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  • There is another way, if he had half a brain (debatable, I know), he could do what disgraced British MP John Profumo did and dedicate the rest of his life to charitable works. As we’ve heard, he has the financial means to do it and it would salvage his reputation.

    • Anne

      Key’s playing a dangerous game here, gambling Gilmore will quit the party but Parliament also. Gilmore might choose to stay as an independent just to spite Key’s strategic ambivalence. Key needs Gilmore’s vote, but Gilmore’s sins are too great for Key to shrug off. Key’s dilemma will make him look weak if he walks the middle path by distancing himself from Gilmore without sacking him. But again, Shearer’s so hopeless Key will pull it off.

      • SnapElection

        Snap Election!

        Key wins if GIlmore goes left, Key calls a Snap Election & wipes out both Shearer & Norman.

    • SnapElection

      Or he could stay, cross the floor & precipitate a Snap Election!

      I know which is more fun!

      • A snap election would go to National, Labour are too busy in fighting to put up any fight.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Forgive my ignorance but what are the current numbers. Maybe National will have to field a candidate in the upcoming by election.