Damien O’Connor was for the Denniston mine before he was against it

So Labour’s Damien O’Connor wanted Nick Smith to hurry up and approve the Denniston mine…


So was he rolled by the new Green/Labour order?




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  • Monique Angel

    Of course he’s for the mine, he’s a keen thinking right winger.

    • Chad Chambers

      Absolutely. Damo has always been regarded as the black sheep of the Labour Party. Like the confused, cross-dressing, woman in a man’s body, Damien O’Conner is the confused Nat in a Labour body.

      • rockape

        Not the only one i suspect, I wonder how manywill leave labour just before the next election, its a party in serious decline. A decline forced from within by a lack of moral and policies and decline from without due to a lack of voters.

    • Liberty

      Monique Damien is no right winger. He is a hard core pinko.
      He got elected by the Green pink vote.

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        That’s because Green voters are idiots who’ve never had a real job and spend their adult lives up until early middle age accumulating credentials in subjects with the word ‘studies’ in the title.

  • Dave

    I only hope he can go to his community and tell them WHY they will be relegated to bread and water, due to his party if the mine does not go ahead, or perhaps he should RESIGN now and become independent. I’m quite sure the coasters would support him.

    • Too late Dave. He has put his name to a statement opposing the Denniston mine, so he’s history with the good, straight-up folk of the West Coast. He should have told his caucus colleagues to stick their opposition where the sun don’t shine, and then West Coast-Tasman would have been his seat for life. But instead he’s done the dirty on his constituents, and he will be dog tucker next year.

  • RightOfGenghis

    A JAFUS. Just another fucked up socialist

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    As long as the Coasters vote the communist party of NZ, no industry will ever come there. Sorry folks, if I offended any of you.

    “Fishing and harvesting coconuts are not considered environmentally dangerous as long as they can be done in a sustainable way” – Green Party of Aotearoa.

    So suck it up and get on.

  • Col

    He understands what the people want on the coast, just in the wrong party.

    • Chad Chambers

      After Pike Piver, they want decent safety standards and employers who don’t ride roughshod over workers’ concerns.

      • Col

        It would never have happened if they were allowed to have a open cast mine.
        Well seeing it is an open cast mine the safety is a lot better than the Pike River mine, the Pike could have been open cast mine, but all the Greenies etc said no, now 29 lives gone so don’t tell me about safety.

      • Jester

        The biggest concerns that employees have is having full employment you fucking knob. Go play the political “safety” football with Helen Kelly on the Strandard. She also a hearse chaser.

      • Gazzaw

        You know fucken well that opposition to Denniston has nothing to do with safety issues Chad and more importantly the coasters know that too and will vote accordingly next year.

        A vote for O’Connor is a vote for Norman.

      • In Vino Veritas

        Where was Andrew Little and the EMPU Chad? They knew there were high methane levels in Pike River and did, well, nothing for safety standards. Collected fees, promised to get miners home safely at night, sat in comfortable offices, supported the Labour Party who made them construct an inescapable tunnel over 2km long through a faultline, with escape through vertical ventilation tunnels over 100m deep, did nothing. That’d be nothing Chad. Roughshod over workers concerns indeed.

        • Chad Chambers

          The current govt has made it difficult for unions to operate for, or even visit their members in industries right across New Zealand. Next to impossible then for unions to check safety practices and ensure regulations are adhered to by employers, which in the the case of Pike River, they clearly were not. Don’t you think worker safety is the employer’s responsibility rather than the EPMU’s? The current govt’s response to the death of the Pike River 29 is to suggest “strict”, but voluntary “guidelines” for employers to read over, and dismiss. Lol. Standby for more workplace deaths…

          • In Vino Veritas

            Chad, of course H&S is the employers issue, but the EMPU is just as culpable in this instance. The EMPU used to have a speil on the website that said they would ensure their members would come home safely at night (funnily enough, its now gone). Their miner members paid fees and had a right to expect that the Union would do what it said it would do. They could have had the miners walk out if they felt the danger was too great.
            Secondly, it doesn’t matter how much legislation you put in place, you cannot legislate away individual stupidity. For instance, miners that may cover methane detectors and have a ciggy perhaps.

          • Chad Chambers

            You can legislate away employer responsibility though, which is what is happening now with several moves by the current govt in recent times toward industry self-regulating on a wide range of issues. Reports out of Pike River said management/owners put pressure on miners to get coal out by whatever means necessary. That’s my understanding.

          • In Vino Veritas

            Become an employer Chad, and see how much you think your responsibility has or is being legislated away!
            Of course there was pressure to get coal out of the ground, there always is, thats their job (and its always risky).

          • Chad Chambers

            That company was well behind in it’s forecasts. They were the ones who went in there and the rewards were to be great. Most of the “risk” should have been theirs yet they transferred the bulk of that risk to ordinary workers who I might say are fairly easily pushed around these days with the slow but steady erosion of union presence in the work place. I’m sure the families of those miners wouldn’t agree with you after evidence has come out that Pike River was poorly managed, and that mine safety was of little concern.

          • In Vino Veritas

            Evidence Chad? The hearing was uncontested since Solid had no money to pay for a defence. Pretty much one sided I’d say.

          • Chad Chambers

            “A litany of failings by the company that owned Pike River coalmine has been revealed in a judgement released today into the disaster that killed 29 men.

            Judge Jane Farish convicted Pike River Coal Ltd (in receivership) in Greymouth District Court on April 18 on nine health and safety failures at the underground West Coast coalmine.

            The charges were laid by the former Labour Department, now part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, and related to methane, strata and ventilation management, mitigating explosion risk and health and safety management for employees, contractors and subcontractors.

            Today her reserved 64-page judgement explained why she blamed the company for causing the November 2010 explosion and subsequent deaths of the men.

            The Labour Department’s investigation found the explosion was most likely caused by a roof fall in the hydromining area, pushing accumulated methane into the mine, which was ignited.” Deidre Mussen, The Press, 06/05/2013

          • In Vino Veritas

            Interesting Chad. As I say, the hearing was uncontested with no counter evidence or expert testimony provided. Only one result was possible.
            And for the record Chad, I don’t have any issue with the finding, nor about your comments regarding Solids H & S – they were remiss. But as I say, the EPMU were equally culpable when it comes to the miners deaths.

          • Chad Chambers

            The EPMU have absolutely no control over the safety standards set by rogue employers. Hell, they’ll soon not be allowed access to sites at all, leaving rogue employers to self-regulate. This despite findings that Bill Birch’s brainchild, mining industry deregulation and self-regulation, is the root cause of dropping safety standards in NZ mines.

            On the other thing, tough shit if you won’t or can’t mount a defense.

  • richard.b

    Wow, that is the quickest change of tack since KZ7.

  • AXjarv

    So why isnt O’Connor all over Shearer to stand up to the Greens on their opposition to job creation on the coast.

    • Liberty

      Labour is after the Green/pink vote on the coast.
      Its only crocodile tears when it comes to coal mines closing.
      When it comes to voting numbers there is far more Green/pinks
      voting then coal miners.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Because he’s in Labour. If he gets kicked out of the party he’ll wind up on the dole like Georgina Beyer and Chris Carter.

  • hardsell

    Where does it say O’Connor is against the mining? Not exactly known to tow the party line and is liked by lefties and Tories alike down there, so would suggest that Shearer knows the day Damien steps down is the day they kiss goodbye to the seat (again)

  • GregM

    This removes a bit more doubt on who is actually running the Labour party.
    A vote for Shearer is a vote for Norman.

  • Troy

    Watch the dickhead in parliament on Tuesday last – he looked like a deer facing headlights in the dark of the night… what a baffoon.