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A lefty troll is hamming it up over at Farrar’s art, travel and fitness blog, he was complaining about the fictitious number of starving kids and why he thinks that the only good Tory is a dead tory, and that “there is no death nasty enough for that prick Roger Douglas.” 

Commenter OneTrack adds:

hamnidav2 -”Possibly I’m pissed off that 250,000 kids go to school hungry in New Zealand every school day.”

I am too. Why is it that their dropkick parents can’t get out of bed and pour some milk into a plate of weetbix?



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  • thor42

    Game, set and match to OneTrack.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    “Lacking grace, or is it that I don’t think rich pricks should pay people
    $10 an hour while owning $200,000 cars, $500,000 boats and $10,000,000

    Listen up cumstain, want to earn more than the $10 per hour? Get some fucking initiative and study part time or take on extra work and prove that you’re worth more than that! Instead of fucking whinging go upskill

    • Ronnie Chow

      Time to be a pissed off adult.

      • Pissedoffyouth

        Isn’t being an adult understanding responsibilities? And if your 35 and stuck on minimum wage then obviously you are doing something you love, or doing something wrong

        • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

          Whereas Terry Serepisos was onto something great?

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Sheep asks why can’t a cleaner be paid $100 an hour?

      • Because a clean is a clean and you can’t clean more than clean, I think that’s right?

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      And then fly out of NZ because you’ll still be stuck in an idiot job surrounded by insular people.

  • Gazzaw

    So you can’t afford 50 cents for a Weetbix breakfast on the minimum wage or on a benny? That’s not even the price of a single cigarette FFS!

  • LesleyNZ

    If not Weetbix then porridge. You can make up a lot of nutritious porridge from a packet of rolled oats.

    • Bafacu

      Unfortunately they don’t know what to do with ingredients – doesn’t everything come pre-done?

  • Do you remember the labour and Greenies said they would live on food at about $2.40 a day, did you hear anything about it?
    Well I didn’t, so they must have survived very well on $2.40 a day and must have been really well fed. Bag a rice some vegs a little chicken, you bet your ass you can live on that, I tried it and it was bloody good, ps plus a weetbix a day

    • Spoonfed

      That reminds me…

      Is the leader of Greenpieces on a diet? If so, it appears to be an abject failure on all fronts, including the massive c02 production involved in producing the mountains of food required to sustain such a horizontally challenged shape.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Meriti is a size 30 now. I’m guessing she cheated.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Rolled oats on special at Count Down. 1.5 Kg bag for $3.99. Half a cup of oats, one cup of water, stir, put in microwave for 1 minute, take out stir, put back in for 1 minute 10 seconds, take out, one plate of perfect porridge. Good for at least a Month of breakfasts, not sure how long it will last, still on my first bag.

    • Whafe

      To be fair though, it is our fault, the tax payers of NZ that the government has not legislated and made it law that all children get a bowl of nutritious porridge for breakfast, funded by us.

      I mean it is not a beneficiary’s job to feed their children…….. Ppppfffffffttttttt

  • cruiseyman

    Since I’ve started making baby food I’ve discovered just how much food you can get for very little, dried lentils and oats for example make loads of cheap, healthy food, I’ve had to feed some of the surplus lentils to poor old hubby. But more effort than some can be bothered with I think.

    • StacyMcNaught

      Key word right there…”effort”

  • Mediaan

    Many of these practical breakfast suggestions are unworkable.


    People assume the parents are vertical when the kids are heading off to school. They are not. They are in bed asleep, fully dressed, after the previous night of drink or drugs.

    It’s 8am. The kids have found some clothes to wear but their faces are not washed and their hair hasn’t been combed or brushed.

    They come in and say, “Mum, can we have some money for lunch?”

    Mum finally wakes, grunts a bit while she grasps the situation, then reaches in her pocket and drags out a $5 or $10 note and hands it over.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Yes agreed, that’s poverty, but not of the financial kind. Nor a form we should be guilted into taking responsibility for.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Fuck it, I’m sick of this excuse for parental irresponsibility. Two slices of bread, 10 cents. A blade of butter, 0.5 cents. A teaspoon of jam, 2 cents. Electricity to run a toaster for a minute, 1 cent. All up, thirteen point five cents. One pull on a pokie machine, $2.50. So take child poverty and shove it. And just fuck off.