PlanetOrphan

        And we all know that’s your Meth supply chain Paul

        • Hazards001

          Stop shaking gimp boy…you don’t know who I am..but if you want me to be Paul in your fucked up little mind then fine..hehehe you doofus! (I fucking HATE drugs..I despise fuckwits like you that use them and I’d starve to death before I’d sell them you pissant punk)..but hey…Paul it is..just for you!

          • PlanetOrphan

            I warned u Paul, keep fucking with me and u wont have a brain anymore, I don’t do witchcraft Paul, That’s why they call me the Prez u moron (I mean Doggs BTW). Last resort is me, so suffer in your straight jacket you schizoid embolism

          • Hazards001

            Seek help

          • PlanetOrphan

            Why’s that Paul, Why’d you pay me a visit at the scablander ?
            Overt threat was it ?
            18 months and counting, I’m feeling much better now, how bout you ?

          • Travis Poulson

            You know what the worst part is? It’s not full moon for another 4 days yet.

          • Hazards001

            I’m not worried. He thinks I’m a warlock which would be hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact I can’t speak Latin or Gaelic…can’t be a druid as long beards and mistletoe make my hay fever erupt and I only look at the stars to see if it’s going to rain..all in all I’m a pathetic wizard!

          • Travis Poulson

          • PlanetOrphan

            Fair call, I am crazy.

          • Travis Poulson

            What the hell has gotten into you.

          • PlanetOrphan

            It’s witchcraft bud,

            Pauline McDonald has been doing this for 30 years, and is trying to build another delusion, I know it’s crazy , but I guarantee every thing I say to him/her is actually based on fact, He is in denial.

            Strangely he/she approached me on the standard trying to warn me who he/she was.

            Which implies he/she’s actually looking for help, which I will not give him.

            I will not put up with possession witchcraft, and the things I’m saying are informing him of the consequences if he continues.

            Again I apologise if it concerns you so I will end with this,

            I never mean any harm, there is no excuse for violence.

          • PlanetOrphan

            I know u’ll have a hard time believing it but …

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            6. In the last two weeks I’ve not had gut problems or pain.

  • I will leave you with this thought.
    If the Chinese are doing it, do you think they are silly enough to get caught?
    Is it someone else doing the spying( that’s if it is happening) and pointing the finger?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Could it be that quite a few people are not doing their job properly and the blaming ‘someone else’?
    “We were hacked and someone stole our files” ffs it is the 12 year old geeks that are doing it