Dodgy ALP ratbag on the bludge

The knock shops will be putting out the welcome mat to have a bit of Craig Thomson’s donated money. You would think with all that disappearing union millions he would have held some back.

A fund has been established to allow supporters to chip in to help pay Craig Thomson?s mounting legal fees.

Earlier this month?Fairfax Media reported?the independent MP had only $60 in his bank account, with $23,000 owing on credit cards, and a legal bill of hundreds of thousands of dollars looming.

MPs are ineligible to sit in parliament if declared bankrupt.

In a letter headed ??Craig Thomson Legal Defence Fund?? the embattled former Labor MP has now urged friends to contribute to an account established by two of his supporters.

??I have made it clear on numerous occasions in the media that I am innocent of all allegations made against me before the courts. I strongly believe in the constitution and that people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law,?? Mr Thomson writes.

??Unfortunately these common law principals (sic) and accepted constitutional rights of every Australian have been abused by prominent politicians under parliamentary privilege and by some commentators.

??I know that like me, a great majority of people believe in the rights of all Australians to defend themselves in a court of law. To help me defend myself against these wrongful charges, your donations are greatly appreciated. The account details are below.??

The Commonwealth Bank account nominated was established by Mark Worthington and Rodney Allan.

Mr Thomson said he was aware that “two retired guys” had established the trust fund and he was “very, very grateful”.

??They are two private people they are not trade union officials nor are they Labor Party officials,?? he said.

Asked whether they were former ALP branch members, Mr Thomson said he would not comment.

??These guys don?t want to get publicity, they are two retired guys.

??We?ve had cash and cheques sent to us in the past and we?ve had to return it but these two guys have set this up as a trust… I knew they were doing this and I?m very grateful they set it up.??