Don’t be too hard on Aaron Gilmore?

Credit: Kanatawa

Credit: Kanatawa


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  • Colin Price

    Either Sellman is a sarcastic bloke who deserves a QSM or else he is a munter!!!

  • Michael

    argh.. blaming something and/or else. Aaron needs to own his shit just as much as I have to own mine when I am drinking with friends. Passing the blame is a cheap way out.

  • Patrick

    I suspect if Mr Doug Sellman was the waiter subjected to the boorish behaviour of Mr Aaron Gilmore he would be singing from a different hymn sheet.

  • yeah hes a total victim. just like those dick heads that died in lastnights “car chase”

  • The writer crucially omits the fact that inhaling the fumes coming off certain persons with whom he has to share the Chamber is probably enough to trip the breathalyser before poor Aaron has even raised his first glass.

  • When I think of Doug Selman, I always thing back to a film that came out in 1982, The Serpents Egg. The German SD units raced up the stairs of some hospital in Berlin in 1933 and smashed in the offices of the ultra liberal communist doctors. Selman and his Otago Union Social Psychiatry and anti addiction specialists are about the most evil communists in the nation. They are always ready to excuse any behaviour as the result of booze or bad genes. The more likely cause of low intelligence, bad drugs or even so called good drugs ie addictive medication or any legal psycho active is never admitted.
    The best cure for stress is booze and sex. A few shots of hard liquor will get it harder and cure any femine instincts. So take another drink and work to outlaw psychiatry. Reagan , Nixon and Enoch all came close

  • cows4me

    Doug isn’t a priest by any chance, should have added a couple of hail Mary’s and a our Father and Aaron would be sweet.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Jesus wept. Alcohol doesn’t create ares holes, it just makes them drop their pants for the world to see.