Coffee Machines & the Right Leader


David Farrar reckons that Labour won’t change their leader because caucus really don’t want David Cunliffe to take over, and the members like Cunliffe.

Here’s why Shearer is probably safe. The caucus would happily replace Shearer with Robertson if the polls do not improve. He’s already in charge of all the important stuff such as the leader’s office, strategy, campaign etc. 

But their problem is that if Shearer goes, then the leadership goes to a full member vote – which would be a Robertson vs Cunliffe battle. Robertson would win the caucus 40%, Cunliffe the members 40%, so the unions would decide with their 20%.

This means the unions, with 20% of the vote, control who becomes the next Labour leader.

Grant Robertson needs to find few coffee machines for the unions so they vote the right way, and hope that David Cunliffe doesn’t know about the coffee machines deal.


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  • Harroputza

    And will the unions vote for a gay MP? Nnnnnnope!

    • Kiwikea

      Maybe not, but the few at the top “speak” for the the unions and will represent the members wishes accurately….

  • flashman

    Who’d want the job? They need to learn the lessons of Neil Kinnock of the UK Labour party in the 1980’s and 90’s. Kinnock worked his butt off clearing out the hard left and re-shaping Labour, just to see Blair eventually get elected. NZ Labour are going to be in Opposition for another term yet, maybe two. So whoever puts their hand up for that job can look forward to exhausting themselves in Opposition, and just as Labour’s looking re-electable again, some young thruster will push them out of the way and claim the prize. Why’d you think Maharey did the smart thing and left when he did?

  • unitedtribes

    Great machine though. Iv got two of them. Not for bribing unions though

  • Jimmie

    The num nuts who pushed through the changes to how Labour elects their leader have had an unwanted side effect which is that Shearer will keep the job as there is too much uncertainty about who would replace him. The ABC’s don’t want to stab him in case Cunliffe gets elected. And the Cunliffe supporters won’t stab him as their messiah may miss out to Robertson.

    So the end result is that an under-performing, nobody will continue to lead Labour to oblivion.

    The two beneficiaries will be the Greens and the Nats.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Wake up from your dream. Sheep Shearer is the man of the people. He saved 50 million lives in Africa.

      • Jimmie

        Yeah I guess thw mango skin was a modern day version of loaves and fishes?

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Why are you trying to make fun of the one good line Labour has come up with? Sheep is really hurt. He did try to make a lot of difference to their lives….

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sorry bros. Something wrong here. Shearer is doing well and the Labour vote is holding steady at 33%. With Greens 12% and NZ First’s 6% on election day plus Horny’s 1 vote, Sheep will form the government. All these side show polls are of no concern to the core labour voters. So let us move on. Wait for the Roy-Morgan poll due out in few days. NZ will shake.

    • flashman

      Yes that might work. However, the other lesson from Kinnock is: however much the Party likes you, and however worthy you are, if the public really don’t see you as Prime Minister material, they ain’t gonna vote for you. In 1992, UK Labour was convinced that their time had come at last. They even had a conference that looked like a victory celebration – before the election. Nope. 5 more years.

  • Harvey Wilson

    If they ditch Shearer, who’s gonna lead the sing-songs in the Labour Party bus tour next election. Think about THAT.

    • Troy

      Ruth Dykson – she’s pretty good at drink driving.