Did you know that David Bain is now a doctor and has a new job as the Bay of Plenty Coroner?

Did you know that David Bain is now a doctor and has a new job as the Bay of Plenty Coroner?

Check out this One News clip from last night at 1:00 into the story. Not sure what Dr Wallace Bain thinks about this.


As for the story – Message not getting through to those who sleep with their babies in bed so free bassinets from the Waikato District Health Board if you live in the Waikato area? More ambulance at the bottom of the cliff stuff and ultimately doomed to failure…I mean i you don;t care enough about your lid to stop smoking, drinking and doing drugs why would a free bassinet work?

Bain is wrong…the problem isn’t sleeping with babies…the problem is obesity, drinking, smoking, drugs AND sleeping with your baby.

There is nothing wrong with sleeping with your baby…I challenge anyone to roll over on top of a baby and not notice the big lump in the middle of your back…you’d have to be drunk, stoned or worse to do it.

My kids both slept in our bed…and they kicked me out not the other way round…



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  • Cadwallader

    This is yet another pointless exercise in attempting to rid the world of stupidity and willful neglect. I had my kids sneaking into my bed when they were little. They proved to be great back-scratchers and lived to tell the tale. I wager that you’d need to be a fat prick to squash your children…or (as you say) sleeping off an intoxicant. At the risk of being heartless these same children may have become members of the queue to be nourished at school. Sigh!!!!

    • AnonWgtn

      My dog used to climb on during the night, came between me and wife, and slowly pushed me out to the other room. Is this the same thing ?

      • Mediaan

        Ha ha, I know dogs like that.

  • Bunswalla

    Agree with everything but two points – you don’t have to squash them to kill them, it
    requires far less than that. Infants unable to roll themselves over just have to have their air supply reduced for a few minutes and that’s it. You don’t have to be on top of them, just rolled up next to them if their airways are blocked.

    Smoking in the house and particularly in the bedroom increases the risk hugely, as they’re not getting good oxygen in the first place, and the smoke has the effect of relaxing the muscles further (and that’s just tobacco, cannabis is much worse).

    The other point I disagree with is having kids sleeping in your bed in the first place. Their bed is where they sleep and notwithstanding coming in early on a birthday or Mothers Day etc and all piling into the bed to open presents etc, our two were not encouraged to come in to our bed in the middle of the night. On the one or two times they attempted it one parent would gently and quietly take them back to their own bed, tuck them in, give them a kiss and say goodnight, stay in your own bed, love you. Never had a problem.

    • Mediaan

      Quite. Good parenting management there.

      Apparently the brown nations have disproportionately high SIDS by rollover statistics. (Can I be prosecuted for saying that?)

  • Mr_V4

    Well if you put David Bain in the house it would be problem solved, everyone would be sleeping with one eye open.

    • Mediaan

      Ouch, cruel.