Dodgy ALP ratbag gets nailed

Oh for an Independent Commission Against Corruption in New Zealand. In Australia meanwhile dodgy ALP ratbags are being found out daily.

And you will just love the reference to the Herald sub-editors.

Former NSW Labor MP Paul O’Grady thought there must have been a sub-editing mistake when he read a newspaper report in which Eddie Obeid claimed Ian Macdonald had never been into Mr Obeid’s office.

Mr O’Grady, who was a member of the Upper House from 1988 to 1996, told the Independent Commission against Corruption on Monday that he was “incredulous” when he read a report in the Daily Telegraph last week where Mr Obeid had told ICAC that controversial former minister Ian Macdonald had “never been in my office in 20 years of me being in politics.”

Mr O’Grady, who had the office next door to Mr Obeid, said he saw Mr Macdonald “coming and going back and forth all the time.” 

When he read the article he thought there may have been a mistake because “the sub-editing went to New Zealand“. After checking with the journalist that the statement attributed to Mr Obeid was accurate, Mr O’Grady said, “If this bloke said this…he has more front than Mark Foys [a former department store].”

After giving evidence, Mr O’Grady described Mr Obeid and Mr Macdonald as “partners in crime” and that there was a “goat track” worn between their two offices.

The corruption watchdog has spent several months investigating allegations that Mr Macdonald rorted a government coal licence tender which lead to a $30 million windfall from Mr Obeid and his family.


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  • Patrick

    The ACCC is far reaching & independent Given NZ’s recent history & failure to investigate cops & politicians it is well beyond time that we implemented a similar organisation here.