Dr Who is a racist?

It could only be academics who would suggest Dr Who is racist. They probably got a grant for it too.

Doctor Who has been accused of many things during its 50 years on TV – most to do with cheesy special effects – but “thunderingly racist” is probably not one of them.

A group of academics claim the popular British sci-fi show is steeped in attitudes “that continue to subjugate people of colour” and shows contempt for “primitive” people.

In a new book, Doctor Who and Race, they argue that the Timelord is dismissive towards his black companions and question why he is more interested in battling Daleks and Cybermen than fighting slavery. 

One even cites the Doctor’s love of cricket as proof of the show’s prejudices.

Professor Amit Gupta says that Peter Davison’s incarnation of the character in the Eighties “portrayed the amateur English cricketer of the late 19th Century when the game was characterised by both racial and class distinctions.

“Cricket also had a role in maintaining the status of British imperialism through the exercise of soft power as it was successfully inculcated by the colonial elites. Davison’s cricketing Doctor once again saw the BBC using Who to promote a racial and class nostalgia that had already outlived its validity.”

Although the faces on Doctor Who have been predominantly white – to date, there has been no black Doctor and shows in the Seventies had white actors playing Asian parts – more recent producers have tried to champion a more diverse cast.

It’s a TV show fool. They aren’t real people you know…they are characters, selected by the producers…who may well have been racist, but it doesn’t mean the character of Dr Who is racist.

However, another contributor to the book criticises these attempts, citing the relationship David Tennant’s Doctor has with black companion Martha Jones (played by Freema Agyeman).

She says an episode in 2007 had the Doctor speaking dismissively of Martha’s fears that she would be sold into slavery as the two characters visited Elizabethan England.

The Doctor tells her to “walk about like you own the place. It works for me.”

The author claims the comment “betrays the ignorance of writers about historical racial violence and contemporary white privilege”.

You can’t alter the time continuum…sheesh..where do these morons come from? If he could he would save River Song. And they call themselves academics.


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  • Steve (North Shore)

    Dr Who is not real, unlike Coronation Street

  • Mr_Blobby

    Sorry but why are you giving these fucktards oxygen.

  • Hazards001

    Why doesn’t Professor Amit Gupta fuck off back to Pakistan and take his fucking prayer mat with him? These fucking people are the reasons behind all the pc shit in the world today.

    And twats like him are probably popping down to the local Birmingham mosque in their lunch breaks for a quick bit of rabble rous…errrr…praying!

    Cricket my arse..these clowns are the real racists!

    • thor42


    • Pissedoffyouth

      Why do people downvote and not give an answer?

      • Travis Poulson

        Intellectual capacity doesn’t allow for more than a click of the mouse.

      • Hazards001

        That’s my personal troll…can you believe someone on here doesn’t like me? I mean seriously…what’s wrong with some people? ROFLMAO

  • GregM

    No doubt some green numpty will do a doctorate on it and then stand for parliament.

  • peterwn

    Other problematic characters:
    Little Black Sambo – utterly racist
    Noddy – Possible gay relationship with Big Ears, racist towards golliwogs, not living up to responsibilities of a ‘P’ driving endorsement ie lack of respect for Mr Plod.
    Famous Five & Secret Seven – all white (and presumably protesaent) kids.

    • cruiseyman

      I bought a new edition of an Enid Blyton book recently to read to my baby as I loved her stories when I was a kid (still do truth be told) and discovered they had changed Fanny to Frannie. An Enid Blyton just doesn’t read right if there’s not a Dick or Fanny in there somewhere.

  • spollyike

    “…An accessible introduction to critical race theory, postcolonial studies and other race-related academic fields…”

    Typical Marxist Critical Theory, Deconstructionist shit.

  • Mr_V4

    A good excuse to make some more savings in the tertiary education sector, they obviously have too much money.

  • In Vino Veritas

    The disturbing thing about Gupta, is that he actually gets paid to research and publish this dross. Professor Gupta should be relieved of his position immediately, since it appears he has nothing sensible to research.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Western society has an enormous student debt burden for this kind of thing?