Endless spin cycle from Len Brown needs to stop

Public anger is growing against Len Brown and his endless ratepayer funded spin.


A public meeting of about 500 people has told the Auckland Council to rethink its intensification plans for the city, start listening to communities and stop spinning.

The biggest display of opposition to the council’s plans saw hundreds of people fill the Takapuna Grammar School hall yesterday calling for a rethink on a new planning rulebook for the city – or Unitary Plan. 

They came out in response to a new “grassroots” organisation, Auckland 2040, which revealed that half of residential urban land could be built up with three-storey apartments and residents will have no say.

After nine weeks of telling Aucklanders the maximum height of “small-scale apartments” in neighbourhoods was two storeys, the council admitted to the Herald on Friday the height limit was three storeys.

Len’s council has deliberately lied about apartment plans. All their brochures over the unitary falsely stated two storey apartments…and Len Brown has constantly used the 7% number for intensification when the reality is 56%.

Len Brown and his ratepayer funded liars need to seriously be challenged and held to account.


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  • sheppy

    Serious limits need putting on “Spin Doctors” as well as general council unaccountability. If it needs that many people to sell it, it’s probably not worth selling

  • ratesarerevolting

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

    • Refn8tor

      Ob: doodah doodah

    • LesleyNZ

      Stop it!!!!!!!

  • Shoreboy57

    And this extra 1m popn claim has about much credence as climate change stats. Its an outlier number intended to frighten the horses and justify a plan that makes little sense if more orthodox projections are used.

    • Whanga_Cynic

      In today’s (free) Herald, there’s a letter that says that “Statistic NZ’s online population figures released in July 2012” show that “it’s overall population prediction for Auckland, including immigration, is for barely half a million, not 1 million”. How does this fit with the council’s numbers?

      • Nick K

        Stats NZ issued a range, and 1million was the upper end. AC took that as a worst case scenario for Unitary Plan purposes.

    • Patrick

      Yes he needs to be challenged on this figure, after all this is what he is basing his whole hypothesis on & more than likely it is another made up pack of bullshit.

  • coventry

    And in breaking news, Auckland to host the 2014 World Drifting Cup, Len says ‘no better place in the world for uncontrolled spin than Auckland’

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Only the Media are buying this spin, and regurgitating it

  • kehua

    Len Brown and his Ratepayer funded liars need to be GONE period.