Chinese hackers caught trying to steal designs of Britains new stealth jet

The Chinese cyber army are at it again, this time they have been busted.

Chinese cyber spies have been caught trying to steal the secrets of Britain’s most sophisticated combat jet, The Mail on Sunday has learned.

A covert unit within the Chinese Army has been using highly sophisticated cyber weapons in a desperate attempt to acquire classified information about the stealthy Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).

Manufacturer Lockheed Martin claims it is thwarting tens of thousands of computer attacks every week to keep secure secrets about the jet – due to be in service with the Royal Navy and RAF by 2018. 

The defence giant has recruited some of Britain’s brightest ‘young geeks’ to help thwart the attacks, based in a secure area of the company’s counter-cyber headquarters in Farnborough, Hampshire.

A source said: ‘We have recruited a very strong team of young computer engineers who are basically experts in counter-cyber. They are effectively all geeks and spend much of their time war-gaming against the Chinese.

‘They allow the foreign hackers through the first few security levels and then can work out, through a process of reverse engineering, where the attacks are originating.

‘It’s the same country every time – China. The Chinese try to disguise what they are doing but their guys are not as good as ours.’


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  • ‘‘It’s the same country every time – China. The Chinese try to disguise what they are doing but their guys are not as good as ours.’’

    Unfortunately, what they lack in sophistication they make up for in sheer weight of numbers. Beware the coming Sino Cyber-Tide.

  • williamabong

    They were after the designs until they found out it was styled off the Austin Allegro

  • cows4me

    Fucking hell how many times can you fold a paper plane.

    • Steve (North Shore)


  • Send them the plans for the 3 wheel Morgan, that will confuse them>

  • bobby

    Here’s a novel idea. Why don’t they not have their secret designs on any internet accessible network? Crazy idea I know but would make hacking the system next to impossible from the other side of the world. (they’ve have to send real spies like the old days)

  • James M

    I wound not be too worried, they still can’t make a good counterfeit iPad or sports watch. And don’t get me started on their automobile industry.

  • Simo

    They have never been known for originality or innovative design unless you go back a few centuries.