EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Gilmore is S.A.S.


Could this be Aaron Gilmore (left, obscured) or is that in him in the background?

News came in over night from my deep cover military sources. 

It seems that Aaron Gilmore’s claims to be S.A.S are true.

Mr Gilmore is S.A.S. – Silly And Stupid, the only use the group would have for him would be a sand bag or maybe padding for a mortar plate.

Cheers guys thanks for clarifying that.



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  • Rodger T

    Aaron Gilmore our very own uber Walter Mitty, he has certainly taken whatever was left of his credibility and shredded it .

  • sheppy

    I wonder if he modelled himself on Alan B’stard from the New Statesman – very similar hair…

  • Honcho

    Anyone who claims to be SAS or ex-SAS almost always isn’t. Real life troopers don’t talk about who they are, where they have been, or what they have done.

    A soft cock like Gilmore wouldn’t last the first hour of selection course.

  • I’m not sure that’s how you spell MIA (missing in action), Cam :) Mind you, there are some people on the lefthand side of politics who I wish would do similarly. Sio William Sua comes to mind…

  • Patrick

    Gilmore didn’t lie, the picture proves it. I am sure that his him in the photo – foreground bottom right

  • Gazzaw

    He’s great at digging foxholes – they just keep getting deeper.

  • Sorry to tell you this but he was in the SAS.
    He was used several time in action as a decoy, quak quak quak

  • boristhefrog

    I rather enjoyed the profile of him in the Herald yesterday… nice teardown of a complete twat…

  • cows4me

    You idiots when he said he was in the SAS that meant he was in an airliner when if flew over South Africa ‘ jees get it right. Oh and before someone bites like a hungry shark :-)

  • Hazards001

    Already posted it in the Sunday debate…but He’s manned up enough to hand in his cards.